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Did you know our O2 Fashion Guy Robert McCannel has been in the jewelry business for 40 years?

He’s personally worked over 600 {yes, 600!} in-home Jewelry Bars® and events!

During Fashion Guy Live, Robert will share styling tips and techniques, product features and benefits, words to say with your Customers and Hostesses, how to engage with your Customers and trend alerts!

Watch today’s O2 Fashion Guy here:

  1. The “inside scoop” on Swarovski®
  2. Gifts that glitter created by Swarovski exclusively for Origami Owl!


On October 3, O2 Fashion Guy Robert shared:

  1. Mix and match NEW! Halloween Charms with Fall’s JET Collection!
  2. Seasonal fashion that takes Halloween to a whole new level.


You can now also watch these videos from your My O2 Connection app while you’re on-the-go! Find them under Product Training Videos!

You can find all of the past Fashion Guy Live videos in the O2 Training Academy in your Back Office under Designer Resources > O2 Training Academy > Fashion Guy Live.

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