Qualify September 1 – September 30

Do you want to be one of the FIRST to receive products from our new Brand Collective, Think Goodness™?

We’re talking Charms, an upcoming CMYK™ product and a box FULL of Think Goodness goodies???

Well…September is YOUR month to Earn the {New!} Goods!

When you sell and achieve at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) in September, you’ll start earning some incredible rewards for FREE*!

Here’s what you can earn:

  • Sell and achieve 100 PV = earn Charm Pack (two, exclusive Halloween Charms not in the limited edition Halloween Collection!)
  • Sell and achieve 250 PV = earn Charm Pack + CMYK Product (to be revealed at the Think Goodness Launch Event!)
  • Sell and achieve 500 PV = earn Charm Pack, CMYK Product + Think Goodness Welcome Box

This incentive is cumulative, so that means you earn EACH “goodie” as you sell and achieve 100 PV, then 250 PV and 500 PV – and who wouldn’t want a Think Goodness Welcome Box for free!?

Marketing Assets

We’ve added a shareable image to your My O2 Connection app under “Promotions.” Swipe down to refresh for best results!

Here are the FAQs for more details.

*Available while supplies last. You can only earn one of each item.

How to Make It Happen

We’re here to support you as we prepare for the launch of our new Brand Collective! That’s why we’ve created a weekly action plan to help you stay focused the entire month of September. This weekly action plan helps you connect, share and expand your connections to share Think Goodness with potential Purpose Partners, so they’re ready for launch day October 1. Download the English and Spanish action plan here.

PLUS, don’t forget! We have our Fall Seasonal Exclusives Collection, the © Disney Princess Collection, our upcoming Limited Edition Halloween Collection and so many other meaningful jewelry pieces and collections for you to share. Use this month to make new connections and share your online shop!