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HOOT, HOOT! HOORAY! for these 414 Origami Owl® Designers who celebrated their Owl-iversaries in April!

We hope you LOVE being part of our O2 family as much as we love having you.

Whether it’s by hosting a Jewelry Bar®, helping others tell their stories, or simply inspiring someone to reach for their dreams, you are the heartbeat of Origami Owl.

You truly believe in our mission to be a Force For Good®, so thank you for all that you do and for choosing to make a difference in the lives of others!

Happy Owl-iversary – here’s to many more to come! We LOVE you!

Here’s whooo celebrated an Owl-iversary in April.

The below Designers have been part of the O2 family for five years as of April 2018!

Name Title # of Years
Roxanne Loe Designer 5
Courtney Falde Team Leader 5
Lori Macari Designer 5
Cassi Huntley Designer 5
Monique & Emily Gonzales Senior Team Leader 5
Sherri Judd Senior Designer 5
Kristen Dineen Designer 5
Julie Meyer Executive Team Leader 5
Charlene Olivares Senior Designer 5
Robin VanAcker Designer 5