We love celebrating new family members – and our New Designers are crushing it in their first six months! Keep reading to celebrate the successes of our New Designers who are promoting to new recognition levels and achieving big milestones, like generating over 800 PV their first month as a Designer and growing their team in the first 30 days!

We’re proud to recognize Young Entrepreneur Team, Designer Maria + Matilda Gonzalez and Designer Claudia Gomez.

Here are their tips for success for other New Designers:

Meet Young Entrepreneur Team, Designer Maria + Matilda Gonzalez, Generated 817 PV in June

From: Buena Park, California

Team Name: Mati’s Origami Owl

Started O2 Journey: June 9, 2021

So, how did they generate over 800 PV in their first month as a Designers?

“At any family gatherings, we had Take Out Menus and jewelry ready to share. We started by sharing the story of (Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert) and how that inspired me to start selling to raise my own spending money for a trip to D.C. Since this was family and close friends, we called out the items we thought they might like: the Dog Paw Charm for those with dogs and the Charms for my grandmas. For those who looked overwhelmed, we shared the My First Locket, which was a hit!”

Tips for New Designers

  1. “Take the time to learn all about the jewelry so you can better make recommendations to your Customers.
  2. Always have a Take Out Menu with you.
  3. Start with your family and friends, including the guys. For the guys, we’d usually say, ‘Would you like to buy your wife or girlfriend some jewelry?’”


Meet Designer Claudia Gomez, Generated 814 PV in June + Sponsored 1 New Designer (so far!) in July

From: El Paso, Texas

Team Name: Equipo Creé e Inspira/Team Believe and Inspire

Started O2 Journey: June 13, 2021

So, how’d she do it?

“I received the best help, support and guidance from my amazing team, who I also call my family. I also hosted Jewelry Bars®, kept in touch with my Customers and stayed active in my Facebook VIP group by posting at least five times a day.”

Tips for New Designers

“Always stay positive, keep going and push yourself forward with the best attitude. Always listen to your Customers and keep notes of their wish lists!” 

New Designer Results in Their First Six Months with O2

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their Origami Owl businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, it must be the first six months since the Designer started their Origami Owl business.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Esther Ortiz, Designer
  2. Tamara Finley, Senior Designer
  3. Erica, Timothy, Haylee + Lydia-Kay Griffin + Cherish, Trinity + Jade Collins, Senior Designer
  4. Claudia Morales, Team Leader
  5. Nicole Ramos, Senior Team Leader
  6. Teyilda Ramirez, Senior Designer
  7. Elizabeth + Lily Montes, Senior Designer
  8. Michelle Glynn, Designer
  9. Aurora Magaly Rocha, Team Leader
  10. Amanda Bramlett, Team Leader

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Reyna Anguiano + Madeline Nevarez, Senior Team Leader
  2. Melissa Ducote, Team Leader
  3. Vandlyn Hurst, Senior Team Leader
  4. Nichole Kraskowsky, Senior Team Leader
  5. Tanya Macchi, Team Leader
  6. Mayra Medellin, Senior Team Leader
  7. Claudia Morales, Team Leader
  8. Devina Ortega, Executive Team Leader
  9. Marilyn VanDerMark, Team Leader
  10. Analuisa Vasquez, Senior Team Leader


Senior Designers

Tanya Alves

Andrea Anderson

Sammi Applegate

Sherry Austin

Mary Baut

Marisela Bazalar, Adalynn + Aaliyah Rodriguez

Samantha Birch

Misty Bottaro

Melissa, Claire + Ava Britt

Kathryn Brown

Amanda Burt

Christina Bzoski + Sheila Spurlock

Sarah Cadenas

Edica Casanova

Kaitlin Cohen

Blanca Corrales

Linda Cota

Lauren Creech

Sara Deines

Becky Demmel

Dawn Droddy

Patti Durden

Diane Emiliano

Jennifer Erdos

Kathleen Fernandez

Tamara Finley

Mariannina Flanigan

Ashley Floin

Dorina Fonseca

Alexandra Franzone

Lori Fraschilla

Flor Gamez

Arcelia Garcia

Lizeth Garcia

Meghan Glasenapp

Stormy Godwin

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Ana Gray

Leah Green

Erica, Timothy Jr., Haylee + Lydia-Kay Griffin, + Cherish, Trinity + Jade Collins

Amanda Guy

Tessa Hartert

Tammy Haugabrook

Alana Hellyer

True Helms

Tanya Hopkins

April Horn

Trish Howdeshell

Vicki Johnson

Tina Key

Saleema King

Nancy King

Tracy Kneeland Bohanon

Dustin + Rhonda Kocher

Chairdie Lawyer + Julieanne Kubala

Yarely Leal

Karen Lee

Jennifer Lopez + Jade Amaya

Mollie Makay

John Mann

Brandi Mashburn

Catherine Massey

Joanna + Megan Mercado

Jessica Mercado

Sandra Meza

Kristina Mitchell

Agustina Molina

Elizabeth + Lily Montes

Gabriela Mora

Jessica Morales

Johana Muñoz

Angelina Nastase

Rebecca + Tony Naylor

Michelle Nguyen

MaryAnn Niemi

Rocío Nieto

Deb ODonoghue

Natali Ortiz

Mary Ann Papp

Samantha Pieta

Kristin Rainha

Teyilda Ramirez

Kimberly + Makayla Rhodes

Olga Rodriguez

Kristi Sabbides

Elizabeth Schlitter

Connie Smith

Tricia Suazo

Jen Swenson

Della Valerie Toral

Katie Trick + Zoe Brown

Rhonda Troup

Lindsey Trout

Rachel Valentine

Kelly Van Meter

Leah Wade

Michelle Weatherby

Annie Wells

Kaitlyn Willy

Jessica Winters

Kayla Younger

Kathy Zerbes

Executive Designers

Vivien Ariola

Kimberly Baker-Feutz

Keana Burciaga

Karla Carbajal

Jessica Gibson

Linda Henderson

Kimberly Ann Lemane

Dawn McFall

Nikole Mecredy

Emily Michael

Jennifer Nichols

Jessica + Madyson Palmer

Javier Ríos

Sharlene Rollins

Janet Sanders

Mary Sebastian

Cecilia Sterling

Mary Ulmer

Team Leaders

Amanda Bramlett

Martha Callan

Gabriela Camarotti

Marjorie Chulsky

Ana Diaz

Melissa Ducote

Indrawati Irawan

Madeleine Johnston

Tanya Macchi

Claudia Morales

Brenda Reifsnyder

Aurora Magaly Rocha

Kristeen Sweeney

Anna Treuting + Victoria Smith

Marilyn VanDerMark

Judy Westen

Angie White

Shari Windle

Senior Team Leaders

Jennifer Alvizures

Reyna Anguiano + Kaydeline Nevarez

Noemi Castillo

Vandlyn Hurst

Nichole Kraskowsky

Teresa Markray

Sydney Martyn

Lyanne Mendiola

Rebecca Ortega

Nicole Ramos

Jamie Sanchez-Anderson

Executive Team Leaders

Devina Ortega


***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.