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How O2 leaders gave back throughout Arizona in one day + the O2 Vision in 2020

Nearly 400 Origami Owl® leaders came together in Phoenix to experience incredible training, community and fun at our O2 L.E.A.D. Summit.

What they didn’t know?

The first half of the first day was all about getting out and serving the community!

Origami Owl’s mission is to be a Force For Good®; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

We put our mission into action by spreading out all over the Valley of the Sun on Friday, January 24, heading to:

Origami Owl® Co-Founder Chrissy Weems says the intention of the inspirational activity was to get out and live the Origami Owl mission.l

“I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to create a bigger impact in our community,” she shared.”To say that I am humbled beyond belief is an understatement. We’ve made such an impact in so many areas in one day in Phoenix, Arizona.”

What the Experience Was Like

Origami Owl Designers were initially surprised, but thrilled to give back. They loaded buses not knowing where they were heading, and they served.

“Today we had the opportunity to share what we love and be a force for good with an amazing group of women at Maggie’s Place. Maggie’s Place is a place where single mom and benefit from support and help. It was an overwhelming experience and we are incredibly thankful that they welcomed us with open arms and the smiles on their faces made each locket made even more special.” – Alba Saenz, Director, attended the give back at Maggie’s Place

“It felt really good to do something that was going to help so many people. We boxed 500 pounds of frozen chicken and put it on trays in the fridge. That 500 pounds was for ONE dinner. Thank you, Origami Owl, for doing this for us.” -Janice Tarquin, Executive Team Leader, attended the giveback at St. Vincent de Paul

“I was so grateful for the opportunity to come do this. I try to do something regularly when I go around Paradise and the Chico area to support people displaced by the fires. I love doing this!” – Barbara Gomes, Senior Team Manager, attended the give back for Can You Spare a Story at the CASS center

“This is just one example of how Origami Owl is unlike any other company – who else starts a Leadership Summit by completing a Force for Good initiative?!? 💗💗💗 So excited to be able to do this!!!!” – Erin Zapata, Director, attended the give back at Feed My Starving Children

“What an amazing morning! Thank you for the opportunity to represent Origami Owl and serve the community by putting together food boxes for the elderly. My heart is overflowing.” – Sherry Rosen, attended the give back at St. Mary’s Food Bank


Our Plans to Give Back in 2020

Our goal is to make a bigger impact in 2020. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to focus on how we can support you to also make the biggest impact in your communities using our meaningful, customizable jewelry. In a few months, you’ll hear more about this, but for now, here’s what’s going on with our Force For Good as it relates to our jewelry.

You’ll notice that in 2020, while we are no longer offering a different, Force For Good look supporting a cause each month, we will have plenty to choose from in the Cause Shop on your online shop. There, you’ll notice our meaningful Cause Ribbon Charms that give back, along with our Live Sparkly jewelry. We will also be adding curated, value-priced Force For Good looks to help your cause-related Customers easily choose a meaningful Locket look.

Ultimately, we want YOU to focus on creating Force For Good looks that fit the causes close to people’s hearts – and share them with us! We recognize that our community is filled with creators who have personal experiences with these causes. Tag us on social media with @origamiowl to share them with us!