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You experienced it during our exclusive Designer soft-launch.

Now, we’re thrilled to share that Locket Builder will be arriving this August to your Personal Web Page for your Customers to try!

The feedback we’ve received about our newest innovation has been nothing short of exciting.

From telling us that you’ve had Customers who have *finally* taken the plunge after seeing a digital version of their Living Locket® to telling us it’s so convenient and easy, we know Locket Builder is already a game-changer for your business!

Here’s what a few of you have said about Locket Builder on Facebook:

“Omgosh, this is SO much fun. I love adding the Stardust, it falls to the bottom JUST like someone is wearing it!!!! Way to go IT, and everyone involved!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!”

-Angie ‘Chesla’ Bogardus


“This is such a game changer for designers and customers alike! Thank you O2 and our wonder IT department. My O2 journey would have started so much sooner if this would have been available. Origami Owl 2.0 has just gotten so much better!”

-Jodi Rae

“I JUST watched the video and heard the amazing news! I’m unloading my groceries and hopping on (Locket Builder). Game changer for Designers and Customers! Been very anxious for this to come out! THANK YOU, IT group, for all your hard work and commitment writing and perfecting this program! Big love! And to design team…thanks for your hard work all year long! Can’t wait to see the new line. Love to all!💞🙏😇”

-Michele Montgomery


Here are FAQs about Locket Builder. Stay tuned for more promotional assets and videos coming in August!