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Universal Studios’ “Despicable Me 3” arrives in theaters TODAY, June 30, and that means lots of moviegoers are going to be going “BA-NA-NAAS” over their favorite little yellow guys.

And you have the perfect collection to share with them!

While we know the in-person Jewelry Bar® gives you the best results, because it gives your Customers and Hostesses to touch and experience the jewelry, you can also introduce your Customers to the new Despicable Me Collection through a Facebook Jewelry Bar!

So, as usual, we have the social media assets and training tips to help you.

Here’s how the Facebook Jewelry Bar works:

Take a look at the new Despicable Me Collection Facebook Jewelry Bar assets we have for you and see how you can maximize your energy and efforts from the comfort of your own home or phone!

  • For July, you’ll find a new Jewelry Bar flow and some new assets, specifically designed for your Despicable Me Collection Facebook Jewelry Bars in the O2 Academy, located in your Back Office. There are also separate items for Canada and the U.S. to express patriotism in either place!
  • You’ll also notice an Origami Owl-themed Facebook Jewelry Bar flow with assets designed to support a non-themed event.
  • The Gifting Facebook Jewelry Bar assets + flow are still in the O2 Academy, as well.

Here’s how you can get the training and tips for hosting Facebook Jewelry Bars:

1. Watch the Facebook Jewelry Bar Training Video. If you missed it, watch the Facebook Jewelry Bar training video on how to use the assets and resources!

2. Go to the O2 Academy. Your Back Office O2 Academy has SO much training. Log in and go to the Business Training section for the training and select Jewelry Bars to find the Facebook Jewelry Bar outline, keys for creating videos to personalize your Jewelry Bars, and new, Facebook Jewelry Bar assets created JUST for the current month’s Jewelry Bar theme. Select “Jewelry Bar” on the tablecloth and then the 5th option to get the outline and more!

You can find more Despicable Me Collection social media assets in this article along with FAQs, a marketing flyer and more!