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Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers who ramped up their efforts and took their Origami Owl® businesses to the next level in May! We’re thrilled to recognize our top achievers and reveal their secrets to success.

Whooo Promoted Up in May

They advanced in rank + promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title.

Check out who promoted up in May.

The Designers whose names are in aqua on the flyer advanced to Senior Team Leader during their Ready, Set, SOAR! qualification period. These Designers get all the same benefits for achieving Team Leader (see below), as well as their $75 USD | $95 CAD Advancement Bonus. Let’s give a BIG {Hoot Hoot!} to these Designers for this OWL-mazing achievement!

The Designers whose names are in pink on the flyer advanced to Team Leader during their Ready, Set SOAR! qualification period, which helped them earn an additional $50 USD | $70 CAD Ready, Set, SOAR! bonus, in addition to their $50 USD | $65 CAD Advancement Bonus, increased commissions and team overrides. They also get an exclusive invitation to the O2 Leadership Community Facebook group, additional training opportunities at the leadership level, and so much more!

Whooo Had Top Personal Sales, Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders in May

They shared Origami Owl’s meaningful, customizable jewelry, helped others join the O2 business, and coached their Designers to Team Leader success in the month of May.

See who soared to the top in personal sales, sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in May.

Meet Some of Our Top 3 May Designers + Get Their Tips for Success


#1 in Personal Sales

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader (6 months in a row!!) – 8,203 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Personal Sales

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director – 5,251 PV

#3 in Personal Sales

Karla + Sara Hemingway, Senior Team Leader – 4,904 PV

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

The Wizard of Oz Collection

“The month of May brought one of the most exciting collections to my Customers thus far – The Wizard of oz Collection! A lot of pieces sold out, but in true Origami Owl fashion, the company made sure our Customers get a second chance at the pieces they want. Not only did I go out of my way to reach out to all my Wizard of Oz potential Customers before, and during, the launch, I am also keeping those Customers updated weekly with the restocks. This is something that can also help in June and July.

  1. Make lists of the pieces Customers want and keep them informed. Most importantly, continue to showcase all the limited edition pieces. You never know when one image will help them decide to make another order.”

Summer 2019 Collection

“As we are working through our second ‘J’ month of the year, which are known to be slower for sales, think about this: we just launched a fabulous Summer Collection that is HOT! HOT! HOT!

  1. Not every person has to love every piece, but there are pieces that are so outside of our normal Living Lockets that you should be able to find at least one new Customer to add to your community.
  2. The social media images supplied in the My O2 Connection app, and Origami Owl’s Facebook and Instagram pages, really help my business. When sharing, remember to not just ‘slap’ your Personal Web Page on the post and call it good. Instead, add a little personality to the post like, ‘I like…,’ ‘I would love…,’ ‘This reminds me of..’ are just a few examples. People follow you on social media because everyone has a ‘nosey bone in their body,’ so make sure your viewers learn a little about you with each post.

June “Girls Just Want to Have Sun” Incentive

“The fantastic June Hostess incentive made me so excited that I rushed to my phone to start booking even more Jewelry Bars. I run my business 85 percent online, so I reached out to past Hostesses first to re-book a Jewelry Bar. Then, I reached out to Customers who had ordered any Swarovski® Crystal Wrap Bracelets from me in the past. I explained how their $100 order could be added to their own personal shopping link. Guess what? There’s still time to do this! My goal was to explain how easy hosting is and what’s the worst that can happen? They can earn $100 in free Hostess jewelry and be entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 Royal Caribbean Gift Card and $500 Visa® Travel Gift Card! I reached out to all my ‘vacationing’ friend. You know, the ones who post every time they leave their house. I asked, ‘How awesome would it be to allow Origami Owl to pay for some of your next vacation?’ Again, there is still half a month to rock your Jewelry Bars!

Mindset Mondays + Host a Post Event

“Finally, don’t forget to work hand-in-hand with Field Trainer Abby Teet. Follow her Monday Mindsets and join the Host a Post event. I am an inspirational speaker kind of girl and yet, I can listen to Abby talk ‘real talk’ for hours. I listen to her and get ideas from her ideas. This month, she came up with a new concept and I ran with it. In two years of being 85 percent online-only, I have never written posts for my Hostesses to share on their personal pages. I give them images and ideas, but some of my Hostess coaching success has come from Abby this month. I am now sharing ‘don’t think about it; just copy and paste’ postings to my Hostesses. No matter what stage of your business you’re in, there is always something new to learn.”


