HOOT, HOOT! HOORAY! for these 438 Origami Owl® Designers who celebrated their Owl-iversaries in July!

We hope you LOVE being part of our O2 family as much as we love having you.

Whether it’s by hosting a Jewelry Bar®, helping others tell their meaningful stories, or simply inspiring someone to reach for their dreams, you are the heartbeat of Origami Owl.

You truly believe in our mission to be a Force For Good®, so thank you for all that you do and for choosing to make a difference in the lives of others!

Happy Owl-iversary – here’s to many more to come! We LOVE you!

Here’s whooo celebrated an Owl-iversary in July.

The below Designers have been part of the O2 family for six (6) and seven (7) years as of July 2019!

Name                                                                                   # of Years                              Title

Gilma Acevedo 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Paulina & Alexa Alcaraz 7 Years Director
Maryanne Barna 7 Years Senior Designer
Rhonda & Ava Bavaro 7 Years Executive Team Leader
Sally Belk 7 Years Designer
Corissa & Audrey Bell 7 Years Designer
Barbara Bennett 7 Years Director
Miranda Bennett 7 Years Designer
Marcy Boyd 7 Years Executive Team Leader
Annette Caudill 7 Years Designer
Francine Cetta 7 Years Team Leader
Susan Durham 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Misty Elkins 7 Years Designer
Karen & Donald Grubb 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Janet Hamilton 7 Years Designer
Cindy Hankins 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Sandra Herriage 7 Years Director
Leslee Kellner 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Christine Knight 7 Years Senior Designer
Wendy & Ray Korfel 7 Years Director
Eileen & Quentin Kurtz 7 Years Team Manager
Kim, Bryan & Mareena Michels 7 Years Designer
Carrie Minton 7 Years Team Manager
Adriana Newton 7 Years Senior Team Manager
Anna Ottens 7 Years Executive Team Leader
Chrissy and Michael Pagnotti 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Kim Parsons 7 Years Designer
Kayla Patton-Willis 7 Years Team Leader
Janeen Rosado 7 Years Team Leader
Diana Scott 7 Years Designer
Patricia Shifflett & Emma Catoe 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Nicole Ventura & Aimee Antila 7 Years Senior Designer
Tara Waddles 7 Years Senior Team Leader
Kim & Ashley Wilt 7 Years Executive Team Leader
Linda Wooge 7 Years Senior Designer
Kimberly Workman 7 Years Senior Designer
Theresa Ainsworth & Kimberly Cooper 6 Years Executive Designer
Pam Anderson 6 Years Designer
Micaela & Augustin Arellano 6 Years Senior Designer
Eileen Atwell 6 Years Senior Designer
Debbie Auld 6 Years Senior Designer
Leisha Berry 6 Years Senior Designer
Jan Bielaczyc 6 Years Designer
Felicia Boland 6 Years Team Leader
Debby Bowles 6 Years Designer
Debbie Bowman 6 Years Designer
Sandy & Samantha Brantley 6 Years Team Manager
Michelle Brennan 6 Years Senior Designer
Heather Brimmer 6 Years Executive Team Leader
Erika & Jordyn Broenner 6 Years Senior Designer
Amber Brown 6 Years Designer
PeggySue Brown 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Donna Burns 6 Years Designer
Amanda Burton 6 Years Designer
Nadine Caputo 6 Years Designer
Christine Carl 6 Years Designer
Faveola Carrillo 6 Years Senior Designer
Kimberly Carter 6 Years Designer
Deborah Cini 6 Years Designer
Bethany Cole 6 Years Senior Team Manager
Jamie Colvert 6 Years Designer
Jennifer Condon 6 Years Senior Designer
Kris Cook 6 Years Designer
Tiera Davidson 6 Years Designer
Jane Delozier 6 Years Designer
Cheryl Dennis 6 Years Designer
Desiree & Haley DeVoe 6 Years Designer
Brandi DiFatta 6 Years Designer
Elicia Dunfee & Joshua Spitz 6 Years Designer
Joelle Egger 6 Years Designer
Jodi Ellis 6 Years Senior Team Manager
Melanie Emery 6 Years Team Leader
Angela Etie 6 Years Team Leader
