Maybe 2018 was the BEST business year of your life…or maybe it wasn’t. Shake off any negativity. Wipe your slate clean. A New Year means a fresh start, and the best time to write down your NEW goals!

In celebration of the New Year (and a dose of inspiration), we asked you to share your goals for 2019 {you didn’t hold back!} and the steps you plan to take to reach them. Because a goal is just a wish without a plan in place to achieve it!

Here’s what some of you had to say:

Rosa + Veronica Gutierrez, Executive Team Leader


“My goal for 2019 is to make Origami Owl my full-time income,” shares Rosa. “I left my full-time, corporate job three years ago after my mom passed away. It was supposed to be temporary, or at least for as long as we could afford it. Months later, my Owlette, Veronica, and I joined Origami Owl. It gave us something to do together and provided fun money for a family night out with dinner and a movie. After being hit with some major expenses in the past couple of years, we have come to a point where either I make a full-time income with Origami Owl, or I need to find another job. I prefer to keep my O2 business full time, so, in order to make more money, I need to focus on growing our team. My focus this year is on sponsoring – growing our team and growing my business. That is why my word for the year is ‘Focus.’”

Steps to Reach Goals

“In order to sponsor, I need to meet people,” says Rosa. “The best way is to have Jewelry Bars® and to work at events. I have a goal of having at least two Jewelry Bars per month, either in person or online, so that I can invite those guests to my VIP group to keep in touch.  One of them may need the opportunity in her life, and I am learning to share it in my conversations.

Another way I’m expanding my network is through social media. Since I’m home all day, or most of the day, I am focusing on what I post, when I post, interacting on posts and funneling people to my group where I can build a relationship with them. Being intentional with what I do and being proactive, as opposed to reactive, is the only way I can grow my presence in the cyber world.

The final way is by following up. The fortune is in the follow-up and what may not have been an idea for someone last year, might be different this year. As long as I keep in touch and follow up and provide service, the potential is there. Besides, providing service is what sets you apart!”


Taylor Hileman, Owlette


“I have been an Owlette for three months shy of three years,” shares Taylor. “I run my Origami Owl business 95 percent on my own, and I am just a handful of points away from earning Punta Cana! My goals for 2019 include earning the trip for two to Punta Cana, growing my team and hitting Executive Team Leader.”

Steps to Reach Goals

“To earn Punta Cana, I am reaching out to past Hostesses, Customers and friends who I have never shared Origami Owl with before, doing events and working with my team to secure the rest of the Points I need,” says Taylor, who is just under 600 Tropic Points away from earning a trip for two. “I have also set a goal to get six, new, Active Designers in 2019. In order to do this, I will follow up with contacts from my monthly events, let Designers shadow me for training and show my best Customers how they could turn their fun parties into an amazing business opportunity! Through doing this, I should have no problem hitting my third goal of Executive Team Leader. This year’s Convention will be my fourth Convention, and I plan to walk the stage for my third promotion!

Impact of the Owlette Program

“I am very thankful for the Owlette Program,” shares Taylor. “I have grown so much as a person, overcoming shyness and social anxiety through sharing our amazing jewelry. Not only have I grown within the company, but I have also taken on leadership roles I never would have thought possible. I am the president of my 4-H Club. I am showing a pig at the county fair. I am helping coordinate monthly activities at a local assisted living facility. I have also decided to go to college, something my anxiety never would have let me do before. I would never have thought about any of these things prior to the Owlette Program.”


Randy Mellon, Director


“I have two overall goals for 2019,” shares Randy. “My personal goal is to ‘Live with Intention’ in all I do. Trying to find my focus, my purpose, has been challenging. By creating these Inscriptions® Plates and putting it on my computer, it will be ‘in my face’ daily, helping me with my goal of living with intention in all I do.

My business goal is working toward taking my team to a Senior Director-led team in 2019, along with continuing to have a strong personal business of growth. It’s important to always remember that our businesses have two components, our personal business and our team business; both need to be strong to grow.”

Steps to Reach Goals

“I have challenged my team to also share their goal for their business, along with their word or saying that means something to them and why,” says Randy. “As each did, I created a Plate on the post so they had a visual of what that looks like for them. I did a drawing for everyone who participated in the challenge and a few people won their Plates! I hope they will also put them on their computer so they can see their own message daily, and that the others will go ahead and create a Plate for themselves.

