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Did you know that in 2017, about 44 million Americans reported they had a side hustle or second job?

That means a lot of people are looking for ways to cover their holiday budget or simply earn extra money in the nooks and crannies of their lives in the upcoming season!

But, what if they didn’t have to answer to someone and punch yet another clock in the little bit of “free time” they have? What if they didn’t have to take even more time away from their families during the holidays?

YOU have the answer!

Introducing our limited-time Happy Holla-Days Kit!

The Happy Holla-Days Kit features:

  • It’s only $99 USD | $129 CAD
  • Over $355 USD | $455 CAD retail value
  • Includes 25 PV!
  • 23 of the hottest jewelry pieces from the Fall/Winter 2019 Collection (Retail value over $330 USD | $420 CAD!)
  • 1 MYSTERY jewelry piece from the Holiday 2019 Collection
  • 4-Pack of Fall/Winter 2019 Collection Take Out Menus
  • 4-Pack of Holiday 2019 Collection Gift Guides
  • 1 Discount card for business cards on OrigamiOwlTools.com
  • 1 Promo code for FREE Standard Shipping on first order (does not apply to first purchase with Booster Kit)
  • FREE, three-month trial of the My O2 Connection app for state-of-the-art social sharing
  • Designer Charm
  • FREE Personal Website
  • 1 Designer Back Office
  • New Slim Charm Case with Magnetic Closure
  • Votives
  • Aqua Charm Tweezers (5 Pack)
  • Fortune Cookies (4 Pack)
  • Take Out Boxes

EXTRA-SPECIAL OFFER: The first 500 New Designers to choose this kit will also receive TWO Holiday Collection Charms added to their kit!

This kit is available October 1 through November 30, 2019 and will ship to arrive on October 10 following the Holiday 2019 Collection reveal and launch.

The Best Way to Earn Holiday Cash

Whether your new Designer is getting started with the new Happy Holla-Days Kit or you have Designers who want to earn extra holiday cash, here’s what you should do to make the best holiday money:

  1. Have her “un-box” her new kit (or even the Holiday Presale Pack!) on her Facebook. She should go live (or even record it!) and share the excitement as she unboxes her new jewelry.
  2. Pick a date! The BEST WAY for your New Designer to connect with others and help New Customers experience the meaning, versatility and quality of Origami Owl Charms and Lockets is at an in-person Holiday Sip ‘N See. There is nothing more powerful and fun than creating a meaningful Living Locket to gift or to keep at a special gathering sipping on punch or an adult beverage.
  3. Encourage them to share their 40% off code! Your New Designer can help someone else become a Designer and earn money during the holidays by gifting their 40% off code to a deserving person! That person will save 40% on their starter kit and your New Designer will have a friend to connect with! Now That’s Happy!®.

Okay, one more important thing to keep in mind – for your New Designer and for YOU!

Remember Origami Owl Co-Founder Chrissy Weems’ Power of One.

The Power of ONE

+Find ONE person who has never heard of Origami Owl.

+Help that person tell their story in ONE complete Living Locket® Look and purchase ONE pair of earrings. (A complete Living Locket look is at least 3 Charms, 1 Chain and 1 Living Locket).

+Do it again and you’ll get ONE-hundred in Personal Volume (PV).

And Repeat!

Marketing Assets to Share

We’ve added the following assets to your My O2 Connection app:

  • Happy Holla-Days Kit flyer PDF under “PDFs” (use this only as a follow up for those who purchase the kit) — QR Code/video link coming October 10
  • 4 shareable images under “O2 Business” and “Promotions”
  • Updated Design the Life You Love Starter Kit flyer PDF and Compare Starter Kits flyer PDF under “PDFs”

Here are FAQs on the Happy Holla-Days Kit.