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Available January 1 – 31, 2020

The New Year is the chance to make a difference- and we want to help others be a part of something bigger! Help others do it with a business they can be proud of.

As an Origami Owl Designer, you CREATE meaningful jewelry, capture moments and impact those who need kindness and to be seen in this world.

As an Origami Owl® Designer, you BELONG to a community that unites and includes, and is filled with love and encouragement – give that to someone else!

As an Origami Owl Designer, you THRIVE thanks to a business that you can build how you want, and when you want while making a difference in the lives of others.

We have TWO exclusive offers for New Designers and extra perks for their personal sponsors in January only – why not help someone else experience the blessing of being a Designer?

Both of these limited-time offers are going to be EPIC for you as you reach more people who yearn to be part of something new, different and better in 2020.

And guess what? You and your potential New Designer are invited to join the O2 Founders for a special event to learn more about Origami Owl’s mission, the vision for 2020 and how we want to make a difference in the lives of others! Save the date for January 9 at 5 p.m. CT. We’ll host a public event on the official Origami Owl Facebook page.


MORE THAN DOUBLE the Hoot Loot product credit with our On-the-Go Starter Kit in January only!

New Designers who start their business can enjoy one BIG perk: we’re more than DOUBLING the Hoot Loot in our most popular On-the-Go Kit in January only!

What does that mean? Your New Designer can set themselves up for success in 2020 by purchasing our best-selling items to wear and share to get their business off to a strong start.

On-the-Go Starter Kit Details – $49 USD | $59 CAD

  • US: normally includes $100 USD in Hoot Loot – for January only, it’ll be $220 USD in Hoot Loot!
  • CA: normally includes $130 CAD in Hoot Loot – for January only, it’ll include $290 CAD in Hoot Loot!

Still includes allll of the other items – a FREE Personal Website (no annual fee!), Designer Back Office, FREE, three-month trial of the My O2 Connection app and a promo code for FREE Standard Shipping on first order. Plus, four (4) Take Out Menus and a discount card for business cards on OrigamiOwlTools.com.

We’ve updated this flyer in your My O2 Connection app under “PDFs,” and also added a shareable image to your app under “Promotions.”

New, Limited Time January Designer Exclusive

While supplies last, we have an incredible Designer Exclusive that both a New Designer and their Mentor can earn. Your New Designer can get an exclusive Silver 26″ Convertible Coin Lariat Chain and Silver Clara Stud Earrings with Crystal AB Swarovski Crystals for FREE when they generate 100 PV by January 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT.


Designer Exclusive

The Sponsor can also receive the sought-after and coveted (yes, this is the Silver sister of our Gold version previously released this summer – it sold out in less than 24 hours!) Silver 26” Convertible Coin Lariat Chain and Silver Clara Stud Earrings when they also achieve 100 PV and their New Designer achieves 100 PV by January 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Available while supplies last, Substitutions may apply. Limit 1.

PLUS, we’re not done yet!

Win a Ticket to Convention + Time with the O2 Founders

Those who sponsor the most qualified Designers* in January at each recognition title will get something we’ve NEVER offered before: a FREE ticket to The O2 Experience in Nashville, Tennessee July 23-25 AND an exclusive reception with the Origami Owl Founders at the event!

Here’s who could win:

  • Top 2 January sponsors at each recognition title for Designer (includes Designer, Senior Designer, Executive Designer) Team Leader (includes Team Leader, Senior Team Leader, Executive Team Leader), Team Manager (includes Team Manager, Senior Team Manager and Executive Team Manager), Director (includes Director, Senior Director and Executive Director) and Field Vice President (includes Field Vice President, Senior Field Vice President and Executive Field Vice President)
  • Top 2 Owlettes/BROs
  • Eight (8) additional January sponsors will be randomly drawn!

Don’t forget! If your goal is to earn the O2 Adventure 2020 Costa Rica Trip, you can get even more Adventure Points by sponsoring! See the rules for point details.

*Designers must have 75 PV or more.

Additional Details

Great news! Previous Designers can now re-enroll and reinstate online! Simply go to https://www.origamiowl.com/enrollment/rejoinourteam or https://origamiowl.ca/enrollment/rejoinourteam and enter your Designer ID and email address!

And, it gets even better!

Re-enrolls can also take advantage of these incredible offers!

Here are FAQs on these offers.