We’re always working to improve your experience with the My O2 Connection app and also add new features.

We’re excited to share a few recent updates to the desktop version of your My O2 Connection app!

Our tech partner just rolled out an update to streamline the look of the app on desktop while also aligning it closer to the mobile experience. This should simplify your experience!

Before we jump into all of the updates, please be sure to clear cache or try a new browser to ensure the best experience when you visit the desktop version of the app. If you or your team member is having trouble, start by clearing your cache and refreshing. As always, if you have trouble, feel free to reach out to us at DigitalMarketing@origamiowl.com and we would be happy to assist.

Here’s what’s new in the desktop version of the app:

  • The desktop now opens directly to show your available “Media” to share – Videos, Images, PDFs and Presentations.
  • Click on the “Media” dropdown at the top of the page to find 1-Click Email Templates, including a new Justice League template you can send to tell your Customers all about the new collection!
  • There is now a new section at the top of your desktop called “Announcements” on the top menu. This new section will be included on both desktop and mobile soon, and will provide up-to-the-minute news updates from Origami Owl. Basically, you can think of it as News from the Nest from the Back Office, but on steroids. Coupled with our current capabilities to send push notifications through the app, these announcements will provide a more complete “news” experience for you. Stay tuned!
  • Your “To Do” task tool is under “Media” in the dropdown menu so you can manage your follow up.
  • The items that are not shareable, but are resources for you to view are available if you click on your Profile picture on the top right part of your screen and then select “Designer Resources” in the dropdown menu.

Once the Announcements function is fully live, we will update our training videos for the Back Office and your app to align with this new look.

You can access the desktop version of your My O2 Connection app by logging into your Back Office and going to Designer Resources > O2 Connection App or MyO2Connection.com, which can also be accessed via your mobile browser!

Have a question or need support? From your desktop, you can click on your profile picture and then select Settings > Support to submit an email to the tech team for assistance.

As always, if you are having trouble logging in, please feel free to email us at DigitalMarketing@origamiowl.com.

Don’t have the My O2 Connection app? Here’s how to get it and what’s included in this vital tool for your success!

Happy sharing and following up!