It’s that time of year again – time to welcome new members to our Young Entrepreneurs Council!

We’re thrilled to share the new Owlettes and BROs (Boys Representing Origami Owl®) selected to be a part of this year-long council serving and providing a youthful perspective to help develop a strong program. Young Entrepreneurs Council members represent their fellow Owlettes and BROs, while making a difference and gaining leadership skills.

Congratulations to Our 2021 Young Entrepreneurs Council!

Here’s what each of our new council members said about why they love being part of the Young Entrepreneurs Program.

Lourdes Joselyn Alvarado, 15 years old, from Pennsylvania

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has provided me the opportunity to run my own business and make money that I can save toward my financial goal. Also, through this program, I’ve been able to gain more confidence in public speaking. It’s also helped me step out of my comfort zone and connect with other Young Entrepreneurs around the country.”


Kayla Edgar, 14 years old, from Canada

“At times I feel I have told my story so many times that it’s just not interesting anymore, but it’s amazing to see people’s reactions when they hear what I have done in the past three years by being involved in this program. I am an inspiration to youth and Designers I know. I need to keep telling my story, and Bella’s story, to continue the ripple effect.”


Lily Gast, 13 years old, from Florida

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has affected my life by helping me become more social. I give back to my community more. Overall, it has changed my life for the better. Origami Owl has taught me to speak to larger crowds confidently and to comfortably have conversations with adults.”



Hadley Golden, 13 years old, from California

“I treasure being a part of the Origami Owl community because the love is unconditional, everyone matters and everyone’s voice is heard. The Young Entrepreneurs Program means so much to me to have a group of amazing Young Entrepreneurs who love to be a Force For Good and are always there for each other!”



Cassidy Grover, 13 years old, from Canada

“Origami Owl has impacted my life in many ways. It has made me more confident in myself and taught me how to love me for me. I will always be thankful to this amazing company.”



Minh-Grace Ngo, 12 years old, from Washington

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has impacted my life by giving me a great new jewelry style and friends who help me and support me when I’m stuck. Origami Owl has shown me how to run a business. I also now know that my mom and I have something in common we can’t get enough of – Origami Owl jewelry!”


Elizabeth Hendrickson, 15 years old, from Florida

“Origami Owl has given me a community I can always count on. It has helped me maintain confidence in myself, and so many amazing opportunities that I’m forever grateful for, especially being able to work a successful business at a young age and grow in it.”



Isabel LaPorte, 13 years old, from Canada

“Two years ago, when I joined, my ‘why’ was simply to spend more time with my mom and learn a bit about businesses; since then, I have discovered that Origami Owl is so much more than just my mom and me. I have made friends who live in another country. I’ve learned skills from our top Designers who I would have never heard of otherwise! Now, my ‘why’ is to connect with other Young Entrepreneurs, Designers and Customers whose stories I get to tell!”



Selina Novello, 19 years old, from Canada

“Origami Owl has a special place in my heart! I live by the Origami Owl mission daily in my life as I am constantly doing acts of kindness in my community and inspiring others. Without being a Young Entrepreneur, I don’t know where I would be today. I have learned so many business skills and had many opportunities through the program! I have become more confident in myself, business and organization skills, social selling and my abilities. I have also made so many connections and friendships with other Young Entrepreneurs and Designers that I’m sure will last a lifetime.”


Jadelynn Sanchez, 13 years old, from Texas

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has impacted my life by being a Force For Good®. It has also helped me to continue to maintain a growth mindset, to help others develop, as well as myself. I believe that I personally should be well-developed, mind, body and soul, so that I can help others grow, as well.”



Kami Scheele, 13 years old, from Montana

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has helped build my confidence, strengthen my relationship with my mom and empower me for the future. I love that I have built so many lasting relationships with fellow Designers and Young Entrepreneurs. This program has given me more than I could have ever imagined.”


Mattie Warren, 14 years old, from Indiana

“When I started Origami Owl, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I thought I would sell a little bit, but that would be it. I’ve since been presented numerous opportunities that I never in a million years thought I would have been presented. God has blessed my business with Origami Owl tremendously, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m so thankful I took the leap to do something with it, and I didn’t give up, didn’t quit, and I kept persevering. I love being a part of this company; I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few years!”

Katie Berg, 17 years old, from Montana

“Never in a million years would I have thought that a company and a chance to work with my mom would impact my life so much. I’ve been able to travel, learn to be myself and grow my confidence tremendously, meet some of my best friends, make memories that will last a lifetime and learn valuable business skills starting as a 12 year old.”

More About the Young Entrepreneurs Council

Thank you to all the Owlettes, BROs and Alumni who sent in their submissions to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Council! The Young Entrepreneurs Council is a one-year term, so we highly encourage those who weren’t selected this year to try again next year!

Young Entrepreneurs Council Perks: Opportunity to enhance the Young Entrepreneurs Program as it continues to evolve; opportunity to be highlighted throughout the year; one-on-one time with Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert and Senior Director of Special Sales Programs and Recognition Yvette Torres-Dickson and an end-of-year gift.

We’re so proud of this year’s Young Entrepreneurs Council, and we know they’re going to make a positive impact on the Young Entrepreneurs Program!