Level Up Leadership Challenge concludes December 31, 2020

So many incredible leaders have risen to the challenge and “leveled up” as part of our Level Up Leadership Challenge. In fact, we spoke to Senior Director Melissa Taylor of California who just achieved it (get her tips and thoughts on the Challenge below)!

You have one month left to master this challenge and earn free event tickets or prize packages for the 2021 LEAD with Purpose event and the O2 Experience 2021 convention. Make every moment count and help as many of your team members as possible! Here are the incentive details. 

Senior Director Melissa Taylor’s Tips + Thoughts on the Level Up Leadership Challenge

Melissa is a big fan of Origami Owl’s annual LEAD event.

“LEAD comes at the time of year when we all need that renewed energy and focus on our businesses. LEAD is my favorite O2 event because it truly sets my business up for success for the coming year! New reveals, new skills and a true sense of empowerment is what we will all need heading into a new year, especially 2021!”

Now that she’s achieved Tier 2 of the Level Up Leadership Challenge, she’ll have the opportunity to attend LEAD with a VIP ticket and reward her top, point-earning team members with free tickets to The O2 Experience, Origami Owl’s annual convention.

Here’s how she made it happen + what she says you should do in the final month to qualify, too:

  1. What did you focus on to achieve it? “I’ve been really focusing on expanding my network through online Jewelry Bars® and fundraisers this fall to set myself up for a strong October and November for personal sales and sponsoring. I reached out to consistent Designers on my team to encourage them to do the same. I also set up a chat with those interested in sponsoring and promoting to coach them. I’m always on the look-out for our team’s next leader.”
  2. What is your biggest tip for qualifying during this final month of the Challenge? “Don’t stop! Identify your weakest area and focus on that. If you need to sponsor, expand your network. If you need your team sponsoring, help them with opportunity events. Reach out to your Designers with consistent PV and encourage them to sponsor. If you need team volume, help the new Designers launch or do a focused Mega Party with those new Designers so you can really guide them to success. Enlist a few leaders and take on the challenge as a team to make it happen!”
  3. What will you be focusing on in the month of December to keep momentum going in your business?  “Customer service, personal follow-ups and a fundraiser to help expand my business to set myself up for a successful 2021!”


For more details on this incentive and its rewards, take a look at this OrigamiOwlNews.com article.