Incentive qualification period August 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021

November may have been chilly, but so many Designers are looking forward to sunny days – and the O2 Coastal Vacay!

These Designers worked hard earning Personal Volume (PV) and helping their new, Personally-Sponsored Designer earn PV to earn Vacay Points toward this incentive.

Congratulations for those who have already earned the Trip for 1 or Trip for 2!

Plus, we spoke to Executive Team Leader Kara Gonder who started her Origami Owl business in January and just achieved the trip to see how she did it and what she’s most excited about. Keep reading for her tips!

Coastal Vacay Trip Earners in November

Trip for One – Needs 20,000 points

Brea DeRespini

Carolina McGrath

Carrie Titus

Deborah Oakland

Deserie Bohl

Janie Gomez

Joan Milligan

Krista Palacios

Lacey Ulmer

Laura Scheele

Linda Peterson

Mamie Miller

Mandy Kuhnhenn

Michele Kehnert

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva

Nova Goforth

Rosa Santillan

Sharon E Penner

Tina Frey

Victoria Christina Gaffud Carrion

Trip for one with travel voucher – Needs 23,000 points

Amanda Bidgood

Ann Barnes

Annette Johnson

Arely Lugo

Erin Fortney

Jessica Lopez

Julia Lawson

Kandice Astamendi

Kara Gonder

Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh

Mishell Amick

Paulina Alcaraz

Peggy Mitrano

Shelley  Licknack

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Victoria Matzen

Trip for 2 – Needs 26,000 points

Eloise Layton

Erin Zapata

Julissa   Schuster

Nancy Pye

Rebecca Robinson Porter

Renae Cruz

Trip for 2 with travel voucher – Needs 31,000 points

Aimee Johnson

Alba Saenz

Breanna Johnson

Cailin Bundrick

Claudia Chavez

Courtney Butler

Erin Keene

Holly Corbett

Hope Erbert

Karen Alaniz

Kasandra Tucci

Maria Navarrette

Melissa Taylor

Melissa Maher

Patti Creel

Randy Mellon

Sandi-Rose Smith

Sandy Daly

Tami Butcher

New Designer Kara Gonder Achieves O2 Coastal Vacay Trip: Here’s How She Did It

When Executive Team Leader Kara Gonder started her Origami Owl business in January of 2020, she had no idea her desire for a discount would turn into a team, camaraderie AND a free trip with Origami Owl’s O2 Coastal Vacay incentive.

“I fell in love with my sponsor, Julie, our team and the company,” admits Kara of Tennessee. “I never imagined I would feel the way I do about it.”

She adds with a laugh, “I didn’t choose the O2 life; the O2 life chose me!”

Kara says “playing” with her jewelry and putting together new designs and pieces to showcase with her Customers calms her anxiety and makes her happy. As she shared her love for the jewelry, she focused on helping others also start their Origami Owl businesses, and help Customers host fundraisers and Jewelry Bars.

Before she knew it, she was earning O2 Coastal Vacay Points and realizing she had a chance at earning the trip.

“The sisterhood and the team work is incredible,” she shares. “I am extremely excited (for the trip) mainly because I will get to FINALLY meet some of our team members and my Sponsor in person for the first time.”

Kara’s tip?

“Take time to really connect with your Customers and enjoy the spirit of the season,” shares Kara. “Always make an effort in growing your team – I offer team incentives for goals and reach out to Customers about hosting Jewelry Bars and fundraising.”

Her next goal?

“I’m trying so hard to get to Team Manager and qualify for the Level Up Leadership program,” she says. “I won’t stop until I get to have a blue Jeep in the driveway one day.”


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