Visual reminders are so important! By knowing what each person wants, I can work, help and mentor each toward reaching that goal by putting a plan in place. For those who chose not to share on our team page, I will be reaching out privately, as I understand not everyone wants to publicly share.”

Tips for Success

“Always try and remember why you came to Origami Owl,” shares Randy. “It will be what propels you forward to reach whatever it is that you are trying to reach. With that, also remember that everyone comes here for a different reason and they are all equally important. Remember that those reasons may change and evolve over time, and it’s important to always have touch points with your team. Here’s to a year of ‘Living with Intention’ and hitting our goals!”


Tina Chiu-Votaw, Executive Team Leader


“I have two words I am focusing on for 2019 – ‘Expand’ and ‘Balance,’” shares Tina. “When I see the word ‘Expand,’ not only do I want to expand my team, my Personal Volume, my Team Volume, but it goes further into personal development, my bank account, experiences, adventures and opportunities. This seems broad, but it’s where the word ‘Balance’ comes in because I tend to laser-focus on goals and life gets out of balance, which makes it difficult to live a full life that way. 2019 will be a year I work smarter not harder. Organizing and planning ahead will help me balance my work life, O2 events and recruiting; I plan to train my team to do the same. I will also set aside time for self-care, self-love, family, church and new adventures. My O2 goal is to hit Executive Team Manager by December of this year, have six consistently strong Team Leaders achieve Dreambuilder on my first line, doubling my team by developing leaders on my front line and teaching them to do the same along the way.”

Steps to Reach Goals

“Journaling and written plans may not have been my strong points, but I am committed to consistently doing it because it helps me focus,” says Tina. “I got behind with thank-you notes over the holiday in November and December, but because I wrote the goals daily, I am more than half done now with the thank-you notes.

Take time, either the last couple of days of the month or the first day of the month, to write down specific SMART goals: They need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Time-limited. For example: This month, I will book three events that will have $400 in sales, sign up and coach two New Designers who I will help reach Storybuilder, have 1,000 Personal Volume, and hit my Paid-As title by helping my team reach their goal of Charm of the Month Club, Storybuilder or Dreambuilder.

Get an accountability partner who you can talk to daily, or every other day, who will encourage you, listen to you and keep you on track for hitting your goals. If you hit your goal early in the month, don’t stop. Set another goal. Go live on your team page and share your goals with your team and ask them to write their own goals.

Personal development is key. I do a lot of driving during the week, and work long hours, so it’s hard for me to read books. I have a monthly subscription to Audible, so my car is my library.  Instead of just listening to the radio, I have 10 plus hours a week to listen to phenomenal leaders.

I have a team Marco Polo, so when I have ideas, updates or words of encouragement, I can pop on and record. It also engages team members to participate, ask questions or for suggestions. Since it’s a video, the team gets to know each other, even when they live in different states.”

Tips for Success

“I set small daily or weekly goals for myself and once those are completed, I reward myself,” shares Tina. “For example, I will address all my thank-you notes by ‘X’ date, and then I will schedule my massage. When I find and book two events and/or Jewelry Bars®, I will take a walk along the beach. Make it a priority to attend team meetings, the annual O2 Experience Convention and gatherings where you have the opportunity to meet other Designers. The opportunity to meet and talk to other leaders is key to the business. You will find the love and support to keep you going during the times you are the most challenged or want to give up. The O2 family is always there to walk this journey with you. I am also scheduling ‘me’ time for self-care which is key. It’s like filling up the tank in your car because if you don’t, you will be stranded, then stressed. It costs more money and time for a new car than if you keep the maintenance going. I want to try 10 new experiences this year: a new exercise or trail to hike, a new activity, a new place to travel, and a new way to coach team members. Love on your team. Acknowledge and celebrate their successes. Give them incentives. As you get to know your team, you will find special things that remind you of them. Surprise them with it. A little acknowledgment goes a long way.”


