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It’s time to grow!

Maximize YOUR March with incentives designed to help you and your team members achieve big things in your business!

Read on for details on how you can DOUBLE your Destination Disney Points; earn a Rose Gold Signature Living Locket® Watch when you achieve Team Leader for the first time, and skyrocket to the next level with the enhanced Origami Owl Career Plan!

Enhanced Origami Owl Career Plan Now Launched

As shared at O2 L.E.A.D. Empowerment Summit in January, our enhanced Career Plan begins today, March 1, and the adjustments mean achieving the rank (and income!) of your dreams is really in reach! Our objective is to have a reward system that enables new Designers, emerging Leaders, and established senior Leaders to grow their businesses and increase their incomes.

Let’s recap these two, seemingly small improvements that will have a significant impact on your business:

  1. Team Volume requirements
    TV requirements have been re-set to a more appropriate level so we can now focus our team building efforts. We’re confident that with these new TV requirements, new and emerging leaders will be rewarded (get “paid as”) as they develop their new teams, and will be rewarded as they promote to the next level in the Career Plan.
  2. Revised rank advancement bonuses to pay upon achievement of the new rank. 
    Personal Bonus
    Generous cash bonuses have been set at each level (with the exception of ETL, which will receive the high-value Rolling Tote!), and you will no longer have to get paid as two consecutively months to receive your well-deserved bonus. You’ll get it once the commission month closes!
    Team Leader Mentor Bonus
    Earn $50 USD/ $65 CAD in Bella Bucks for every Designer in your first level that promotes to Team Leader for the first time.

We’re super excited about these enhancements to the Career Plan. Let’s get ready to experience the energy, enthusiasm and excitement from adding many new faces and personalities to our O2 team. Our business will grow! With more Team Leaders, comes more Designers, more sales, more promotions and bigger incomes.

Be sure to view and download the latest copy of the new Career Plan in your Back Office under Designer Resources > Designer Resource Library > Career + Guideline Support Resources.

It’s My Time! Earn the Signature Living Locket Watch in Rose Gold

This is your time to grow in the Career Plan and increase your earnings! If you’re ready to hit Team Leader for the first time ever, then this incentive is for you. With the new Career Plan, you only need to achieve 250 PV in personal sales and have three, personally sponsored, qualified Designers with a total of 750 Team Volume (TV) to take your first step in leadership and achieve Team Leader. Do it in March for the first time and you’ll earn the Signature Living Locket Watch in Rose Gold, plus your $50 Cash Bonus!

Read on for more details about the incentive here.

Good Vibes Designer Exclusive

Good Vibes Only! Your vibe attracts your tribe and this month’s Designer Exclusive is palm-spirational, and a great way to share the O2 love. Help a New Designer join your team in March to earn a complete, exclusive look, and you’ll be growing your team and income at the same time!

Read more about the look and how to earn it.

DOUBLE Your Destination Disney Points

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to DOUBLE your Destination Disney Points! You have all the tools to sell and sponsor in a big way this month, and earn double points (while earning great money) for your efforts! Really step it up and by the end of the month, you could be more than 1/3 of the way to Destination Disney this October!

Here are more details on the Destination Disney incentive trip + this limited-time incentive.