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At the 2020 L.E.A.D. Summit, Origami Owl® Co-Founders Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems shared some OWL-mazing news about the Owlette Program – a new name!

The Owlette Program is now the…Young Entrepreneurs Program!

“I’m so happy that we’re making this name change,” shares Senior Director, Special Sales Programs & Recognition Yvette Torres-Dickson. “We believe it’ll help with clarity and simplicity and invite more people to join our program. It’ll help people who aren’t familiar with Origami Owl and our program know exactly what it is – young people learning how to be young entrepreneurs and run a business.”

So, when you’re reaching out to potential New Designers and Owlette/BRO teams about Origami Owl, they’ll know exactly what the program is – just by hearing its name!

What isn’t changing? The entrepreneurial and life skills young girls (Owlettes) and boys (BROs – “Boys Representing Origami Owl”), youth ages 11-17, will gain from the program!

The Young Entrepreneurs Program will continue to be the foundation of Origami Owl, where Owlettes and BROs gain confidence and get out of their comfort zones, all while setting goals, getting recognized for their efforts, and continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Congratulations 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Council Members

The Young Entrepreneurs Council (formerly the Youth Council) gives Owlettes and BROs the opportunity to serve their peers in the Young Entrepreneurs Program and provide a youthful perspective, which is important in developing a strong program. Young Entrepreneurs Council members represent their fellow Owlettes and BROs, while making a difference and gaining leadership skills.

Thank you to all the Owlettes, BROs and Alumni who sent in their submissions to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Council! The Young Entrepreneurs Council is a one-year term, so we highly encourage those who weren’t selected this year to try again next year!

We’re so proud of this year’s Young Entrepreneurs Council members and know they’re going to make a positive impact on the Young Entrepreneurs Program!

Congratulations to our 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Council:

Katie Berg

Phoebe Davis

William DeCoursey

Kayla Edgar

Jaymee Gomez

Cassidy Grover

McKayla Hartung

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Megan Hendrickson

Selina Novello

Jade Rangel

Kami Scheele

McKendra Sloan

Brianna Standen

Mattie Warren

Kelsea Whiting

Wellington Emanuel

Stay tuned for the Hoot recognition email February 14 for more about these impressive members!

Get Connected to the Young Entrepreneurs Program

If you’re part of an Owlette or BRO team and haven’t yet joined our Facebook group, what are you waiting for? This private group gives our Owlettes and BROs the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Bella, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses!