So many incredible Designers took their Origami Owl® businesses to the next level in November and skyrocketed up the ranks! We’re proud to recognize our top achievers and reveal their secrets to success.

Whooo Promoted Up in November

They advanced in rank and promoted up to a new, sparkly title.

Check out who promoted up in November.

Whooo Had Top Personal Sales, Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders in November

They shared Origami Owl’s customizable jewelry, helped others join the O2 business, and coached their Designers to Team Leader success in the month of November.

See who were soared to the top in personal sales, sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in November.

Meet Our Top November Designers + Get Their Tips for Success

Top Personal Sales

helleneHellene Barillas – Leading Designer

What tips can you share for enhancing personal sales?

  • “Approach everyone, regardless if they have interest on the product or not. I booked many events in November, and I talked to as many people as I could to direct them to my booth showing them the product.”
  • “I post on garage sale websites the photos that I get from O2 and post the offers with my personal link on them. I get sales online this way and meet people who don’t have Designers.”
  • “I own a personalization business and I hand-deliver the order with an O2 catalog and a thank you card that includes an invitation to visit my online O2 store.”
  • “My 12-year-old daughter has a Glitter Tattoo business and is an Owlette. When she books a party, people are intrigued that she is a business owner and she lets them know she is an Owlette as well.  People don’t know what that is, so she explains to them about Origami Owl.”
  • “My husband has a skate wheel business and he has asked his riders to please consider ordering from me and most of them have ordered from us.”
  • “My O2 tablecloth has my O2 address; people like taking photos of it and it reminds them to contact me. I also have my Origami Owl website on my car rear window.”

Have you done anything differently to help increase your sales?

  • “Yes, I have reached out to all my family and friends and asked them to help me hit my goal, and they have helped me so much by placing orders or collecting orders for me. I have implemented all the steps I mentioned above. I was not doing it fully, but in November I became a stay-at-home mom, and that has allowed me to focus on all my businesses, with the priority of growing my Origami Owl business.”

Final words of wisdom for others?

  • “Do not underestimate the power of asking your family and friends for help! Also, don’t assume that people do not want to buy jewelry only because you don’t see them wearing it. Approach guys as well; remember they buy pretty things for the women in their lives. My husband and my three girls are my biggest supporters!”

Top Personal Sponsoring

holly-corbett2Holly Corebett – Senior Team Leader

Sponsoring in the beginning: “First let me say how much I love Origami Owl® and how glad I am to be a part of such an amazing company.  I have been a Designer for a little over three years now. In the beginning, sponsoring was pretty easy; I didn’t really have to say much at all. Friends noticed a change in me and wanted to be a part of what was making me so happy.

Once I developed an established customer base and was not meeting as many brand new people, I noticed that my team stopped growing.”

What she did differently: “I realized that I needed to take a different approach and start getting out of my comfort zone a little bit and share this amazing opportunity with the people that already knew and trusted me. I knew my customers on a different level, I knew them personally and I started to reach out to them one at a time to let them know what this wonderful company had to offer them for their specific needs.  Once again my team grew.”

Her Tips:

  • “I truly enjoy what I do with Origami Owl and it is easy for me to talk about it with others and to listen to their needs and see how they can be met.”
  • “Stay connected to your own WHY. When we do anything with a purpose and with passion, it shows.”
  • “Set a goal, have a dream and never stop reaching for the stars.”
  • “Share your love of O2 and remember to SPARKLE every day.  It is amazing to see how you will attract what you give.”
  • “Staying focused and doing the O2 Vital Behaviors are so crucial. Everyone you talk to will either become a friend, a new customer, a new hostess or a new teammate.”
  • “Most importantly HAVE FUN and watch things happen.”

Top in Developing Team Leaders

erin-top-tlErin Keene- Senior Team Leader

Biggest Tip for Developing Team Leaders:

“Work with each one individually and make sure they know how close they are to their TL goals and exactly what they need to get there.”

Did you do anything differently in November?

“(I created) a Facebook group for my 5 potential Team Leaders. We worked closely with each other to see where their gaps were and what we could do to fill them in. They encouraged each other and worked so hard to promote. I’m so excited for all of us!”


