April was packed with several stellar promotions – we just had to get some of our OWL-mazing Designers’ tips to pass along to you! From long-time Designers achieving Director and Senior Director to a New Designer who quadruple-promoted in her first month, no matter where you are on your O2 journey, they have something for you.

Take a look at just some of the Designers who advanced their titles last month and how they did it.

Long-Time Designer Hits Senior Director

Lora Schott

New recognition title: Senior Director

Been with Origami Owl: 7 years

Her team’s focus in April…

“Our team focused on Customer Appreciation in April. We did a huge Mega Team Facebook Party in early April; made it super fun with lots of games and prizes for our guests. We ended up having 7 ladies from the event join and I lost track of how many online Facebook parties were booked. We truly engaged with our Customers during this event, and focused on following up and took notes on what they may like in the future.”

How she’s shifted her efforts in the wake of COVID-19…

“Personally, I went from working some side jobs to focusing solely on O2 for income. I know that many on my team were experiencing the same situation I was in. I typically go to work during the day, and only do O2 a few evenings a week. This all changed when I could not go to work anymore (I do marketing for a big steakhouse chain). I truly had to focus on replacing my marketing job income with O2. I’ve taken all the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes he has ever had, and even taught them to high school students. He always says to have multiple sources of income, in case something happens. Well, that happened. For the first time in quite a while, I was able to give 100 percent of my focus to my personal sales, my VIP group and my team. It was a huge eye opener to me that by focusing on only one thing, O2, I could make a huge impact on running my own business and helping my team with theirs. Our team members who also lost their jobs were able to brainstorm ideas together and move mountains by focusing and holding each other accountable.”

Her mindset and advice to others…

“Don’t give up! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Give EXCELLENT customer service, go above and beyond. They will remember that when they need gifts.”

Her next goal…

“Helping more of our team members increase their income during this tough time and reach their personal goals.”

Her advice to others leading a team…

“Team meetings are key. I believe ‘Those who show up, go up.’ Leaders need to have meetings and trainings. I’ve done monthly meetings in my home since the very first month I started. We always had Facebook Live going for our out-of-area teammates to join in. Now we have Zoom meetings, which are working out very well, too! Even if you have one person coming to the meeting, DO IT! Learn as much as you can and share it with others!”

She Made Director!

Tatiana Lessa

New recognition title: Director

Been with Origami Owl: 6 years

Her Goals for April and How She Achieved Them…

“(My goal was) to have as many Designers generating 250 PV with at least 1 active Designer and to have as many Designers sponsoring at least 1 New Designer as possible. The special (April Pay It Forward) 40 percent off code on a kit was golden and my team was probably tired of me, but that’s all I talked about it in April. I wasn’t thinking about (Director) until it became possible like the last three days of April.”

The Keys to Achieving Director in April Were…

“The team connection, the love and support we have in our team is huge and we were all cheering for each other. When some Designers saw their teammates getting promoted, it lit them up.

Recognition in our team group is huge and makes a big difference; everyone likes to see their names for everyone to see.”

What She Shares With Potential Designers…

“You love the product and you really have nothing to lose, just start for your own discounts and who knows? Maybe some extra cash if you’d like. No monthly fees or minimums.”

Her Next Goal Is…

“To keep posting and talking about the magic word: ‘Sponsor!’ To keep recognizing, motivating and growing our team. To be a Paid-As Director every month. And to have two successful virtual parties a week.”

Her Final Word of Advice…

“If you’re stuck or feel like giving up, change your mindset. Only you can make it happen.”

Owlette Team Achieves Executive Team Manager

Sandy and Lily Gast
New recognition title: Executive Team Manager
Been with Origami Owl: 6 years

How They Approached April…

“Our team went into April with a mindset of giving back as much as possible to our community. We wanted to celebrate ‘Pay It Forward’ all month long. I posed a ‘Bucket Filler’ challenge and everyone stepped up and participated, far exceeding my expectations. As a team, we completed more than 100 random acts of kindness. I truly feel all the positive energy and good we did for others helped to fuel and motivate us all.”

How Fundraisers Helped Their Team…
“Many of us offered fundraisers this month as a way to give back. Our Young Entrepreneurs really led the way with that initiative. These fundraisers helped to not only motivate our team and add to our challenge for the month, but they also drove sales. Lily and I were able to donate almost $1,500 to various organizations and I know as a team that amount is much higher.”

Their Best Advice for Getting “Unstuck…”

“For anyone who may feel overwhelmed or stuck or even just starting out, I encourage you to partner with someone and host a fundraiser for the organization of their choice. Six years ago, my first Jewelry Bar was a fundraiser, and I still have a ton of loyal Customers to this day from that event. They are a great way to do good in your community while expanding your Customer base.”

Their Next Goal…

“Promoting was several years in the making and it feels amazing to have accomplished that as a team. My next goal is to earn a pretty hear- shaped award for the shelves in my office!”

Her Extra “Thanks…”
“Thank you to all of the Designers who share your knowledge in trainings; your graphics with the field and your love in our groups. And to my Sister Owls – Lily and I love you so much!”

New Designer Who Quadruple Promoted!

Corrine Spronz

New Recognition Title: Senior Team Leader

Started with Origami Owl: April 6, 2020

How She Got the Excitement Going….

“I had just started (my O2 business) and wanted to reach out to as many of my supporters as possible to explain my new adventure. I had so many people who were excited to order! Also, when friends and friends of friends saw my success, they wanted in on it!”

How She Approached Sharing the Business Opportunity…

“My mentality going into this was definitely the key to why I was so successful. I was determined to let everyone I knew in on why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this company and the jewelry itself!”

Why the Origami Owl Business Right Now…

“My team and Mentor have been super helpful and easily accessible. I believe since we are all home, this venture has helped me, and I’m sure others, to focus on something positive instead of being locked down. My best advice for New Designers is to not be afraid to ask questions of your Mentor and to utilize the resources in the Back Office.”

Her Next Goal…

“My next goal is to help my new team to have an amazing beginning like I did! To lift them up and empower them like my Mentor did for me! Origami Owl has given me an amazing opportunity and I am thankful for it! I am also truly blessed to have found the community of women that I work with!”