#1 in Developing Team Leaders

Alba Saenz, Executive Team Manager – 3 Team Leaders – 1,192 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Developing Team Leaders

Denise Curran, Director – 2 Team Leaders – 1,165 PV

#3 in Developing Team Leaders

Amanda Johnson, Executive Team Leader – 2 Team Leaders – 838 PV


Alba Saenz, Executive Team Manager

How did you step up your efforts to help others grow in May?

“I reached out to each of my Designers to see where they were at currently and what their goals are for the future.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on your team’s development?

“Team work. I can’t stress that enough. We are a growing team, and I love to see how they all interact with each other and cheer each other on – even if they are on different legs. Good vibes between them all makes each achievement they make something to celebrate.”

How would you encourage others to help their team members grow in their development?

“Listen to your team. Be accessible to them when they need help. Sit with your team and talk about what their next goal is. Give them a tracker for their next goal and help them brainstorm how they can achieve it. Create excitement with your team; our team reflects who we are as leaders.”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“That’s easy: the people I get to meet along the way. Origami Owl has allowed me to rejoin society. When I became a housewife, my one and only focus was my children. I never realized I had completely lost touch with the outside world.”

What’s your favorite piece of Origami Owl jewelry?

“I love Origami Owl’s Clara Stud Earrings. They are my bestsellers, and I carry an extra pair on me at all times. The fact that they can be worn for a night out, or a simple trip to the grocery store, makes it the perfect piece.”

What’s the most meaningful story you’ve ever told, or a Customer of yours has told, in a Living Locket?

“Every story is meaningful, but I recently had a Customer create her Cancer Survivor Locket. She added pieces that reminded her of her struggles, her faith, and what she hopes for the future she still has.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Never give up on your business and what you can accomplish. Sometimes it may feel you aren’t reaching your goals as fast as you’d hope, but everything worth having takes time. With patience, hard work, dedication, and most importantly, without giving up on yourself, you can reach your goals.”


#1 in Personal Sponsoring*

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director –  4 Personally Sponsored Designers – 5,251 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Personal Sponsoring

Aimee Johnson, Senior Director – 4 Personally Sponsored Designers – 2,515 PV

#3 in Personal Sponsoring

Alba Saenz, Executive Team Manager –  4 Personally Sponsored Designers – 1,192 PV

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in May. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.


Breanna Johnson, Senior Director

How did you step up your sponsoring efforts in May?

“Sponsoring is all about being genuine and helping people decide if Origami Owl is the right journey for them. I don’t think I did anything differently in May than I normally do; I know that I absolutely fell in love with the Large Silver Rainbow Living Locket® Set (Designer Exclusive), so I posted it to Facebook the second I saw it and found that others loved it, too. I always started with a conversation to try and educate people about everything and work with them to see if Origami Owl is the right fit for them. Some join, but not all. I also always talked with my Hostesses about the opportunity prior to their Jewelry Bars, so that if they do want to join, we can turn their Jewelry Bar into their launch party so I can help them every step of the way!”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on growing your team?

“Consistency in sponsoring, and then mentoring, all my new Designers to help them reach their goals.”

How would you encourage others to grow their team?

“Talk to everyone, but always be genuine. Share from your heart what you love and each person you meet will know you love what you do.”

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry from the Summer 2019 Collection?

“That’s a tough one! I love the Gold Mermaid and Unicorn Pool Float Charms for my daughter, Bella, who is an absolute fish during the summer; we are always at the pool. Personally, I L-O-V-E the Empowerment Collection Rings! I have worn them every day since the moment I got them.”

What’s the most meaningful story you’ve ever told, or a Customer of yours has told, in a Living Locket?

“This story warms my heart. Following my team’s Mother’s Day Force For Good®, one of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit moms contacted me because the promo code for her free Charms was unreadable after she scratched it off. As we talked more and more, I was filled with such gratitude. It was overwhelming…the kind that gives you chills. She told me that the Locket she received on Mother’s Day at the hospital was the kindest, most generous gift she had ever been given and provided her with such a feeling of connection. I really enjoyed helping her pick Charms to represent her two girls. When we got off the phone, I had a feeling that wouldn’t be the last time we spoke. She messaged me at the end of last week after her Charms arrived in the mail. She said, ‘Coincidently (or maybe not!), yesterday was also a very hard day with an emergency unfolding with my daughter. We had to re-admit her to the hospital and actually on our ride there, she fainted, so I had to call the ambulance. It was a terrifying day. But, my older daughter called me in the evening and told me that the Charms had arrived and when I finally got home, I put the necklace together and it was like a little hug from heaven. Just wanted to say thank you, again.’ Stories like this are why I love what I do!”