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Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers who took their Origami Owl® businesses to the next level in June! We’re thrilled to recognize our top achievers and reveal their secrets to success.

Whooo Promoted Up in June

They advanced in rank + promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title.

Check out who promoted up in June.

Whooo Had Top Personal Sales, Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders in June

They shared Origami Owl’s meaningful, customizable jewelry, helped others join the O2 business, and coached their Designers to Team Leader success in the month of June.

See who soared to the top in personal sales, sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in June.

Meet Our Top June Designers + Get Their Tips for Success


Top in Personal Sales

Kandice Astamendi – Team Manager

How did you step up your sales efforts in June?

“When we hear how tough the ‘J months’ are, you have two types of people: the ones who prepare for the slower times, and the ones who make it their excuse. It’s vacation time to some. To me, it’s vacation time, too! Every other weekend we are gone camping and boating. This is a perfect way to meet people you normally wouldn’t meet! It’s not about stalking people; it’s casual, making friends, talking about what they do and where they are from. It’s relaxed conversation, not a sales push. Most people have no idea I have a full-time job. I maximize my time with events. I see a lot of people. Bigger events are great for New Designer to see how to get out of their sales zone.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on your monthly sales?

“June was a great month to remind my Customers about how our local food banks are low this time of year. Offering the monthly Force For Good™ Looks helps my business in several ways. By letting Customers know we are more than just selling a product, and letting them know about the organization and how it helps so many. I talk about our Causes Charms, and how some ribbon Charms have more than one cause, and I encourage them to choose the (organization) they want to help. I tell them Origami Owl® donates the profits from those ribbon Charms.”

How would you encourage others to grow their sales?

“I really love hearing those who say they can’t sell anything. That’s what helps you more. Don’t sell! You can’t know what that person’s story is. Listen for the cues they are giving you whether it’s an event or a one-on-one! Give them options. Put a look together and show how you can change the look by adding a Plate or a Dangle. Don’t forget the monthly Customer Exclusive! What a perfect add-on for someone to give as a gift! We are weeks away from Christmas and the holidays! These are beautiful gifts for Hostesses, birthdays and more.

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“My favorite part of my business is seeing my Designers put a goal out there and exceed it. I was overwhelmed by seeing two of my Team Members walk (on stage at The O2 Experience) as Senior Team Leader and Team Leader. Knowing I was there walking as a Team Leader last year, within six months of starting my business, makes me extremely proud of their accomplishments. Listening to your Customers for what they may be looking for. To see them hold five sparkling Swarovski® Crystals in their palm and get emotional because they represent their family, is something I treasure. Giving them ideas of putting together a beautiful piece to give as a gift or to keep for themselves is immeasurable.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Yes, I can sell snow to an Eskimo, no doubt. BUT, I can’t sell something I don’t believe in. I genuinely love my Customers, my products and this company’s mission. It makes me a better person. I am honored to be a part of this generous company.”

Top in Personal Sponsoring

Holly Corbett – Executive Team Leader

How did you step up your sponsoring efforts in June?

“I stopped pre-judging who would be interested and who may not be, and I started sharing the opportunity with everyone. I thought of it this way: if Origami Owl has been such an important part of my life and has blessed me in so many ways, why would I keep it all for myself and not share? Think of it this way: if you had a chocolate bar, you would not bypass certain people because you assumed they didn’t like chocolate – you would offer chocolate to everyone. The same thing applies with this amazing business opportunity.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on growing your team?

“I am getting back to basics and sharing what I love. I’m sharing my success with others and leading by example. I share with Hostesses who I know already love our jewelry. I also share with Customers who place orders and mention that for the same price, they could start their journey with Origami Owl.”

How would you encourage others to grow their team?

“Offer this amazing opportunity to everyone. We have something powerful and you never know how it can change someone’s life. Get out of your own way and face your fears. The worst thing that could happen is that someone could tell you they are not interested. That doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t ever be interested, it may simply mean not right at that moment. The first time I was introduced to Origami Owl, I said ‘no thank you.’ I did not wear a lot of jewelry. It took me three months to realize that I didn’t really know what I was saying no to. Now, after four years, the sky is the limit!”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“My favorite part of Origami Owl obviously is the jewelry, but more importantly, it’s the connections that I make with my Customers, the relationships I have built with my team, and the friendships I have developed with other Designers. I realize we’re not in competition with each other. We are all on the same mission.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I would like to add that we are in the right place at the right time. Origami Owl is so much more than jewelry – I experience this every day. I am so blessed that Origami Owl has come into my life. We have the very best leaders who work so hard every single day to ensure we have the tools for success. Follow your Daily Vital Behaviors and lead with your heart. It will never steer you wrong.”

Top in Developing Leaders

Courtney Butler Senior Team Manager

 How did you step up your efforts to help others grow in June?

“Helping others grow in their business, first means identifying your team members’ goals, writing them down, and creating an action plan to get there. If their goal is Team Leader, how many Jewelry Bars do they have scheduled? How many people have they reached out to and offered the opportunity? What is their back-up plan if something falls through? You really need to cover all your bases. Sometimes breaking a goal down into smaller ‘bite size’ chunks and checking those accomplishments off as they’re reached makes the finish line seem a little closer and not so daunting. And always, ALWAYS work with the willing. Anyone can have a goal, but what are they WILLING to do to get there?”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on your team’s development?

“The biggest impact on my team’s development has truly been just that – a TEAM effort. We have built a strong community of Designers on our team page who help each other out all hours of the day and night, whether they know each other or not. Creating that unity on our team where EVERYONE is welcome makes each Designer feel like they are part of something bigger. Everyone’s opinions are welcome, and we keep it a HAPPY, INSPIRING place to be. When you love what you do and you surround yourself with others who feel the same, happiness is contagious.”

How would you encourage others to help their team members grow in their development?

“Being a GOOD Mentor is something I truly instill in each Designer on my team as soon as they begin to build a team of their own. Making SURE they’re properly explaining everything. That their New Designer is aware of who to go to for questions, best practices for a New Designer (vital behaviors, A.L.I.C.E. list, setting up their launch party date, explaining PV, etc.). I believe that by being a good Mentor, you’re setting an example for your Designers to do the same. No matter what lineage someone is in on your team, they MUST have help and feel welcome. Those who SHOW up, GO up.”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“I have many reasons to love this business, but what I love the MOST is watching a New Designer blossom and grow right before my eyes and become someone they never thought they would be – a LEADER and inspiration to others by being a Force For Good™. I’ve cried many happy tears as I’ve watched my team grow. I’ve gained a family. It’s true what we say, that it’s so much more than jewelry. It’s a lifestyle.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“NEVER, EVER give up on your dreams. Never let someone else’s opinion of you deter you from chasing them. Instead, let that fuel your fire and build your empire. Create your own ripple effect of goodness, and surround yourself with people who love you, inspire you and lift you up!”