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Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers who ramped up their efforts and took their Origami Owl® businesses to the next level in November! We’re thrilled to recognize our top achievers and reveal their secrets to success.

Whooo Promoted Up in November

They advanced in rank + promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title.

Check out who promoted up in November.

The Designers whose names are in blue on the flyer {Tina Lunsford, Rosalinda, Izzy + Emma Huey, Dawn McFadden and Michelle + Olivia Newell} advanced to Executive Team Leader during their Ready, Set, SOAR! qualification period. These Designers get all the same benefits for achieving Team Leader (see below), as well as a Rolling Tote for their Advancement Bonus! This is a HUGE accomplishment to advance to Executive Team Leader within this short period.

The Designers whose names are in aqua on the flyer advanced to Senior Team Leader during their Ready, Set, SOAR! qualification period. These Designers get all the same benefits for achieving Team Leader (see below), as well as their $75 USD | $95 CAD Advancement Bonus. Let’s give a BIG {Hoot Hoot!} to these Designers for this OWL-mazing achievement!

The Designers whose names are in pink on the flyer advanced to Team Leader during their Ready, Set SOAR! qualification period, which helped them earn an additional $50 USD | $70 CAD Ready, Set, SOAR! bonus, in addition to their $50 USD | $65 CAD Advancement Bonus, increased commissions and team overrides. They also get an exclusive invitation to the O2 Leadership Community Facebook group, additional training opportunities at the leadership level, and so much more!

Whooo Had Top Personal Sales, Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders in November

They shared Origami Owl’s meaningful, customizable jewelry, helped others join the O2 business, and coached their Designers to Team Leader success in the month of November.

See who soared to the top in personal sales, sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in November.

Meet Some of Our Top 3 November Designers + Get Their Tips for Success


#1 in Personal Sales

Melanie Luttrell, Senior Designer – 15,470 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Personal Sales

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader – 10,048 PV

#3 in Personal Sales

Randy Mellon, Director – 6,795 PV


Melanie Luttrell, Senior Designer

Melanie had an incredible month of sales in November with 15,470 Personal Volume! Great job, Melanie!





#1 in Developing Team Leaders

Carla + Jaiden New, Field Vice President – 4 Team Leaders – 1,866 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Developing Team Leaders

Linda Wilson, Executive Team Leader – 3 Team Leaders – 3,145 PV

#3 in Developing Team Leaders

Erin Keene, Director – 3 Team Leaders – 2,781 PV


Carla + Jaiden New, Field Vice President

 How did you step up your efforts to help others grow in November?

“Encourage team members to sponsor by offering the Designer opportunity to their Customers. This can keep their business fresh because they will be motivated to continue to connect with new Customers to replace the Customers who joined their team. As soon as a Customer joins your team, get back out there and find your next Customer. Daily Vital Behaviors are the best way to keep things moving.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on your team’s development?

“Partnering with other leaders on my team who have developed proven methods of team building.  Newly-promoted Senior Director Melissa Taylor and I agreed to be accountability partners during the 2018 O2 Experience. Melissa is an innovative leader who has developed a strong sponsoring culture within her team. I promoted to Senior Director way back in 2013 and had become a bit stagnant with developing leaders. Having Melissa as an accountability partner has truly been an inspiration. She reminded me of myself when my O2 business was just getting started and my focus was on developing leaders. I went back to some of the basics that I did four and five years ago, as well, and I picked up some new tips from Melissa.”

How would you encourage others to help their team members grow in their development?

“Encourage them to communicate their ‘why’ to their mentor and then their mentor can partner with them to help their business grow by identifying goals and steps needed to reach the goals.”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“I love the flexibility that Origami Owl has given me to take a break from a corporate career and spend more time with my family, travel the country, meet some amazing people, financial freedom and to help others reach their dreams – while making a difference in the lives of others.”

What’s your favorite piece of Origami Owl jewelry?

“Right now, I am in love the Sentiments Collection. I wear a Sentiments Locket and/or Bracelet every day. They are fashionable and functional. I am known in my area as the ‘Diffuser Locket Girl.’”

What’s the most meaningful story you’ve ever told, or a Customer of yours has told, in a Living Locket?

“There are so many meaningful stories that I have encountered over the years, but one that sticks out in my mind is from a brand new Customer who I just met on Wednesday, December 5. I was working an event at a corporate office for a nationally-known insurance company and the ‘One Day at A Time’ Bar Necklace caught this lady’s eye. Two hours after I returned home, she sent me the following email.

