They wanted something more. They worked with their teams. They achieved Senior Team Manager!

New Senior Team Managers Ashley Robinson and Chani Kaibetoney both achieved the key steppingstone on the path to Director by helping their leaders advance in rank and generating the Team Volume and Personal Volume needed to advance to the prestigious recognition level.

So, how did they do it and what can you learn from their climb to Senior Team Manager?

Read their stories and get the tips below!

Ashley Double-Promotes to Senior Team Manager

When Ashley Robinson found Origami Owl®, she decided to jump in as an Origami Owl Designer because she “wanted more.”

“I love that Origami Owl has given me a purpose outside of my role as a wife and mother,” shares Ashley of North Carolina. “I love being able to do things for my family and others with the money I’ve made on my own, from my home.”

Since starting her business in 2017, Ashley has focused on setting goals for her Team Volume, monthly Jewelry Bars and New Designers, and has come close to achieving Team Manager a few times, but barely missed it.

October 2020 was a different story – her team rocked their businesses and now she’s achieved a double promotion to Senior Team Manager!

So, what was the key to her team’s success?

“I wholeheartedly believe a positive mindset and believing (we could each do it) was essential to this promotion,” she explains.

Now, her goal is Director, and she admits she “wants it so bad.”

“My team is motivated and we’re growing,” she shares. “I believe if you are going to have goals, go big – don’t stunt your own success.”

Ashley’s Philosophy on Leadership: “I think it is so important for those in leadership or wanting to be in leadership to understand that they set the pace for their teams; their attitudes will be reflected, and you must stay positive and motivated. Leaders are supposed to lead; not carry, but also understand we are leaders for a reason. We need to understand what our teams want out of their businesses and empower them to believe in themselves. Anything is possible; we just have to believe it, and then do the things to make it happen.”

How Ashley’s Going For Director: “I am a visual learner so I like to draw myself a ‘map to success,’ at the bottom of a piece of paper write where I am, and at the top write where I want to be, then fill in the steps needed in between and make it happen. It is so important to have goals and a vision constantly. Once one goal is accomplished, make a new one.”

Chani’s Focus on “Consistency” Pays Off

Chani Kaibetoney started her Origami Owl business in early 2014 after falling in love with the jewelry.

“The BEST part of having an Origami Owl business is creating meaningful jewelry for my Customers,” Chani shares. “I truly love hearing their stories and helping them make their Lockets and gifts perfect.”

That passion for Origami Owl’s meaningful jewelry attracted other team members over the years, but it’s 2020 that has made the difference for Chani and her team.

Her team’s key to achieving Senior Team Manager in October?


“We have been working really hard at not just posting (on social media) consistently, but finding other creative ways to expand our networks,” shares Chain. “(We’ve found) different ways to keep connecting and sharing and really building relationships.”

Chani adds, “we truly take the word ‘team’ to heart.”

Together, Chani and “Team Kalea,” which means “happiness” or “joy” in Hawaiian, have pursued many new paths in their businesses on the joruney to Senior Team Manager.

“We’ve learned how to pivot and incorporate so much more online Jewelry Bars, and started focusing on fundraising,” explains Chani of New Mexico. “We also now take full advantage of all of the trainings O2 has to offer on Facebook and through the My O2 Connection app.”

She adds, “And of course we cheer each other on and brainstorm, share knowledge, and keep informed. I have also tried to learn from other leaders as much as I can. We have so many amazing and inspiring designers that are a wealth of knowledge!”

Chani started a weekly team meeting called, “Llamas and Lattes” to keep everyone connected, share success and tips, and build community through the pandemic. She also connects with her leaders daily to help and brainstorm with them.

How Chani Will Achieve Executive Team Manager and Beyond: “We’re working on sponsoring and developing more Team Leaders. That’s my biggest goal during the holiday season – to share the gift of O2 as much as possible!”

Why She Loves Origami Owl: “One of the best decisions I ever made was to join Origami Owl. This company and the family I have gained has done more for me than I could possibly put into words, and I am truly blessed to be a part of it. I am so excited to see where Team Kalea goes from here!”