So many leaders rose to the occasion in May and achieved exceptional promotions with their teams!

We’re thrilled to celebrate three leaders who promoted up to SENIOR Director and welcome one NEW Director in Canada.

We asked them what it took to achieve these exciting promotions with their teams – here’s what they shared.

New Senior Directors

Senior Director Mirta Hernandez

From: Progreso, Texas

Team: Team Wise Owls

Been with O2: 5.5 years

When did you realize you could potentially reach “Senior Director” in May?

“Senior Director, can’t believe it yet! At the beginning of the month that wasn’t a goal I had. Actually I saw the possibility of that happening towards the end of the month, which was so nerve wrecking. It took a lot of communication with my leaders and upcoming leaders.”

How did you rally your team to achieve it?

“We did a couple of customer appreciation events during the month, which went very well for the team. The momentum and excitement kept growing throughout the month as we welcomed New Designers and celebrated promotions.”

What is your advice to other Designers who want to achieve a promotion?

“There is opportunity out there; we just have to be willing to do the work. Reach out to your team and don’t be afraid to ask for tips. I am always learning from other people and, with trial and error, you are going to see what works for you best.”

Senior Director Maime Miller

From: Weslaco, Texas

Team: Team Owl-Rageous

Been with O2: 8 years as of September 2012

Welcomed 378 New Designers to the team in May

What caused you to go for Senior Director and achieve it?  

“Mid-month… (my team member) Alba Saenz told me she was going to work for Senior Director. We partnered up and kept each other accountable for the rest of the month, and that worked! We pushed each other and did it together. We took massive action! Daily, I would check reports and see our sponsoring numbers going up and give shout outs to our top sponsors and promotions to keep the momentum going.”

What did you focus on from a leadership/mentorship perspective?

“I focused on sponsoring and developing leaders. I offered an incentive for both sponsoring and promoting. As a team, we had 78 new promotion and that was amazing. I would text each person to congratulate them as well as to ask their next goal. We congratulated each new achievement on our Team Owl-Rageous page and cheered each other on. Many of our New Designers saw our fun O2 family and were hooked!”

What is your advice to other Designers?

“Set your goals and keep working your business, take massive action, and surround yourself with like-minded people! I love personal development and do it daily to keep my mind focused on self-improvement. When you help your team reach their goals you will also reach yours. Teamwork is key along with consistency!”

Senior Director Alba Saenz

Team: Pixie Sparkle

Started with O2: 2014

Over 85 New Designers joined the team and over 85 percent earned the Essentials Kit upgrade in May!

Why was May different to achieve Senior Director?

“My team has had its ups and downs and some months it seemed like (Senior Director) was just a wishful thinking goal. However, May was different. From very early in the month, I saw that the whole team was working, and excited to share our latest collection. We as a team hit Paid As Director around the second week of May and that is when I realize that we as a team could work for the Senior Director title.”

What was your focus in May?

“I’ve always believed that my business and my team should not be about me, it should be about them and their goals. I also believe that’s the key to our team’s success – from working with each Designer to see where their goals are and how we can help them achieve it, to helping them see the importance of sponsoring. I let my team know where we were in terms of team volume and what goal I was hoping to reach as a team. I was able to see them come together and work hard to help our team achieve that goal. My team is the reason I earned this title and I will forever appreciate them for it.”

What is your advice to other Designers?

“My biggest tip is never give up. You may have months that are difficult; that make you question your goals and your reasons for being a Designer, but that happens sometimes. If you give up, you will stay stuck there, while if you keep pushing and working hard, things can, and will get better. Once they do get better, you will also appreciate them more. I don’t believe I became a Senior Director; I believe we became a Senior Director Lead Team, and that makes all the difference.”

New Director

Director Eloise Layton

Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada

Team: The Charmed Forces!

Started with O2: March 2015

How long has Director been your goal?

“Back when I was still quite new to O2, I watched a couple of new Directors open their Director Boxes live on Facebook and I remember thinking, ‘That’s going to be me one day.’ Promoting to Director – to be a Director-led team – has always been my goal. I look forward to being a more direct part of everything O2. When I place my lock on the Director’s Heart at the Nest, I will have arrived!”

 How do you believe you and your team achieved “Director?”

“We truly have an amazing team culture. We get together weekly via Zoom; my leaders are very active in helping to run our team page; we have a very strong culture of unity within our team that helped us work towards this goal.

The join special and New Designer incentive was the best ever! We not only were sponsoring so much more than usual, but our New Designers were reaching 100 PV+ because they wanted to receive the free (Essentials Kit) upgrade! Team Leaders reached their paid as and beyond and we celebrated so many Designer and leader promotions.  The more they did, the more the excitement grew….and the more the excitement grew, the harder we worked, which sparked more to get excited about! It was a whirlwind of sponsoring, selling, rallying and celebrating.

My team worked so hard and pushed themselves more than ever  – reached out more than ever – for the common, collective goal.  They Just.  Didn’t.  Stop! I am so proud of them!”

How have things changed for you and your business during COVID-19?

“Previous to mid March, I ran my business solely through in home Jewelry Bars and events.  I did online parties only when I absolutely had to, so the changes that have taken place have been hard! I have pivoted to Facebook parties and being more present in my VIP group. The best advice I can give to other Designers is, ;Share, don’t sell.’ What we have is special and when you can help someone create their story in a Living Locket,  you don’t have to push the sale.  Whether you are in home, at an event or online, when a piece resonates with a Customer, they will want to take it home.”


Set your goals this month, take the advice of these leader and go for it!