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January is not only the first month of a new year, it’s also the first month of a new decade!

Get ready to make 2020 YOUR year with our incredible, exclusive offers for New Designers! (and tips from fellow Designers below)

We asked a few of our leaders, who joined during the month of January in previous years, to share why they think January is the perfect time to join and how to grow your team this month!

Read their tips here:

Cailin Bundrick, Director – Joined January 2015

O2 Journey

“I joined in January following my first holiday season as a stay-at-home mom,” recalls Cailin. “It was the first time I had to ask my husband for money to purchase HIS Christmas presents. While presents certainly aren’t the most important thing about Christmas, it still felt odd not having money I could call my own; money that I had earned through my own hard work and could take pride in using to get my husband something special for all of his hard work. I knew that if I started in January, I’d have an entire year to save up. The following Christmas, I was able to purchase several things for my husband, including a beautiful new watch.”

Tips for Success

“In addition to promoting the amazing incentives O2 has given us to grow our teams this month, I have encouraged my Locket loving ladies to reach out to their friends, family members, Customers and VIPs they know who may be looking to make a change this year,” shares Cailin. “Whether it’s that they need help financially, need something they can call their own, or need an amazing community of women to surround them, O2 offers all of that and more. Instead of just telling them, SHOW them how it has changed your life. Ask them what it is they need because it’s not about how we can benefit from having them on our teams, but how they can benefit from being a part of this amazing Force For Good®.”

Why January?

“Aside from the start of a fresh New Year (and a new decade), January is a great time to join Origami Owl because new and exciting things are always announced at the L.E.A.D. Summit,” says Cailin. “We have a beautiful Valentine’s Day Collection, a Semi-Annual Sale, a new Spring/Summer Collection coming in February and a Mother’s Day Collection on the horizon. There are still three months to earn an amazing trip to Costa Rica. I mean, what more motivation do you need?! It’s the best way to ensure your year is filled with HAPPY!”

Additional Thoughts

“In five years, Origami Owl has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined it could,” shares Cailin. “It has given me confidence, fulfillment, an amazing tribe of women, financial security and something to look forward to every day. It took a lot of convincing to get me to join, but now I can’t imagine my life without O2. When I consider all the rewards, I realize there was never really any risk.”


Erin Zapata, Senior Director – Joined January 2014

“I decided to join on January 30 six years ago when a Designer I kept purchasing from, Executive Field Vice President Tami Butcher, told me I should just join since I was buying for EVERYONE I knew,” recalls Erin. “I decided I might as well join to enjoy the amazing discount, but it quickly became SO much more than that!”

Tips for Success

“Share the opportunity with everyone,” shares Erin. “You never know who might benefit from Origami Owl, whether it’s simply for the discount, to make some extra money, to have something of your own, etc. I am SO thankful that my now-Mentor extended the offer to join to me. Had she not asked me, I would never would have been able to consider this amazing opportunity!”

Why January?

“Joining Origami Owl in January is a great time because January is known for fresh starts or starting something new,” says Erin. “There is nothing to lose when you join Origami Owl – only limitless things to gain such as extra money, friendships, fun, recognition, and on and on and on!”

Laura + Kami Scheele, Director – Joined January 2013

“I joined in January because I loved the product and couldn’t help but be drawn to it,” recalls Laura. “I had been given a monetary Christmas gift and I decided to use that as an investment in starting my Origami Owl business. I didn’t know at the time that I was investing in much more than a physical Starter Kit.”

Tips for Success

“To start 2020 off with a lot of sparkle, I would recommend taking a deep breath,” shares Laura. “Give your business some thought – what you want to accomplish and how you want to proceed to make that happen. Map out a plan that works for you, and ask your peers and Mentor for advice. They may have something that works for you that you never would have thought of. I also recommend finding an organization and follow-up system that works for you. This will help you stick with your plan.”

Why January?

“January is the perfect time to start a new journey with Origami Owl,” exclaims Laura. “It’s something that you can do to help accomplish goals like debt reduction, pay for that gym membership or join to share in a community. Use January as a time of restart. Reset your goals and remember the reason why you joined this business.”


Vicki Matzen, Senior Director – Joined January 2012

O2 Journey

“January was the first month anyone could join Origami Owl, so I joined right away,” recalls Vicki. “I saw the jewelry at a market in the spring of 2011 that Bella was at and immediately loved it – and her!”

Why January?

“January, the start of a New Year, plus a new decade, is so exciting,” shares Vicki. “It’s a chance for a fresh start, a chance to own your own business, a chance to change your life’s circumstances, and a chance to impact the world with kindness. The opportunity to purchase the On-the-Go Starter Kit this month is exciting – an opportunity not to be missed. Offering this opportunity to your friends, family and acquaintances is a gift for you to give. I always think of sharing the business opportunity like I’m serving ‘brownies’ to a group of friends gathered at my house. As a Hostess, I offer them to everyone; I don’t pick and choose and leave some people out due to my preconceived judgements about them. Off the gift of Origami Owl to everyone. Let them decide if they want a ‘brownie’ or not! All you have to do is show our beautiful jewelry and share the opportunity.”

Tips for Success

“Building relationships is key,” says Vicki. “Get to know people and how Origami Owl can bless them. Remember the many ways this unique company has blessed you and your family. Let your light shine in this world of ours. People will wonder what is different about you and your work.”


Carrie Titus, Executive Team Leader – Joined January 2018

O2 Journey

“I joined during (a special promotion) because I wanted the discount on the jewelry – although I decided to purchase the larger Starter Kit because I wanted ALL the jewelry,” recalls Carrie.

Tips for Success and Why January?

“Talk about the opportunity and show people the value they get by being a Designer,” shares Carrie. “Sponsoring used to stress me out, but it’s really not as difficult as we make it out to be. Just talk about the opportunity and follow up. New year. New start. New business. Why not? It’s the perfect time to connect with those people who are looking to make a change in their lives. Origami Owl certainly changed my life. Never discount the ‘Power of One.’ I didn’t plan to make this a business, but thanks to a friend who decided to host a party, I ended up with a fantastic Customer base for a VIP group, and later, a solid start for a team, as three of those people from my very first Jewelry Bar have since joined.”


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