Evonne Coonts, Team Manager


“I have been with Origami Owl since November of 2014,” shares Evonne. “The first three years I sold to my family and friends here and there, but never really dove in full-force. In the summer of 2017, my sister joined, and I visited The Nest for a team meeting where I found out who my upline was. I remember saying to Executive Field Vice President Tami Butcher, ‘Hi, my name is Evonne. I want to tell you that someday, I will get that Jeep.’ Soon after, the excitement of O2 and the momentum we all had together is what really made our ‘dream team’ grow at an exponential rate. At the end of 2018, we grew and moved up the Career Plan. I was doing personal development and bible studies and a theme kept popping up, ‘Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.’ – Martin Luther King Jr. ‘Because I want to be the kind of person who lifts other people up…’ – Rachel Hollis. And many others just like these with the theme of serving others.

So, I decided the 2019 Dream Team goal would be for me to help the people on my team reach their full potential, whether it be health, personal or business. I want to serve them by helping them see that whatever dreams and goals they have, they can absolutely achieve them. I used to believe, after getting married and having kids, which was not easy for me with PCOS, working 40 plus hours a week, what else was there? I thought dreams were just for kids. Then, Origami Owl came into my life, I truly believe dreams can come true. I haven’t gotten the Jeep or earned a trip yet, but I’m taking small steps each day to make a difference and get closer to that dream. Yes, I’ve failed over and over to get where I am, but if trying and failing has gotten me this far, how will it be if I keep moving forward and failing? Further than I ever thought was even possible. My team is not a direct sales team; we are a tribe of people who have come together to cheer each other on and try and figure things out as a team. The leaders on my team even asked, ‘How can we help you relive some responsibility of leadership?’ I was in awe of the growth they have undergone, as well. We have leaders starting a dream team book club, leaders getting together with our team to do vision boards, or team members just meeting up for lunch or coffee. This year, I want to show them they can reach their dreams – no matter what it may be!”

Steps to Reach Goals

“What we have done this past year is take advantage of the O2 Trackers,” shares Evonne. “We also did team challenges, with prizes, for Book, Sell, Share, Expand, Force For Good®, getting out of your comfort zone and other. To help my team reach their full potential, I’m still working on the ‘appropriate, attainable and measurable’ way, as John Maxwell puts it, other than writing it down. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel on how to do this, but I am in the middle of working on Mindset Reset with Mel Robbins to get some pointers and I just watched Rachel Hollis’ ‘Made for More’ and learned steps for setting yourself up for success. I also plan to use Rachel’s book, Girl Stop Apologizing, once it comes out, to identify any excuses, behaviors to adopt and skills to acquire on the path to growth and believing in yourself. An idea shared to me by my Mentor, Senior Field Vice President Beth Blemaster, gave me a great starting point to put my goal into action by asking this measurable question by Benjamin Franklin, ‘What good shall I do today?’ and at the end of the day, ‘What good have I done today?’”


Sandi-Rose Smith, Director


“I have been a chemical company sales representative for 21 years,” shares Sandi-Rose. “Four years ago, the company went through some major negative changes. At that time, I was two years into building my team with O2, The Blessed OwlChicks. I saw their potential. It was then, my dream of growing the OwlChicks to a point that could support us, and I could leave the other job I did not love anymore, became a goal.

This year, that will become a reality. I currently work my O2 business and sales job full time, and I have decided to shift my focus. When I was talked to Co-Founder Shawn Maxwell at the 2018 O2 Experience Convention, he told me I would walk the stage next year, 2019, as a Director. I told him, ‘no,’ I will walk the stage as Senior Director – which is my other 2019 goal.”

Steps to Reach Goals

“To achieve my goals, I will help my team with their visions and goals by focusing on Vital Behaviors and Book, Sell, Share, Expand,” shares Sandi-Rose. “We will focus on a sponsoring culture. As I continue to sponsor, it will encourage the team to sponsor and share the O2 love. To focus on Personal Volume, we will do baby steps with all New Designers: (1.) 100 PV: Earn the Designer Exclusive and Charm of the Month Club (2.) 250 PV: Achieve Storybuilder (3.) 500 PV: Achieve Dreambuilder, and so on, along with sponsoring and sharing the O2 love. I will assist my team in achieving what they want from their business by helping them focus on relationship-building and storytelling, being different and being themselves. I’ll also teach them how to use the resources and trainings available to them from The Nest. The year 2017 was about being committed. 2018 was about growth, and 2019 is all about focus. Here come the Blessed OwlChicks – focused on creating unique stories!”