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“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

It’s time to follow the yellow brick road on the adventure of a lifetime and capture your favorite The Wizard of Oz story in a Living Locket®.

Featuring Warner Bros.’ beloved, Oscar-winning film, The Wizard of Oz, this officially licensed jewelry collection celebrates the most-watched movie of all time. From character Charms to a limited edition Living Locket and Accessories, The Wizard of Oz Collection will sweep you away to far off lands in search of the great and powerful Oz.

Watch Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert reveal the new pieces, now available on your Personal Web Page under Shop > Collections > Wizard of Oz:


Extra Perks for the First 500 Orders + Free {Standard} Shipping Offer

Know a few The Wizard of Oz enthusiasts? Now is the time to help them place their order! Only the first 500 orders received after 5 p.m. CT today, May 14, will receive an exclusive, Rainbow Charm Pendant with Swarovski® Crystals for FREE! This piece has a retail value of $28 USD | $36 CAD (0 PV), and will not be available to purchase. Add it to your Charm Pendant Bracelet or a Simple Chain.

Plus, you and your Customers can enjoy free standard shipping starting May 14 at 5 p.m. CT through May 15 at 11:59 p.m. CT when you place a retail order over $25 USD | $33 CAD or a Designer wholesale order over $50 USD | $65 CAD.

New, Limited-Time Starter Kit + Approved The Wizard of Oz Marketing Assets

Big fans of The Wizard of Oz likely know other fans. So now would be the perfect time for them to start an Origami Owl business! Once they buy their favorite The Wizard of Oz jewelry, they’ll want to share with their friends – which is the perfect time for them to join Origami Owl as a Designer and earn extra income as they share. Plus, you get to welcome a new team member!

For a limited time, while supplies last, we will be offering The Wizard of Oz Starter Kit, which will include 13 limited edition jewelry pieces from The Wizard of Oz (18 jewelry pieces total in the kit). Retail price is $159 USD | $199 CAD with a retail value of over $375 USD | Over $465 CAD.

Plus, if you’re ready to share the new collection, here are the Warner Bros.-approved marketing assets and where to find them.

Your Personal Web Page + Back Office:

  • New Facebook Cover Photo in your Back Office under Designer Resources > The Wizard of Oz
  • New The Wizard of Oz Product Sku Flyer in your Back Office under Designer Resources > The Wizard of Oz
  • New, shoppable landing page on your Personal Web Page! Simply type in http://<your pwp name>.origamiowl.com/wizard-of-oz/
  • New, Warner Bros.-approved Facebook cover photo (you can also download it here.:

My O2 Connection App Includes:

  • Over 20 shareable social media images in the Social Media Images > The Wizard of Oz category
  • 1 The Wizard of Oz Product Sku Flyer under PDFs

Be sure to swipe down on your app to refresh or go to Settings > Clear Cache. Don’t have the My O2 Connection app? Subscribing is simple!

To subscribe to the My O2 Connection app, log in to your Back Office and go to Account > My Subscriptions and pay the annual fee. You’ll then be able to download the My O2 Connection mobile app from your App or Google Play store and log in with your Designer information. See what’s available in this essential tool when you have a subscription.

Additional, Limited Edition Pieces Coming

You didn’t think we were done, right? Stay tuned! As Bella shared in the video, we’ll be revealing and adding MORE limited edition The Wizard of Oz jewelry pieces in the coming weeks on Tuesday, May 21 at 5 p.m. CT and Tuesday, May 28 at 5 p.m. CT. Schedule a follow up Jewelry Bar® to coincide with each so your biggest Oz fans can get all of the jewelry pieces.

Remember, because this collection is limited edition, once the pieces are gone, they’re gone for good! Shop early and shop fast to ensure you and your collector Customers get the pieces you really want.

Be sure to watch Field Trainer Abby Teet’s Facebook Live from May 6 for her tips on how to start a Facebook Group and engage your The Wizard of Oz fans throughout the launches! Watch it here.

Here are FAQs on The Wizard of Oz Collection.