Update as of 03.23.2020: In light of recent events with COVID-19, we are extending the qualification period for our O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica through April 30, 2020. We will also be postponing and rescheduling the trip to early 2021. Watch the Facebook Live for all of the details: https://www.facebook.com/tyson.basha/videos/3161261200571966/

As of December 31, 2019, more than 60 Designers have earned a spot on the O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip so far…and you still have two months left to join them!

The O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip, June 11-15, 2020, will be full of adventure and a mission-driven project (or something in the community) to give back and continue the ripple effect of kindness while in Costa Rica.

So, if you’re ready for fun in the sun, beautiful rainforests, sloths AND being a Force For Good®, then you need to join us for this OWL-mazing incentive trip!

Here are four tips on how you can finish these final two months strong:

  1. Leverage the Spring Collection Launch – This collection is the PERFECT way to kick off 2020. It’s fresh and fun and EVERYONE will want to know all about it.
    1. Grab the Spring Packs – you need both – and make sure to get your Spring Pop Up on the calendar to share the collection with your Customers!
    2. Reach out to your past Hostesses (VIPs) and offer them the chance to be the FIRST to gather their friends and family for the Spring Collection reveal!
  2. Stir up momentum with an UNBOXING of your Spring Collection
    1. The Launch of Spring is February 4 – but you should be sharing your excitement ALL.MONTH.LONG
    2. When you get your Spring Packs – Go LIVE with an “unboxing” video of everything that’s inside! Share your favorites and let them see your excitement as you unbox and reveal everything inside! Make sure to use the #OrigamiOwl and #Unboxing to drive even more momentum. We will be showcasing Designer Unboxing videos through social media – so make sure to use the hashtags!
  3. Create Personalized Links – create a personalized link (AKA Jewelry Bar Link) for EACH of your Customers. Give them the opportunity to share their link with their friends and family and earn rewards, like FREE Spring Collection jewelry along the way.
  4. Take advantage of the Join Incentive – We are starting February with an AMAZING incentive for joining our O2 family – the FREE Heart Bracelet and Earrings for enrolling with the Essentials or Signature kit.
    1. And when you sponsor, you get 1.5 points for EVERY 1 PV from your New Designer!
    2. And with You Matter DOUBLE SPONSORING Points for February – all the more reason for you to welcome someone to O2!

Reminder: You still have until March 31, 2020 to earn your spot on the incentive trip! Keep pushing hard, and remember, you earn 1.5 Adventure Points each time a New, Personally Sponsored Designer generates 1 PV cumulatively during the qualification period! Get all the trip details here.