Rich Findlay 6 Years Designer
Dawn Forman 6 Years Designer
Clarissa French 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Anna Garcia 6 Years Designer
Nicole Gasperecz 6 Years Team Leader
Tiffany & Jonathan Gin 6 Years Senior Team Manager
Cherie Goodwin 6 Years Designer
Belinda Green 6 Years Team Leader
Diana Hammer 6 Years Executive Designer
Shawn Hampleton 6 Years Designer
Robin Harper 6 Years Designer
Lisa Harris 6 Years Team Leader
Carol Hayden 6 Years Senior Designer
Becky Heidinger 6 Years Designer
Marsha Heilbrun 6 Years Senior Designer
Karla & Sara Hemingway 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Denise Higgs 6 Years Senior Designer
Deena Hodge 6 Years Team Leader
Gaye Ibara 6 Years Designer
Lisa Jones 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Deborah Jones 6 Years Designer
Doreen Kaarto 6 Years Designer
Andrea Karam 6 Years Executive Team Leader
Duskee Kassing 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Raquel Kieper & Jalivia & Jaeli Richert 6 Years Senior Team Manager
Leilani Kirkes 6 Years Designer
Erica Koslosky 6 Years Designer
Cynthia Kruis 6 Years Executive Team Leader
Jill & Kristin Kumagawa 6 Years Senior Designer
Brenda Kunz 6 Years Senior Designer
Marliz Kwong 6 Years Designer
Jamie Fitzwater 6 Years Designer
Diane Lane-Morris 6 Years Team Leader
Brianna Larkee 6 Years Senior Designer
Heidi Lau 6 Years Team Leader
Tammy Leatherby 6 Years Team Leader
Shannon Lenhart 6 Years Team Leader
Jessica Little 6 Years Designer
Brenda Littleton 6 Years Team Leader
Melony Liz 6 Years Designer
Sandi Marple 6 Years Designer
Theresa Martinez 6 Years Designer
Christina & Deanna McCloud 6 Years Team Leader
Jennifer McNally 6 Years Designer
Jennifer Mennetti 6 Years Senior Designer
Jessica Merritt 6 Years Team Manager
Samantha Messerli 6 Years Senior Designer
Laurie Mulloy 6 Years Designer
Jessica Murariu 6 Years Designer
Susan Murray Johnson & Cheryl Ross 6 Years Team Leader
Kim Nelson 6 Years Team Leader
Marsha Nevils 6 Years Designer
Kim Ngo 6 Years Senior Designer
Kristine, Jerry & Megan Oatley 6 Years Executive Team Leader
Heather Owen 6 Years Designer
Donna Owens 6 Years Designer
Sara Paine 6 Years Designer
Sharon Painter 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Christy Pasionek 6 Years Team Leader
Teresa Pearson 6 Years Executive Designer
Carmen Pedersen 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Deborah Perez 6 Years Designer
Kara Peterson 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Dolores & Suzy Primavera 6 Years Designer
Jessica & Dacodah Prochaska 6 Years Designer
Patty Raley & Bridget Cory 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Raelynn Rivas 6 Years Executive Designer
Laura Rolerat 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Wendy Sarabia 6 Years Designer
Wendy Schaaf 6 Years Designer
Stacey Schwed & Ava Hochstuhl 6 Years Senior Designer
Kristi Scott 6 Years Senior Designer
Jennifer Scraper 6 Years Designer
Tash Sessions 6 Years Senior Designer
Vicky Seward 6 Years Senior Designer
Stephanie Short 6 Years Senior Designer
Susan Sik 6 Years Senior Designer
Cathy Simoneau 6 Years Designer
Diane Smith 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Ann Snow 6 Years Senior Designer
Kristin Spurlock 6 Years Team Leader
Mary Stepp 6 Years Team Leader
Jill Storer 6 Years Team Leader
Nicole Suhr & Gunnar Martinson 6 Years Team Leader
Kim Swinford 6 Years Designer
Kelly Tegenkamp 6 Years Designer
Courtney Thomas 6 Years Designer
Sandee Thompson 6 Years Designer
Annette Thompson 6 Years Senior Team Leader
Carrie Tinucci-Troll 6 Years Team Leader
Teresa & Shelby Turgeon 6 Years Team Leader
Mandy & Kelsy Veller 6 Years Team Leader
Gail Wesselschmidt 6 Years Designer
Carrie Wilson 6 Years Senior Designer
Karen Zullig 6 Years Senior Designer
Christine Zylstra 6 Years Senior Designer