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New Time Allowance for Open Jewelry Bars Starting March 1

As we shared in January, starting March 1, 2018, we will reducing the time allowance for a Jewelry Bar to remain open.

Jewelry Bars must be closed within 60 days of the start date.  Once you open a Jewelry Bar and set the start date, the end date will automatically set to 60 days out.  You can set the Jewelry Bar to close earlier, but not later than 60 days.

Once the Jewelry Bar is open, if you must reschedule, you may do so one (1) time and postpone the close date for up to 30 days.

After the date the Jewelry Bar is scheduled to start, you will have 60 days to finalize orders and close the Jewelry Bar or it will automatically close, unless it was extended.

Remember, for customers to take advantage of the current Customer Exclusive offer and Hostesses to receive the Hostess Exclusive offer, the Jewelry Bar must close in the month the promotion is being offered.

When you enter Hostess Rewards and complete that order, you will be prompted to close the Jewelry Bar.

If you don’t close the Jewelry Bar or request an extension of the closing date, the Jewelry Bar will close automatically at 11:59 pm CT on the scheduled close date.

Before a Jewelry Bar is automatically closed…

Notifications will be sent to the Designer prior to the auto close date to remind them the Jewelry Bar will be closed soon. These reminders will be sent 72 hours prior, 48 hours prior and 24 hours prior to the close date.  If a close date is extended, emails will also be sent 72, 48 and 24 hours prior to the extended close date.

When Jewelry Bars are automatically closed…

Any orders that have not been processed (and may or may not have credit cards attached) will not be processed and will be canceled.

If the Hostess has earned rewards after unpaid orders are cancelled, they will receive a product credit equal to the free Hostess Rewards earned, but will lose the Hostess Exclusive and ½ off items. If the Hostess had selected Starter Rewards in lieu of free items, the kit discount code will be emailed to the Designer, but will only be available for use if the new enrollment email address matches the address provided when the Jewelry Bar was closed.

The Retail O2 credit equivalent to the Free Items earned will be loaded to the Hostess’ account. They will be able to access that account and set up a password using the email address provided for the Hostess at the time the Jewelry Bar was set up.

A few things to notice:

  • As you can see, we have provided ample time from entering the Jewelry Bar into the system and then closing it to give you the flexibility you need in almost every situation you come across.
  • You will not be able to attach web orders or enter guest orders prior to the start date of the Jewelry Bar.
  • There’s an additional benefit to these changes. Having a set date to hold and close the Jewelry Bar can provide that added incentive your Hostess may need to get that Jewelry Bar held and closed in a reasonable time. They may be much less likely to postpone if they know there are time frames in place (particularly if they’ve already gotten some orders and they don’t want to lose credit for those!). This, paired with the monthly exclusives, will hopefully give Hostesses the incentive to get those orders in quickly and time won’t be an issue!

***Please note that Jewelry Bars opened prior to March 1, 2018 will automatically be closed on April 30, however, you will be able to extend that close date up to 30 days.

Just a reminder:

Starting February 1, please note the following changes on how to manage your Jewelry Bars in the system:

  1. All orders will need to be placed after the Jewelry Bar is open to be eligible for Hostess Rewards. If an order is placed before the Jewelry Bar is open, it will not count towards the Hostess Rewards (Please note, there is no longer a 24 hour wait required for orders to be eligible to be attached.)
  2. Jewelry Bar orders cannot be transferred between Jewelry Bars.
  3. You will be able to transfer a maximum of 15 unattached orders in a single calendar month.
  4. Designer Care will no longer be able to manually adjust Jewelry Bar orders.

As always, wholesale web orders will not count towards Hostess Rewards.

We believe this will improve your Hostesses’ experiences and help you to use the Jewelry Bar to inspire, inform and motivate your Hostesses to reach their goals and share Origami Owl with those they know who would love customizable, meaningful jewelry to keep or gift. We encourage you to follow our best practices carefully to ensure you can support your Hostess from start to finish!

Here are the FAQs.