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Six new videos + marketing assets to share

This is one of the BIGGEST selling seasons for Origami Owl® and we couldn’t be more excited to reveal our new Gifting 2017 Collection featuring meaningful jewelry pieces that are perfect for Mother’s Day, Graduation and Teacher’s Appreciation Day, the brides in your life, and many other occasions!

The new Gifting 2017 Collection presale is going on right now for Designers only until April 3 at 11:59 p.m. CT (details here), and official launch for Designers is coming up on April 4, 2017 at Noon CT. Customers will be able to purchase the collection on Friday, April 7 at Noon CT as well. Our new Gifting 2017 Collection Take Out Menu will be THE Take Out Menu to use through July 24, 2017, so be sure to stock up!

Here are six reveal videos featuring Origami Owl Co-Founders Bella Weems and Chrissy Weems shared during our SOAR Saturday Live event. Watch them and share them with your team.

Forget-Me-Not Collection

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/L9mSlIoK6BQ

Pearls of Wisdom

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/uEb-zC_2xdY

Photo Pendant

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/S-mbPtM1xlI

New Photo Frame

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/4wTpeFtsDBE

CORE™ Birthstones

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/cEn39otU-bE

The Sentiments Collection & Moodology™

Shareable YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/iEAn2UOOet0

Here’s our Gifting 2017 Collection flyer with more details about each of our jewelry pieces in the Gifting 2017 Collection.

Here’s a full list of all SKUs available in our Gifting Collection Take Out Menu.

Here are more social media assets you can download and share (also available in your Back Office under Designer Resources > Marketing Asset Library > Business > Jewelry Bar Material AND Capture Every Moment on Monday, April 3.)


Time to Schedule Your Facebook and In-Person Jewelry Bars

Isn’t the jewelry breathtaking?! Whooo do you know that needs to see this collection ASAP?! Make your list and start planning now. And, be sure to get an updated Designer Take Out Menu so you have a helpful script to use for all your upcoming in-home Jewelry Bars! It will help make gifting a snap.

In fact, you can prep for your Facebook Jewelry Bars to support the Gifting 2017 Collection season by going to O2 Academy in your Back Office!

Here’s what you’ll find and what you should do:

For April, you’ll find a new Jewelry Bar flow and some new assets, specifically designed for your Mother’s Day and Gifting Facebook Jewelry Bars in the O2 Academy, located in your Back Office.

You’ll also notice an Origami Owl-themed Facebook Jewelry Bar flow with assets designed to support a non-themed event

Here’s how you can get the training and tips for hosting Facebook Jewelry Bars:

1. Watch the Facebook Jewelry Bar Training Video. If you missed it, watch the Facebook Jewelry Bar training video on how to use the assets and resources!

2. Go to the O2 Academy. Your Back Office O2 Academy has SO much training. Log in and go to the Business Training section for the training and select Jewelry Bars to find the Facebook Jewelry Bar outline, keys for creating videos to personalize your Jewelry Bars, and new, Facebook Jewelry Bar assets created JUST for the current month’s Jewelry Bar theme. Select “Jewelry Bar” on the tablecloth and then the 5th option to get the outline and more!

We’re so excited to provide you with additional tools and support! Be sure to log in to your O2 Academy to download and review everything you need to help your customers create the most meaningful gifts this Mother’s Day and all occasions.

Encourage your customers to visit your Personal Web Page starting Friday, April 7 at Noon CT to start buying Mother’s Day gifts for themselves and the sweet family members, moms, friends and other deserving people in their lives.

Jewelry Updates to Note

The new Gifting 2017 Collection is almost upon us, which means it’s time to make some important updates to our jewelry offerings and more.

Here are some quick, important updates to keep in mind.

Updates to Our “Online Basics” and “Sale” Styles Beginning April 4

You may be used to seeing specific jewelry pieces in the Take Out Menu, but to make room for the new Gifting 2017 Collection, we’ll be moving them to online only. Online Only Basic styles can be found in their individual categories on the website. Select items that move to Online Only While Supplies Last will be located in our “Sale” category on the website, and you and your customers can enjoy prices starting at 25% off these styles while supplies last. The updated sale items will be available to your customers on April 4 at Noon CT.

To give YOU, our Designer, something to refer to so you know what is available online only, we’ve prepared a document you can download and keep handy in the event a question pops up. Please note, this is for your reference only and is not intended to be used in a Jewelry Bar. Your Gifting 2017 Take Out Menu is your best resource as it features our most popular and best-selling items.

Here’s an updated list of all of the jewelry pieces that will be moving online exclusive and online only while supplies last. Please visit the “Sale” section of the website to view the online only while supplies last SKUs and images on April 4 at Noon CT.

Good News! The Sentiments Collection Faces and Bases Will Be Sold Separately Starting April 4

We’ve always offered The Sentiments Collection’s Faces and Base together to ensure you and your customers always have the key pieces to complete your look. Now that you’re familiar with this elegant collection, we’ve decided to make these SKUs available separately so you can customize and purchase these pieces as you wish. You’ll find the separate pieces under Shop > Living Lockets > Mix + Match.

