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Rewarding you for your accomplishments.

Available starting February 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021

Earn Apple® products, home goods, fitness products, vacations and so much more. You matter and you get to choose!

We’re upgrading our current rewards program to be even more inclusive – no matter how many points you earn based on your Origami Owl® sales, you will qualify for OWL-mazing rewards!

What is the You Matter Rewards Program?

You matter and we love rewarding you every step of the way on your journey with Origami Owl! By simply helping others capture their stories in Living Lockets®, consistently putting effort into your business and helping others find success as Designers, you’ll earn You Matter Rewards Points that you can save for big rewards or splurge on something immediately for yourself!

How to Earn Points with the You Matter Rewards Program

It’s easy – you’ll get 2 You Matter Rewards Points for every 1 PV you earn during the month. Plus, you’ll earn Bonus Points at each PV level, too!

Here’s how Points will work every month:

  1. SELL! – Share the LOVE you have for O2
  • Earn 2 points for every 1 PV you generate each month
  • Example; if you earn 265 PV you get 530 points
  • Example; If you earn 550 PV you get 1,100 points
  1. BONUS POINTS for each PV Level
    • 100 – 249 PV = 500 pts
    • 250 – 499 PV = 1,000 pts
    • 500 – 749 PV = 1,500 pts
    • 750 – 999 PV = 2,000 pts
    • 1,000 – 1,499 PV = 2,500 pts
    • 1,500 PV – 2,499 PV = 3,000 pts
    • 2,500 PV+ = 3,500 pts
  1. SPONSOR AND MENTOR your Designer and EARN 1 point for every 1 PV they generate



  1. BONUS POINTS for achieving Paid As for one of these ranks each month, regardless of Career Title:
  • Senior Designer = 500 pts
  • Executive Designer = 1,000 pts
  • Team Leader, Senior Team Leader, & Executive Team Leader = 1,500 pts
  • Team Manager, Senior Team Manager, & Executive Team Manager = 2,500 pts
  • Director, Senior Director, & Executive Director = 4,000 pts
  • Field Vice President, Senior FVP, & Executive FVP = 5,000 pts
  1. NEW DESIGNER BONUS POINTS – Earn double your points within your enrollment month + 1 in all areas!
  • Example: achieve 250 PV earn 500 pts = 1,000 DOUBLE pts
  • Example: achieve 453 PV earn 906 pts = 1,812 DOUBLE pts
  • Example: achieve 1,023 PV earn 2,046 pts = 4,092 DOUBLE pts

How to Track Your Progress

Want to know how you’re doing? Here’s how you can track your progress with the program after February 1!

Via your Back Office

  • Log in to your Back Office
  • Go to MyO2 Business > MyO2 Rewards
  • Click on the You Matter Rewards Tab
  • You’ll see your current point total
    • The Point total and real-time tracker will also be visible in your Back Office Dashboard.

Via O2YouMatterRewards.com

  • Go to O2YouMatterRewards.com. (Available starting February 1)

To Set Up Your Account:

  • Watch for a system email on February 1, providing a secure link for you to set up your account.
  • Please be sure to add “Help@eliterewards.biz” to your email address book to reduce the potential of the email going to spam. If you have not seen a prompt email, please check your junk or spam folder.
  • You will then need to create your password to log in to the website and shop.
  • Earned Points will be available for redemption starting March 15, 2020.

To Redeem Your Points

  • Log in to O2YouMatterRewards.com. (Available starting February 1)
  • Add item(s) that qualify for your cumulated Points to your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout.

Here are the FAQs.

What This Means For Existing Rewards Programs

The You Matter Rewards Program was created with simplicity in mind! So, rewards will now be under ONE program, no matter if you’re a New Designer or a seasoned one. That means our Ready Set Soar Program and Everybody Matters Programs will conclude January 31, 2020, the final day to qualify with that program.

Good news! For New Designers who joined in November 2019, December 2019 and January 2020, we are honoring the Ready Set Soar Rewards Program! For New Designers who joined in November, your final month of Ready Set Soar will be February; for December, your final month will be March; for January Designers, yours will wrap up in April. That means you get to earn free product credit AND bank You Matter Rewards Points at the same time. Talk about double-dipping!

This new You Matter Rewards Program will replace the rewards currently offered when you achieve Charm of the Month, Storybuilder, Dreambuilder, Businessbuilder or Successbuilder. With the new program, the Designer Exclusive look will be discontinued on a monthly basis, but we will bring it back for special, future sponsoring opportunities.

We know you love getting the monthly, exclusive Charms, but we wanted to give more people the chance to get them and support your O2 business. Announced at LEAD, our team is working on a new subscription program called “Collectors Club,” which will replace our existing Charm of the Month Club, but better! Not only will this program be great for all Designers to enjoy surprise, exclusive Charms and jewelry on a monthly basis, but your Customers will be able to subscribe and enjoy a monthly surprise, too! We’ll share more in the coming months about this new program.

For those who generate 250 PV in a month, you will still enjoy the same Career Plan benefits of Storybuilder – an increased commission rate and qualify for potential Customer leads. You’ll still see the term “Storybuilder” as it relates to the Career Plan in the meantime, but we will update that language in the coming months.

Here are some helpful flyers for you to save and refer to – we’ve also added them to your Back Office under Designer Resources > Designer Library and your My O2 Connection app under “Designer Resource PDFs.”

How to Earn in the You Matter Rewards Program flyer

You Matter Rewards Program Tracker flyer