‘Hi Carla, I am so touched by your kindness at the event today at my job. I’m already familiar with Origami Owl since I received a Locket with Birthstone Charms from my son six years ago when his first daughter was born, but I now have two more granddaughters, and you helped me add Charms to represent them.’ What happened next, I didn’t predict. ‘I saw the necklace with expression ‘One Day at a Time’ and I broke down with emotion for the first time since last June when I heard the news that my daughter-in-law has been hiding a pain pill addiction after C-section prescriptions. They are a well-educated Christian family and she had hit rock bottom. I’ve been supportive from a distance and they work hard every day to be better and are doing well. After I purchased it, I texted my son to ask if it was appropriate to give her and he said ‘yes.’ The motto of her therapy group is ‘just for today,’ which is similar to the one I purchased. But, I just want to let you know I felt like you were an angel and were so kind and supportive. Along with sales, you would be empathetic in supporting people with struggles, partly because you’d had your own. I hope and pray your health is on the mend. Something tells me you have a guardian angel looking over you and wish you good fortune ahead. Sorry for the rant. Please share with your company that they have a unique product that brings people joy. God bless you and Merry Christmas!’”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I would like to encourage people to never give up. It is never too late to reach your goals. Even if you are like me, who promoted five years ago and have been at the same title, you can do it. Never give up. Find an accountability partner and work with someone who is achieving the success that you wish to experience.”


#1 in Personal Sponsoring*

Michele Kehnert, Team Manager – 9 Personally Sponsored Designers – 3,794 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Personal Sponsoring

Jenny Corbin, Senior Team Leader – 6 Personally Sponsored Designers – 1,391 PV

#3 in Personal Sponsoring

Shelley Licknack, Team Manager – 4 Personally Sponsored Designers – 3,065 PV

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in November. Annies are not counted toward this number.


Michele Kehnert, Team Manager

How did you step up your sponsoring efforts in November?

“I’ve always shared the opportunity, but the On-the-Go Starter Kit really made me step up my efforts.  I was further inspired by the opportunity to earn the trip to Punta Cana. It was only through sponsoring points that I was able to earn it so quickly. Additionally, I’ve increased my reach-out methods through emails, Facebook messaging, my VIP group and the My O2 Connection app, and have consistently contacted everyone who has recently purchased, or I’ve met at events. I feel a sense of urgency to share this as long as it’s available.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on growing your team?

“Without a doubt, the On-the-Go $49 Starter Kit option has made the biggest impact on my team growth. There is absolutely no downside if you do the math, and fortunately, most people ‘get it!’   This program has been more effective than any free sponsoring program, as people are suspect of the word ‘free.’ However, there’s a perceived value in something you’ve had to pay for, even if only $49. It’s simply a ‘no-brainer’ to share, sell and close with this promotion.”

How would you encourage others to grow their team?

“We have so many amazing resources within Origami Owl and many Designers much more successful than me. I would encourage everyone to follow the Parliament earners and top sponsors to see what methods they use and what might fit your personality or style. But, if you are serious about building a business and a team, you have to really want it and realize there’s no magic bullet to success. It’s about consistency and follow up; you have to ‘work’ it every day.”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“I simply love the culture of this company. I’ve had almost 30 years in the corporate world and you just don’t find many companies as committed to their employees {Designers} and making the world a better place. They do so much to drive prospects to our Personal Web Page monthly with all the promotions. The graphics are creative and so professional. Additionally, the direct sales industry is also the only place where you can manage your business around your family and write the paycheck you want. By believing this with all my heart, it’s very easy to sell the opportunity to others.”

What’s your favorite piece of Origami Owl jewelry?

“I have many favorites after over five years with O2. However, I have a very personal connection with the Silver Vintage Key Living Locket®. Growing up, my mom decorated our house with antique keys, so this Locket really resonated with me. As a result, it has a Mama Charm, Yorkshire Terrier Charm, her Birthstone Charm and a Cassette Player Charm, which was her first venture into the technology field. And, I share my story every time I wear it.”

What’s the most meaningful story you’ve ever told, or a Customer of yours has told, in a Living Locket?

“There are too many to count, but most are to celebrate the life of someone no longer with us. One of the first stories I helped tell was a Locket for a woman whose horse, Speedy, had died. We put a Horseshoe Charm, his Birthstone Charm and his ‘S’ Initial Charm in her Locket. I think this is when I realized the impact these Lockets could make.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I’m very grateful for the team I have and the many friendships I’ve developed over the years as a Designer. This is a benefit you can’t put a price tag on!”