HOOT, HOOT! HOORAY! for these 538 Origami Owl® Designers who celebrated their Owl-iversaries in April!

We hope you LOVE being part of our O2 family as much as we love having you.

Whether it’s by hosting a Jewelry Bar®, helping others tell their meaningful stories, or simply inspiring someone to reach for their dreams, you are the heartbeat of Origami Owl.

You truly believe in our mission to be a Force For Good®, so thank you for all that you do and for choosing to make a difference in the lives of others!

Happy Owl-iversary – here’s to many more to come! We LOVE you!

Here’s whooo celebrated an Owl-iversary in April.

The below Designers have been part of the O2 family for six (6) years as of April 2019!

Lori Macari, Designer

Courtney Falde, Senior Team Leader

Tamarack Brottem, Designer

Kristen Dineen, Designer

Monique + Emily Gonzales, Senior Team Leader

Maureen Dowell, Designer

Sherri Judd, Senior Designer

Melissa Monn, Designer

Charlene Olivares, Senior Designer

Robin Vanacker, Designer