We LOVE seeing your feedback about the You Matter Rewards Program and all the amazing items you’ve already redeemed with your Points. From toys for your kids to luxury laptop sleeves, Charm Cases and O2 swag, your shopping sprees are absolutely delightful!

Remember, for every 1 PV you generate, you get 2 You Matter Rewards Point. Plus, we reward you with BONUS Points when you hit monthly PV milestones; when your New Designers generate PV and when you promote up! Here are more details on the program. 

Whether you want immediate gratification to purchase a smaller item with your Points, or save up for something big like a refrigerator, iWatch or other pricier items. Go to YouMatterRewards.com to let your eyes do the shopping.

Take a peek at what some of you have already purchased with your Points:

Kathleen Leonard, Senior Team Leader

“This is my granddaughter, Athena. Today we received another toy from the You Matters Rewards Program! A Baby Shark puzzle!! 🦈Did you know your items from the You Matter Rewards Program ship FREE?! It is easy to redeem the points and you can choose from a variety of items. You can spend or save your points. I just love it. #origamiowl


Kristen Dillon,

“So I’ve been bored at home like everyone. I decided to try out the new You Matter Rewards and see what things I could buy with my points and to learn how it works. There hasn’t been anything I have wanted, until I was looking at the toys for my kids. Well look at what they had, a Tony Stark Funko Pop!!! I was so excited! Tony Stark aka Iron Man is my hero 🤣🤣. The process was soooooo easy!! You just add to cart, fill in your address info and that’s it. I placed the order on Tuesday this week and got it today, only 3 days! Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all. I’m going to go smile at my new Funko friend since we are socially isolating over here.”

Melissa Pollard-Taylor, Senior Director

“I had my eye on this rose gold Kate Spade laptop sleeve from the moment I logged in to the site to check out all the rewards. I’ve been carrying around my laptop without one and I knew I needed to protect it. To be honest, I would never splurge on a designer product for myself so when I saw it, I said, ‘I’m earning that for myself!.’ I was surprised that I was able to do it within a month. Our points are so generous! As soon as my points were loaded in, I grabbed this beauty. It was such an easy check out process, it only took 5 minutes and I received my reward in a week! It’s so fun choosing my own incentives and working towards them.”



Redeem something? Show it to us! Post a picture of what you “purchased” with your You Matter Rewards Program Points and tag @OrigamiOwl and #YouMatterRewards.