Happy shopping!

Spring Seasonal Exclusives – Look What’s Sticking Around!

Select styles in our Spring 2017 Collection were so popular that we decided to keep them around for our Gifting 2017 Collection, too! You will see these amazing styles now featured in our Gifting 2017 Take Out Menu:

  • CH3126 Eggs & Bacon Charm
  • CH3134 Short Stack Pancakes Charm
  • CH3135 Silverware Charm
  • CH3137 Tree Charm
  • CH3138 White Chapel Charm
  • CH3129 Pig Charm
  • CH3127 “Faith Love Coffee” Mug Charm
  • CH3128 Ice Cream Sundae Charm
  • CH3136 Sunday Newspaper Charm
  • DG4081 Silver “Home Sweet Home” Dangle

Gifting 2017 Collection + Our Continued Efforts to Streamline Prices

We are so excited to unveil our new Gifting 2017 Collection, and also wanted to provide you with a quick update about our continued efforts to streamline pricing.

You’ll notice we’ve established more uniform pricing across some of our jewelry categories and have decreased or increased the prices of certain pieces within our entire collection. We took numerous factors into account when making these updates including the cost of producing the jewelry; all with the goal of making it easier for you by reducing the number of different price points within each category.

The new pricing will take effect on April 4, 2017 at Noon CT when our Gifting 2017 Collection launches. The new pricing will also be applied to Jewelry Bars that have not been closed by 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, April 3, 2017.

For a PDF of all of the pricing updates, please take a look at this document.

Designer Back Office Product Updates

New Mystery Hostess Gift Bags

Show your gratitude to your Hostess with a few extras! The new Gifting Season Mystery Hostess Gift Bags will be available in your Back Office under “Shop” and then “Packs and Bundles” starting April 4 at Noon CT! Use the items from the gift bags as giveaway items at your upcoming Jewelry Bar; gifts for your Hostesses or “thank you” items to attach to customer cards. These items are past jewelry pieces that are no longer available for purchase, and they’re different from our last Mystery Hostess Gift Bag!

Here are the details:
– Price: $49 USD, $59 CAD (49 PV both USD/CAD)
– Retail Value: Over $275 USD, Over $350 CAD

– SKU: SP2082
– Available starting April 4, 2017 at Noon CT

*Limit 5 Gifting Mystery Hostess Gift Bags per check out. Available until July 24, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CT or while supplies last.

Designer Last Chance – New Styles Added

While you’re purchasing the Gifting Collection, be sure to check out the Last Chance shop in your Back Office for added styles on April 4. We are also going to continue the discount of 50% off wholesale through the Gifting Collection period. Be sure to check out the product updates!

Please note, all items are while supplies last.

Continuing Favorites and Updates to Products in Your Back Office

The current Moodology™ Collection Pack (SP2052) for Customers will be going offline with our Spring 2017 Collection on April 6 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Designers will still be able to purchase the Moodology + Sentiments Designer Pack in their Back Office under “Shop” then “Packs and Bundles.”

Here’s the SKU and details:

SP2053 – $ 99 USD | $129 CAD – 99 PV

Two Items for Team Leaders and Above

Team Leader 2017 Plate Now Available

You asked and we are happy to deliver! The exclusive Team Leader Plate shared at L.E.A.D. Empowerment Summit this past January was so highly requested, we decided to make it available for Team Leaders and above to purchase!

PS9319 – Medium Silver “Team Leader 2017” Plate – $12 USD / $16 CAD

The Leaders Swag Bag, which includes O2 swag you can reward your team members with and share the O2 love, will still be available for purchase through the Gifting Collection period in your Back Office under Shop > Jewelry Bar Business Essentials.

Here’s the SKU and details:

SA8000 – $ 29 USD | $38 CAD

New CORE™ Birthstones: How to Show Them at Your Jewelry Bar

Beginning April 4, you can find printable CORE Birthstone Jewelry Bar display cards to share at your upcoming Jewelry Bars. This colorful display cards will help you share the month and affirmation of each of the new CORE Birthstones from our new Gifting Collection. The display cards will be available in 2 sizes 4” x 6” or 5” x 7”.

CORE Display Card 4X6 https://cdn.origamiowl.com/DRL/resource_0_907_en-US.pdf

CORE Display Card 5X7 https://cdn.origamiowl.com/DRL/resource_0_908_en-US.pdf

Here’s a social asset you can share:

As you can see, this is the time to share Origami Owl with your Customers, Hostesses and potential team members—there are so many new jewelry pieces and opportunities for them to have the most meaningful gifts and set them up for the best success during the gifting season.

Stay connected with us on the O2 Designer Facebook Group, and also Origami Owl Live on your Designer Personal Web Page for more jewelry details!