November Parliament Members

Origami Owl values leadership and we love celebrating our top leaders with VIP treatment, a special incentive trip for top Diamond Parliament point earners, and so much more. Our Parliament achievement is the pinnacle of success—take a look at who was part of this prestigious group in November! Please note Parliament points are ongoing and you can see the most up-to-date information in your Back Office.

Take a look at who is on track to Parliament in November…

Top 10

Karen Alaniz

Beth Blemaster

Jessica + Jerry Butanda

Tami + Tatum Butcher

Carina Goens

Rachel Hunt

Breanna Johnson

Wendy + Ray Korfel

Michelle Levitt

Robyn Torres



Lacey Adelmann

Michele Bradley

Janell Connors

Heather + Gregory Hall

Jessica Lopez

Kate McKenzie

Mamie Miller

Heidi Pintar

Maggie Stephens

Melissa Taylor



Emily Allison

Mishell Amick

Lynn Avara-Stover

Jessica Fernandez

Shyan Lasater-Bailey

Lindsey Nuttall

Christina Nguyen + Alexa Taylor

Amy Rehmeyer

Lisa Weihbrecht

Erin Zapata


Parliament 2017 Details

PARLIAMENT INCENTIVE PERIOD: July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Designers who achieve Parliament, Diamond Parliament or Diamond Designer of Year Status will hold the status from Convention 2017 through Convention 2018.

To achieve Parliament an Independent Designer will need to attain both of the following requirements:

EARN A MINIMUM OF 100 PARLIAMENT POINTS– An Independent Designer must earn a minimum of 100 Parliament Points in the July 1, 2016 through 11:59 pm Central Time (CT) on June 30, 2017 time frame.

PAID-AS TITLE REQUIREMENT – Independent Designers will also have to be Paid-As Executive Team Leader or above for the commission run that includes June 30, 2017’s PV record.


Earn 1 Parliament Point when a Designer or a Direct Designer achieves Owlchiever in a calendar month. Total Parliament Points from this category double for the calendar month when the Designer achieves Owlchiever in the same calendar month (they will earn 1 Cultivating Owlchiever Parliament Point AND their “Cultivating Owlchiever Parliament Points” will be doubled for that calendar month).

2.    GROWING TEAM VOLUME (GTV) (Updated from last year check out the updates and in the Designation Details Document or the FAQs)
Earn 1 Parliament Point for every 5,000 Incremental Monthly Team Volume a Team grows in a month above the Designers previous year’s baseline TV for any given month.

3.    MENTORING LEADERS (ML) (Updated from last year check out the updates and in the Designation Details Document or the FAQs)
1 Parliament Point is earned when a Designer personally advances to Team Leader or higher or mentors a Direct Designer who advances in rank to Team Leader or higher.

Top 10 Designers with the most Parliament Points will be recognized as members of Diamond Parliament. Contest Time Period is the same as for Parliament. To earn Diamond Parliament, a Designer must also meet these minimum thresholds:


  • 20  Cultivating Owlchievers (CO) Parliament Points
  • 10   Growing Team Volume (GTV) Parliament Points
  • 5   Mentoring Leaders (ML) Parliament Points


Here are FAQs.

Photo credit: The St Regis Bora Bora Resort

Photo credit: The St Regis Bora Bora Resort


The Top 10 Parliament Point earners who achieve Diamond Parliament status will be jet setting on an International Vacation for two.

Trip Dates: September 17 – 24, 2017
Trip Details: The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort


The Designer who achieves Diamond Parliament status and who earns the most Parliament Points will be named ‘Diamond Designer of the Year’.


The Diamond Designer of the Year will earn an O2 custom Jeep (the “Prize”) (or such other Prize of equivalent value as may be determined in the sole discretion of O2) at Convention 2017.

Here are more details on the 2017 Parliament Trip.

Team Leader = MORE Rewards

team-leader-bonus-imageEvery month, Designers are lifting up to Leading Designer and then Team Leader—one of the most rewarding recognition levels in Origami Owl. Whether you’re a Mentor helping someone bring a new Designer onto their Team or the Designer growing your own team, Team Leader is your key to success in the Origami Owl Career Plan.

