We’re in the final months of the year…in fact, the DECADE, and we’re so excited to offer the last exclusive incentive for the year to help our Owlettes and BROs finish the year strong!

In case you missed the announcement in the O2 Owlette Facebook group, you could earn some incredible O2 swag, including a white, O2 Jewelry Box, O2-branded Bomber Jacket or even a mystery box from Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert!

If you have not joined the O2 Owlettes Facebook group yet, please do so now, to get all the up-to-date information for Owlettes and BROs!

Incentive Details

When: October, November and December
What: Owlette and BRO incentive
How: Generate 250 PV or more in October, November or December (PV can be cumulative), and sponsor one (1) NEW! Designer or Owlette Team who generates 75 PV or more in their enrollment month.

Note: You can only earn rewards once within the three-month earning period. The levels are NOT cumulative, so you will only earn that level’s reward, unless you generate 2,500 PV or more within the three month period, and sponsor two NEW Designers, who each achieve a minimum of 75 PV during their enrollment month. Please note the 75 PV required for the NEW Designer or Owlette Team is also not cumulative and must be achieved during their first month.

Reward Levels

250 PV: Surprise Mail
500 PV: O2 Mystery Box by Bella
750 PV: O2 Blue Pouch with one pack of Take Out Menus
1,000 PV: White O2 Jewelry Box
1,500 PV: O2-Branded Bomber Jacket
2,500+ PV*: You get ALL the rewards from each level!

*Must generate 2,500 or more PV, and sponsor two NEW Designers/Owlette Teams who each generate 75 PV within their enrollment month.

How to submit your information:

On, or by, December 31, 2019, email the following information to Owlettes@origamiowl.com:

  • Name (both Owlette/BRO and account holder’s name)
  • Your Designer ID
  • Your total PV and the order numbers that show your PV
  • Name(s) and Designer ID(s) of your New Designers for verification

If you have any questions, please email Owlettes@origamiowl.com.

And, if you haven’t already, make sure you join the HOLLA-Day Hustle Boot Camp group to get the most out of the holiday selling season.