Achieving Director is a huge accomplishment for Designers and their teams!

In addition to being near the top of the Career Plan, Directors get to enjoy many incredible perks! (keep reading below)

It also means leaders and their teams worked together to reach this goal – and we couldn’t be prouder of this OWL-mazing accomplishment!

In June, we welcomed our NEWEST Director…Sandra de la Garza!

We asked Sandra a few questions about hitting Director – here’s what she shared.

Sandra de la Garza – New Director!

From: Edinburg, Texas

Team: Team Wonder Women

Been with O2: I have been with Origami Owl for 3 years now.

Was achieving Director your goal in June?

“Yes, it was. In fact, since day one, I created a vision board for the month of June. I presented it to my team, which made me accountable to reach my goal.”

How long has Director been your goal?

“Reaching Director has been a goal of mine since last year.”

What did you and your team do to achieve Director in June?

“My team and I worked together in reaching each other’s goals (personal and team goals), which helped me develop more Team Leaders and boost Team Volume.”

What is your advice to other Designers wanting to promote to Director?

“Don’t give up. Figure out what you are doing that is not working for you, or your team, and modify your plan. Create a vision board with goals that are attainable, set short-term goals and long-term goals, and if you weren’t able to achieve a particular goal in a month, try again the following month…and the following. Simply don’t give up. Care for your team and their goals; help them be successful. If they are successful, success will be yours, too.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Respect and care for Origami Owl and the Founders as if they are your family. Their love for us feels honest, sincere and genuine and it’s simply unbeatable.”

4 Perks of Being a Director

1. Advancement Bonus + Director Generation Bonus

Not only do new Directors get a $500 cash Advancement Bonus after they earn Director for the first time, but they also have the opportunity to earn a Director Generation Bonus. The Director Generation Bonus is a bonus paid to Directors and above on volume produced by Directors on their Team (even those below Levels 1-4). For details regarding Director Generation Bonus amounts and qualifications, please refer to the Career Plan located in your Back Office “Designer Resources” section.

2. Invitation to Attend the New Director Academy

Origami Owl covers half of the airfare for one, transportation to and from the airport, hotel accommodations, which the New Director shares with another inductee, and some meals. Details on our 2021 New Director Academy coming later this year!

3. A Special Surprise in the Mail from The Nest

The month after you earn Director for the first time, you’ll receive a special gift in the mail from the Founders and your family at The Nest! This is our “thank you” for working so hard at building your team!

4. Elite O2 Directors and Above Facebook Group

Once you’re a Director, you’ll have the opportunity to join our O2 Directors, VPs and Parliament Facebook group where you can connect with other top leaders and ask any questions you may have about your business.