Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers who ramped up their efforts and took their Origami Owl® businesses to the next level in July! We’re thrilled to recognize our top achievers and reveal their secrets to success.

Whooo Promoted Up in July

They advanced in rank + promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title.

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Whooo Earned an Advancement Maintenance Bonus in July

Here’s who earned Advancement Maintenance Bonuses in July.

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Advancement Maintenance Bonuses are awarded to Designers starting at the Paid-As title of Senior Team Leader. To qualify and be awarded an Advancement Maintenance Bonus, Designers must achieve the new Paid-As title for the first time, and maintain the new Paid-As title for two consecutive months. This must be accomplished within 12 months of earning the new Paid-As title for the first time.

Whooo Had Top Personal Sales, Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders in July

They shared Origami Owl’s meaningful, customizable jewelry, helped others join the O2 business, and coached their Designers to Team Leader success in the month of July.

See who soared to the top in personal sales, sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in July.

Meet Our Top July Designers + Get Their Tips for Success

Top in Personal Sales

Patty Raley – Senior Team Leader

How did you step up your sales efforts in July?

“I knew that our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection would be arriving, so I held a Christmas in July Open House every weekend in July. I offered a discount to all my Customers who attended and made a purchase. This allowed me to move some Summer 2017 Collection inventory and purchase new inventory for my upcoming Jewelry Bars®, open houses and vendor events.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on your monthly sales?

“I believe my monthly sales stayed steady because I send emails and post on my VIP page on a regular basis. I also have an open house at least once a month, but usually more often than that.”

How would you encourage others to grow their sales?

“Share, Share, Share Origami Owl with everyone! You’ll be surprised how many people in your area and neighborhood still don’t know about Origami Owl.”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“Family is the most important thing in my life. My Origami Owl business allows me to work hard, but also share as much time with my family as I want.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“My motto is, ‘Treat your Customers like they are your family and you’ll have a life-long Customer.’”

Top in Personal Sponsoring

Randy Mellon – Team Manager

How did you step up your sponsoring efforts in July?

“As I meet people, I keep three lists: 1. Those interested in the opportunity; 2. Those interested in a Jewelry Bar®; 3. Those who may not yet know what they are interested in. I stay in touch in a few ways. First, I invite them into my VIP group. This helps foster the Origami Owl energy, as well as create a relationship with the person. In addition, it’s important to find out their preferred way of communication.

Wearing a Living Locket® is also vital, even if I’m just running out to do a quick errand. You never know who you will meet. Your next Designer could be the person you met in line at the grocery store, the server at lunch, the person at the bank, literally anyone! Talk to everyone! When you are continually planting seeds and keeping in touch, you will find your next Designer, Hostess or Customer. Many of the Designers on my team started as a Customer and/or Hostess! One thing is for sure – they all started with a ‘Hello!’”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on growing your team?

“Consistently doing the three O2 Vital Behaviors laid out by Origami Owl has had the biggest impact on growing my team. It’s that consistency that has helped with sponsoring. I am continually chatting with people, asking a lot of questions, finding out about them, their life, their needs, wants and desires. It’s paramount to remember that the conversation needs to be about them.”

How would you encourage others to grow their team?

“It’s important to remember that if someone at first says ‘No,’ that doesn’t mean that it is always ‘No.’ Don’t take it personally. It may not have been the right time. Ask if it’s okay to keep in touch. Most people will say ‘Yes.’ That opens the opportunity to share Origami Owl every single month. Circumstances may change. As we get to know each other and create our relationship, they know I am there for them when the time is right.

A wise person shared with me that if you never ask, then the answer is always ‘No.’ So, I ask, a lot! Asking is critical! It took some personal development time to learn that I had to get out of my own head and not assume who would or wouldn’t be interested. At Origami Owl, we have fabulous products, fantastic programs and amazing leadership. My mindset now is one of gratitude to be able to share and impact as many lives as possible. Origami Owl is so much more than jewelry. I love finding out more about what others are looking for, so I can share what Origami Owl can bring to their lives.”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“I love Origami Owl because there is something for everyone in our company. It’s hard to just pick one thing! Yes, I love the jewelry. However, it’s the stories I hear as people create their Locket and their expressions truly warm my heart. I also love nurturing my team and finding out what they want from their business. I love helping them put their plans together and celebrating their milestones.”

Top in Developing Leaders

Alexandra Paniagua Senior Team Leader

 How did you step up your efforts to help others grow in July?

“I helped my team by communicating with them on a daily basis. I encouraged and motivated them. I helped them with any questions or doubts that they had. I gave them tips on how to increase their business. I told them to always give their 110 percent and not give up. I made sure they ALWAYS believed in themselves. Most of all, I was available to them, even when they were having a bad day. It’s important to be their biggest supporter and pillar.”

What do you believe has made the biggest impact on your team’s development?

“I always tell my team to wear their jewelry with pride. Be genuine and honest. I encourage them to share with others what they are wearing means to them and why.”

How would you encourage others to help their team members grow in their development?

“Always communicate with your team. Be positive. Encourage and motivate them. Make sure you lead by example!”

What is your favorite part about your Origami Owl business?

“One of my favorite parts about my Origami Owl business is that I get to meet a vast variety of people with diverse backgrounds, jobs and life experiences.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I would like to thank Origami Owl for giving me this beautiful experience to be part of their family! I’d also like to give a very special thanks to Melissa Davis, Executive Team Manager, for always being there for me.”