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We started out the New Year (and new decade!) with some incredible incentives for our OWL-mazing Designers, Owlettes and BROs!

From our Designer Exclusive look to earning a ticket to the 2020 O2 Experience and time with the Co-Founders to Golden Tickets in Spring Presale Packs (plus an exciting Golden Ticket Challenge in February!), we’re ready to make an impact in the Year of O2 – 2020!

Watch Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert share who the earners and winners are here.

Ticket to Convention + Time with the O2 Founders

Congratulations to the following Designers who sponsored the most qualified Designers (75 PV or more) in January! They’ve earned a FREE ticket to The O2 Experience in Nashville, Tennessee, July 23-25 AND an exclusive reception with the Origami Owl Co-Founders at the event!

Congratulations to all the earners! (Top two (2) January sponsors at each recognition title)

Designer (includes Designer, Senior Designer, Executive Designer)

  1. Anjie Wiltfong
  2. Crystal Arroues

Team Leader (includes Team Leader, Senior Team Leader, Executive Team Leader)

  1. Vivian Hernandez
  2. Kara & Edyn Gonder

Team Manager (includes Team Manager, Senior Team Manager and Executive Team Manager)

  1. Joan Milligan
  2. Nicole & Abigail Tobias

Director (includes Director, Senior Director and Executive Director)

  1. Sandi-Rose Smith
  2. Breanna Johnson

Field Vice President (includes Field Vice President, Senior Field Vice President and Executive Field Vice President)

  1. Robyn Torres
  2. Beth Blemaster


  1. Angelica & Jaymee Gomez
  2. Maria Beltran & Edgar Zavala

Eight (8) additional, randomly-drawn January sponsors

  1. Hadassah Lafferty
  2. Danielle Anderson
  3. Karen Brazitis
  4. Amanda Wheeler
  5. Renae Lamm
  6. Maria Guerra
  7. Raina Conner
  8. Phyllis Blood

January Designer Exclusive Look

We had 467 Sponsors and 466 New Designers earn the January Designer Exclusive look –exclusive Silver 26″ Convertible Coin Lariat Chain and Silver Clara Stud Earrings with Crystal AB Swarovski Crystals – for FREE because they generated 100 PV in January.

Congratulations, Golden Ticket Winners!

Congratulations to the following randomly-chosen 25 Designers who purchased BOTH presale packs between January 24 and February 3. You’ll be receiving the Rose Gold Clara Stud Earrings with Rose Peach Swarovski® Crystals and Petite Rose Gold Living Locket® Statement Necklace with Swarovski® Crystals 18-20” Chain – NEW! pieces from our Spring Collection with a retail value of $176 USD | $228 CAD!

  1. Nicole Greiner
  2. Jennifer Lowe
  3. Carrie Titus
  4. Kerry Hemphill
  5. Eden Solinsky
  6. Megan McKee
  7. Jacilyn Colbeck
  8. Norma V. Campos
  9. Elise Rolenc
  10. Kylie Drew
  11. Kasandra Tucci
  12. Cheryl Jimenez
  13. Wendi Matthews-Ortiz
  14. Katie Cerney
  15. Jeanine Rizzo
  16. Danielle Keenan
  17. Mary Hill
  18. Michele Diehl
  19. Jennifer Robins

Note: The six (6) remaining names will be filled in once the Designer has claimed their Golden Ticket!

Golden Ticket Challenge

Watch Origami Owl® Co-Founders Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems share who the earners are here.

Golden Tickets (see above to see the Spring Collection pieces you’re getting!)

  1. April DuBoce
  2. Rhonda Cain
  3. Terra Tolley

Rose Gold Stud + Pavé Adjustable Bangle with Swarovski® Crystals (Bella’s Fave!)

  1. Margaret McCarson
  2. Hope Erbert
  3. Carole Way
  4. Julie Jackson
  5. Melissa Holder
  6. Heidi Pintar
  7. Abigail Covington
  8. Shelly Bloom
  9. Jessica Diaz
  10. Chelsea Clark

Charm Packs (Chrissy’s Faves!)

  1. Barbara Moore
  2. Misty Silman
  3. Kathy Cornell
  4. Shelley Hornak
  5. Estella Rodeback
  6. Glenda Gutierrez
  7. Cynthia Kruis
  8. Crystal Salinas
  9. Chrisitine Soutiere
  10. Wendi Matthews-Ortiz

Silver “I am Beautiful” CZ Rose Necklaces

  1. Amphoe Arriola
  2. Kelly Montoya
  3. Luz Torres
  4. Tina Colon
  5. Patrica Telford
  6. Felicia Twardoch
  7. Lulu Neimeyer
  8. Cheri Gingerich
  9. Brittany Schroder
  10. Chelsea May Lintz

Silver Cluster Stud Earrings with Mint Swarovski Crystals

  1. Laura-Lee Walker
  2. Victoria Matzen
  3. Amanda Maier
  4. Connie Enderle
  5. Lorri Nevil 

Silver Vintage Toggle Living Locket Necklaces with Swarovski Crystals

  1. Tina Grover
  2. Daisy Ruiz
  3. MeKendra Sloan
  4. Melissa Davis
  5. Maria Beltran

Bonus Surprise

  1. Ashley Robinson
  2. Ivy Trevizo
  3. June Vega

Silver Double Stud Bangle with Mint Swarovski Crystal & Mint Swarovski Crystals Stardust Pack

  1. Lynsey McCurdy
  2. Erica King Pust
  3. Jessica Brown
  4. Jamie Smith
  5. Sonia Briseno

February Incentive Details

Designer Incentive

To reward you for helping others to become Designers and celebrate the start of our You Matter Rewards Program , from February 1 – 29, 2020 we’re DOUBLING the Points you’ll receive for Sponsoring.

Plus, New Designers who start their businesses between February 2 and February 20 at 11:59 p.m. CT (02.02.20 – 02.20.20!) will receive the Silver White Enamel Hearts Bangle Bracelet and Silver “Love” White Enamel Hearts Convertible Drop Earrings, a retail value of $56 USD | $72 CAD, absolutely FREE with the Essentials Kit or the Signature Kit! Get all the details on our February incentives here.

February Owlette/BRO Incentive

Owlettes and BROs who generate a minimum of 222 PV, and do two loving acts of kindness, in February, will earn a “special” Plate and a little, extra surprise!

Please send your orders, and explain your two acts of kindness, to Owlettes@OrigamiOwl.com by February 29.