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Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers who ramped up their efforts and took their Origami Owl® businesses to the next level in April! We’re thrilled to recognize our top achievers and reveal their secrets to success.

Whooo Promoted Up in April

They advanced in rank + promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title.

Check out who promoted up in April.

The Designers whose names are in blue on the flyer advanced to Executive Team Leader during their Ready, Set, SOAR! qualification period. These Designers get all the same benefits for achieving Team Leader (see below), as well as a Rolling Tote for their Advancement Bonus! This is a HUGE accomplishment to advance to Executive Team Leader within this short period. Congratulations to Tara Parsons on advancing to Executive Team Leader during her Ready, Set, SOAR! period!

The Designers whose names are in aqua on the flyer advanced to Senior Team Leader during their Ready, Set, SOAR! qualification period. These Designers get all the same benefits for achieving Team Leader (see below), as well as their $75 USD | $95 CAD Advancement Bonus. Let’s give a BIG {Hoot Hoot!} to these Designers for this OWL-mazing achievement!

The Designers whose names are in pink on the flyer advanced to Team Leader during their Ready, Set SOAR! qualification period, which helped them earn an additional $50 USD | $70 CAD Ready, Set, SOAR! bonus, in addition to their $50 USD | $65 CAD Advancement Bonus, increased commissions and team overrides. They also get an exclusive invitation to the O2 Leadership Community Facebook group, additional training opportunities at the leadership level, and so much more!

Whooo Had Top Personal Sales, Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders in April

They shared Origami Owl’s meaningful, customizable jewelry, helped others join the O2 business, and coached their Designers to Team Leader success in the month of April.

See who soared to the top in personal sales, sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in April.

Meet Some of Our Top 3 April Designers + Get Their Tips for Success


#1 in Personal Sales

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader – 5,437 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Personal Sales

Patti Creel, Senior Designer – 4,497 PV

#3 in Personal Sales

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director – 4,095 PV


Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

Monthly Goals

“Every month, I create goals to help myself stay motivated and focused,” shares Nova. “They range from big goals like:

  • Personal Volume (ranges from 3,500-6,000 PV, depending on the month)
  • Online Jewelry Bars® (ranges from 6-8 a month, depending on my personal calendar)
  • Adding VIPs to Jewelry Bars (average of 3-5 VIPs per Jewelry Bar, times 6-8 Jewelry Bars a month)

To smaller goals like:

  • Customer Thank You Cards (30 every month, minimum) – I send a mix of Thank You Cards to new Customers, Customers who haven’t ordered in a while and consistent Customers.
  • Customer Personal Messages (at least 5 per week) – I send personal texts, video messages and voicemails to random Customers just to say ‘Hi’ and touch base on their lives. It has nothing to do with jewelry, but helps my personal relationships with them grow.”

Online Jewelry Bars

“I create a different online Jewelry Bar layout every month,” says Nova. “Yes, every single month! When you start to get bookings, your guests will get bored with the same posts and layout. I use the same formula and change the words, images, videos and the jewelry I show during my live portion.”

(You can find Nova’s formula on a podcast in the My O2 Connection app under Podcast > Maximizing Sales at Jewelry Bars or in your Back Office under O2 Training Academy > The O2 Experience 2018 Training > Maximizing Sales at Jewelry Bars)

“My formula never changes because it works for me,” shares Nova. “I focus a lot on Hostess training and follow up. Remember, not everyone will buy during a Jewelry Bar. Most people need time to figure out what they want and a Jewelry Bar doesn’t allow a lot of time. Make sure you connect with all the guests who ordered and those who seemed interested, but didn’t order. When the Jewelry Bar is over, reach out to everyone and give them the opportunity to be added to your VIP group.”

VIP Group

“My No. 1 rule is ‘Ask everyone before adding them to your VIP group,’” shares Nova. “I will leave my Facebook VIP group link on the Jewelry Bar page for guests to click on with a fun, exciting detailed reason why they should join. I ask the Hostess to list a couple of reasons why she loves my VIP group in the comments section on that post. If your Hostess loves your group, others will want to join. I also send a private message with my Facebook VIP group link and a ‘thanks for joining the Jewelry Bar’ once the online Jewelry Bar is over. My end goal is to add three to five new Customers to my VIP group. This continues to move my business forward.”

Stay Up-to-Date on Origami Owl News

“I know that for a lot of people it’s hard to stay ‘in the know’ with all things Origami Owl,” says Nova. “Turn on your notifications for the O2 Designers News from the Nest Facebook group and join Field Trainer Abby Teet’s Socially Unstoppable Facebook group. You will find tons of information, updates, special offers, words to use and ideas, and most importantly, it’s all on Facebook!”

Monthly Focuses

“Every month, I stay focused on:

  • The versatility of our jewelry
  • Connecting my Customers with different story ideas
  • Any new/current collection, and those coming soon per the Designer calendar
  • The Sale tab on our Personal Web Pages
  • Personal connections and building friendships with my Customers

This is my fifth year with Origami Owl, and my focus has never been stronger. Creating a Customer base does take time, but always remember that consistency is your best friend in this business. Do something today that your future self will thank you for!”



Top in Developing Team Leaders

Congratulations to the following Designers who each developed one (1) Team Leader in April! (in alphabetical order)

Simcha + Jaiden Bloomfield, Director

Maggie Cacchione, Senior Team Leader

Janie Castle + Isaiah Young, Senior Designer

Holly Corbett, Director

Andre Emanuel, Executive Team Leader

Robin + Wellington Emanuel, Team Manager

Misty + Mackenzie Fleming, Senior Team Leader

Monica Garza + Lela Karyna Oliveira, Executive Team Leader

Heather + Gregory Hall, Field Vice President

Elizabeth Lopez, Team Leader

Heidi Pintar, Director

Irma Prado-Gutierrez, Executive Team Leader

Daisy Scism, Executive Team Leader

Kim Shannon, Executive Team Leader

Nelda Solis, Team Leader

Kimberly Waddell, Team Leader

Theresa Woolworth, Director



#1 in Personal Sponsoring*

Shawna Virva, Team Leader –  3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 860 PV – (Featured Below!)

#2 in Personal Sponsoring

Leslie Vessels, Team Leader – 3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 675 PV

#3 in Personal Sponsoring

Beth Blemaster, Senior Field Vice President –  3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 532 PV

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in April. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.


Shawna Virva, Team Leader

How did you step up your sponsoring efforts in April?

“I stepped up my sponsoring in April with the help of the Pay It Forward special offer. Also by telling everyone how beautiful our jewelry is!”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on growing your team?

“I believe what has made the biggest impact on growing my team is talking to people. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and letting people see our beautiful jewelry.”

How would you encourage others to grow their team?

“I would encourage other Designers wanting to grow their teams to come out of their comfort zones and talk to as many people as possible. Doing live videos is great, too!”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“My favorite part about my Origami Owl business is the jewelry! One thing I have learned is when you gift people jewelry, they always want to buy more!”

What’s your favorite piece of Origami Owl jewelry?

“My favorite piece of Origami Owl jewelry has to be the Vintage Key Living Locket®. I don’t own it yet, but it’s so gorgeous.”

What’s the most meaningful story you’ve ever told, or a Customer of yours has told, in a Living Locket?

“I helped an Army veteran build a Locket for his wife. It melted my heart.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I love our beautiful jewelry! It keeps getting better and better! I am so happy to have such an amazing upline who is always there if I need anything!”