An extra perk? As part of the O2 Career Plan, when you achieve Paid-As Team Leader, you’ll earn a $50 USD bonus and so will your Mentor! Maintain Paid-As Team Leader the following month, and you will earn the Rolling Case for FREE (a value of $190 USD | $228 CAD!).

Take a look at the flyer here and share it with your teams!

Here’s who maintained Paid-As Team Leader and earned the Rolling Case for FREE in November!

Teresa Agresta
Aspen Arriaga
Lorelei Ayala
Anne Barlan
Tashmere Barrs
Vanessa Beaudoin
Jamie Beckner
Beckie Blackwell & Kylie Lewellen
Angela Botwright
Aimee Brilliant
Xandria Brooks
Dianna Byrd
Bethann Cairns
Shannon & Shaneve Cal
Christine & Anjelique Calzado
Nanci Lynn & Holly Cavill
Randi Chambers
Rebecca Chladek-Siedler
Maureen Cisek
Jessica Cuchel
Jill Darnell
Sandra D’Auria
Melanie Deer
Sara DeMelo
Yvette Deveau
Melissa Dharma
Megan Emory
Stephanie Ferrel
Lisa Formosa
Clydine & William Forsyth
Allison Fortier
Kathryn Foster
Brandi French
Lisa Furie
Brenda Gantt
Mia Garcia
Gail Garcia
Erika Garcia Reyna
Jessica George
Dawn Giesbrecht
Cynthia Gratias
Melissa Haenle
Kellie Hall
Salisha Hamid & Zahira Becca
Brianna Hanlon
Jamie Hardy
Shannon Hidalgo
Heather  Hopper
Cherie Hovland
Julie Jafar
Brandy Johnson
Cheryl Jimenez
Deborah Jones
Brittney Jones
Tameria  Joy
Madison Kahoe
Shala Kinyua
Andria Kinney
Wendy Kruger
Kyle Kuttruf
Bonni Lepic-Rojas
Jasmine Like
Patricia Link
Narce Lopez
Angelica Lucero
Ashley Lund
Stephanie & Emily MacComish
Sarah Mannis
Josie Markham
Hannah Maxson
Laura Meeks
Catherine Miletics
Cynthia Molina
Brandalyn Monaco
Sherry Morgan
Maggie Newton
Michelle Newton
Catherine Ngiratumerang
Melanie Noble-Day
Valerie Novo
Wendy Nye
Lindsay Paul
Valerie Palid
Michiko Perez
Tammy  Phifer
Donna Plourde
Jessica Pointer
Amanda Pooler
Ashley Prescott
Jennifer Quintero
Priscilla  Ramos
Sandra Recendez
Ashlie Reinhold
Lisa Reyna
Coralis Rodriguez
Megan Royce
Samantha Ruiz
Rowena & Kiyannie Sablay
Maria Anna Sagucio
Gabrielle Salcido
Belinda Sandilands
Estela Sena
Kelli Shigeta
Kristy Lyn Smith & Elizabeth Abrams
Julie Stevens
Cristiane & Tatiane Swap
Yvonne & Reagan Swinth
Erica Terry
Theresa Theisen
Holly Thomas
Christine Tipton
Nicole Tobias
Penni Tremblay
Patti Tryon
Candice Turner
Martha Vallina
Angel & Maria Walker
Keri Ann Walker
Angie Wallace
Arieal Walsh
Kirsten Warber
Rhiannon Weiss
Debra Wheeler
Maria  Whitaker
Nacie Williams
Marilyn, Monica & Megan Willkens
Yih Lung Eileen Wunderlich
Kimberly Yarber
Jessica Zuniga & Alexa Hernandez

Make sure you’re working your O2 Vital Behaviors every day so you can see growth in your business. Focus on ONE new Designer each month and at least ONE new Jewelry Bar each month so you can share O2’s meaningful, customizable jewelry and opportunity and be a Force for Good.

Have a question? Be sure to log in to your Back Office and select “FAQs” to access our extensive FAQs database with answers to your most-answered questions.