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The new Fall/Winter 2017 Collection launches July 18 for Designers and July 25 for Customers, which means it’s time to make some important updates to our jewelry offerings.

Here are some quick, important updates to keep in mind.

Updates to Starter Kits

Give your newest Designer the best START with their business by introducing them to our starter kits, which help them start their business, their way!

Because our new Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Take Out Menus are here, materials included in our starter kits are also being updated as of July 18.

As we shared, all starter kits purchased between July 10 and July 17 will be shipping starting July 18 and will include our updated kits.

We’re refreshing all of our starter kits to include Fall/Winter 2017 Collection items, and, as you already know, your new Designer will also receive the monthly Designer Exclusive valued at over $75 USD | $95 CAD when they join with a starter kit.

Here are the details on the three kits:

O2 “Now That’s Happy” Kit*

  • US –KT1053 – $99 USD
  • CAD – KT1053CA – $129 CAD

– Contains 15 Jewelry pieces + Tools for Success + Business Materials

– Includes select pieces from our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

-Over $225 USD | $275 CAD Retail Value

*Please note, this kit does not include PV

O2 “Must Haves” Kit

  • US – KT1054 – $199 USD
  • CAD –KT1054CA – $259 USD
  • 99 PV
  • Contains 85 Jewelry pieces + Tools for Success + Business Materials
  • Includes select pieces from our Fall 2017 Collection
  • Over $825 USD | $1,000 CAD Retail Value

O2 “All In!” Kit

  • US – KT1055 – $399 USD
  • CAD – KT1055CA – $499 CAD
  • 250 PV
  • Contains 180 Jewelry pieces + Tools for Success + Business Materials
  • Includes select pieces from our Fall 2017 Collection
  • Over $1,800 USD | $2,300 CAD Retail Value

*“Now That’s Happy” kit can be earned for free with Hostess Rewards, and will carry 75 PV when redeemed through Hostess Rewards.

*Please note, the Jewelry Bar Booster, including SKUs KT2043 and SP6001, will not be available when fall starter kits launch.

Updates to Our “Online Basics” and “Sale” Styles July 24

You may be used to seeing specific jewelry pieces in the Take Out Menu, but to make room for the new Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, we’ll be moving them to Online Only. Online Only Basic styles can be found in their individual categories on the website. Select items that move to Online Only While Supplies Last will be located in our “Sale” category on the website. You and your Customers can enjoy prices starting at 25% off these styles, while supplies last. The updated Sale items will be available to your Customers on July 24 at Noon CT.

To give YOU, our Designer, something to refer to so you know what is available Online Only, we’ve prepared a document you can download and keep handy in the event a question pops up. Please note, this is for your reference only, and is not intended to be used in a Jewelry Bar®. Your Fall/Winter 2017 Take Out Menu is your best resource, as it features our most popular and best-selling items.

Here’s an updated list of all of the jewelry pieces that will be moving to online exclusive and online only while supplies last. Please visit the “Sale” category of the website to view the Online Only While Supplies Last SKUs and images on July 24 at Noon CT.

Gifting Seasonal Exclusives – Look What’s Sticking Around!

Select styles in our Gifting 2017 Collection were so popular that we’ve decided to keep them around for our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, too! You will see these amazing styles now featured in our Fall/Winter 2017 Take Out Menu:

  • CH3148 Balloons Charm
  • CH3150 Crayons Charm
  • CH3154 Legacy “MOM” Charm with Swarovski® Crystals
  • CH3155 Legacy Infinity Charm with Swarovski® Crystals
  • CN4012 18-20″ White Swarovski® Pearl Strand
  • LK9055 Large Silver Twist Living Locket™ Base + Face with Swarovski® Crystal Pearls
  • WN1024 Silver Heritage Family Tree Stardust Window Shelf
  • PS9317 Large Silver “Teaching is a Work of Heart” Plate

Select additional Seasonal Exclusive items will be available Online Only While Supplies Last – please refer to the Online Only list for details.

Fall/Winter 2017 Collection + Our Continued Efforts to Streamline Prices

We are so excited to unveil our new Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, and also wanted to provide you with a quick update about our continued efforts to streamline pricing.

You’ll notice we’ve established more uniform pricing across some of our jewelry categories, and have decreased or increased the prices of certain pieces within our entire collection. We took numerous factors into account when making these updates including the cost of producing the jewelry; all with the goal of making it easier for you by reducing the number of different price points within each category.

The new pricing will take effect on July 18, 2017 at Noon CT when our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection launches.

For a PDF of all of the pricing updates, please take a look at this document.

Designer Last Chance – New Styles Added

While you’re purchasing the Gifting and Summer Collections, be sure to check out the Last Chance shop in your Back Office for added styles in July. We are also going to continue the discount of 50% off wholesale through the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection period. Be sure to check out the product updates! All items are while supplies last.

We will not have Mystery Hostess Gift Bags as part of our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. Instead, we’ll be adding more items and smaller Charms and accessory packs to the Last Chance Shop so you can purchase the discounted items you’d like to have on-hand for your Hostesses!

Stay tuned to News From The Nest in your Back Office on specific dates and details.