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While our HOLLA-Day Hustle Boot Camp concluded December 31, last week we announced our final (Week 10) winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated and sent in their HOLLA-Day Hustle Tracker weekly! We hope this group was exciting, engaging and helped your focus and consistency to Book, Sell, Share, Expand during the holiday selling season!

Congratulations to our Week 7, 8, 9 and 10 HOLLA-Day Hustle Boot Camp weekly challenge winners below. They’ve won a Mystery Founder Gift from Origami Owl® Co-Founder Chrissy Weems!

Week 7 Winners:

1. Dawn Firstenberg

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 5 Weekly Connections; 14 Weekly Social Posts; 3 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“This has been a great week! I reached out to one of my Customers who is a Watch fan and let her know about our 12 Days of Gifting Signature Living Locket® Watch offer. She was super excited (and purchased) because our Watches are the only ones that fit her right. I was also able to personally place orders for a few of my Customers who struggle with computers. I made goodie bags for my next event for those who joined my VIP on the spot, and I booked a vendor spot at a cheerleading tournament. Plus, I qualified for a trip for 1 to Costa Rica!”

2. Kristal Lorelle Browne

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2-4 Weekly Connections; 2 Weekly Social Posts; 2 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“This was an exciting week that started with a one-on-one consult and ended with a holiday/Christmas market. The consult was with a neighbor who, despite being sent information about the ongoing online sales, really wanted to see and experience putting a Locket together in person. The final look was a very special Cross Living Locket! She brought along a friend and, since they both know my mom, everyone chatted and had a good time. My mom even got involved and was showing some her jewelry ‘picks’ to her friends. The market was a true gift from one of our local Team Leaders, Allison Berkowitz Millard. Earlier this year, she learned that I was new to the area (after moving from the West Coast to the East Coast) and reached out to support me. This was the second event I was able to cover for her (the first one was in September) and it was a perfect way for me to step out of my comfort zone, learn to deal with unexpected situations, and practice my ‘on the fly’ people skills. I had a great time meeting new Customers, and even though I didn’t do such a good job at gathering everyone’s information, I did make some good connections and sent everyone home with my card. I have already followed up with one Customer’s retired Charm request, and am researching a possible larger order for another client.”

3. Rachel Prickett

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 3 Weekly Connections; 7 Weekly Social Posts, 4 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I ADORE the 12 Days of Gifting! I wish we could do this more than once a year! I reached out to everyone under the sun (past/present Customers, friends, family, vendors from shows I’ve done, etc.) the day we launched it. Just spreading the joy!”

4. Aline Grigorian

 “I had two indoor events this weekend. I did pretty well, even though the rain kept the crowds home. I made several sales, collected contacts while handing out catalogs, and started following up. I have another event on Saturday and the weather is going to be nice. I’m hoping for a great turnout and more contacts and sales. I’m also waiting to hear back from my request for my last possible event of the year. I’m hoping to set up my table at a retirement home and give the residents and staff an opportunity to shop for the holidays.”

5. Wendy Ruud

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 3 Weekly Connections; 21 Weekly Social Posts, 10 Weekly Locket Builders; 2 Weekly Jewelry Bars

“I’m having another great week! I had two events, another tomorrow, and an ongoing fundraiser for my church. I’m also talking to two potential Designers. I love that I’m able to make donations of our jewelry to those who need a little, extra positive glow in their lives during the holidays. I enjoy being a Designer and sharing the love!”

Week 8 Winners:

1. Crystal Mason

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2 Weekly Connections; 7 Weekly Social Posts; 2 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I’m wrapping up a fundraiser and had over a $100 order yesterday. I’m also placing two small orders for Customers tomorrow – and one of them is a new Customer! I’m slowly, but surely, still hustling!”

2. Denise Manos

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 6 Weekly Connections; 14 Weekly Social Posts; 5 Weekly Locket Builders; 2 Weekly Jewelry Bars

“I had a great week! I sold six Surprise Jewelry Candles to male friends and co-workers. I met with the manager of a local post office and left some business cards and Take Out Menus. I also followed up with a Customer, who is very pleased and excited about her recent purchase she will be gifting to someone else.”

3. Ellie Russo

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 6 Weekly Connections; 15 Weekly Social Posts; 8 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I wear the Legacy Silver Oval Photo Living Locket with a photo on both sides and one single Charm. I get a lot of compliments on this look (and my adorable son)! I sold two ‘memory’ Lockets and two ‘mom’ Lockets this week. I don’t charge for printing the photo, so that has a huge impact on Customers. Every time I do a Facebook ad I think, ‘I’m never doing that again.’ Then, I do! The Harry Potter™ offer during the 12 Days of Gifting got me some ‘Likes’ on my business page and a few messages. I’m also working on finalizing the details for some Jewelry Bars in January and just solidified a ladies vendor bingo event with 300 presold tickets in January!”

4. Tina Frey

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 7 Weekly Connections; 7 Weekly Social Posts; 7 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I have to say ‘thank you’ for the 12 Days of Gifting – it has done wonders for my business. I had a one-on-one shopping with my daughter’s friend’s mom that did exceptionally well! I’m hoping to finish the year strong so I can start the New Year even stronger. I picked my empowerment words for 2020 that I’m going to have inscribed on an Inscriptions® Vertical Bar Pendant – Intention 2020 on one side and Live Love Work Play on the other.”

5. Christine Soutiere

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 56 Weekly Connections; 160 Weekly Social Posts; 4 Weekly Locket Builders; 4 Weekly Jewelry Bars

Week 9 Winners:

1. Karen Brazitis

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 10 Weekly Connections; 10 Weekly Social Posts; 5 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“What a month it’s been! Thank you for the 12 Days of Gifting. It helped me reach Businessbuilder and near Successbuilder. What a great way to close out the year – and my first six months with Origami Owl – and the decade!”

2. Katie Elifrits

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2 Weekly Connections; 14 Weekly Social Posts; 3 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“December has been awesome! I made connections with people who have never shown interest before, booked a Jewelry Bar on the fly during the 12 Days of Gifting and had a stellar show with over $750 in sales. I’m keeping my VIP group engaged daily with lots of random posts; consistency has been my best friend. I’m also getting to teach all of this to my Owlette, Cheyanne, who I reached Successbuilder with this month, for the second month ever in a row! Consistency is paying off.”

3. Kris Moser

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 40+ Weekly Connections, 20+ Weekly Social Posts, 4 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I’m already in full-swing working on filling my 2020 calendar. Here’s to an awesome New Year filled with lots of O2 love!”

4. Tatiana Q Lessa

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 7 Weekly Connections, 20 Weekly Social Posts, 14 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“Hustling…hustling! Thanks to my amazing accountability partner’s (Sandy Gast) idea, I had an incredible sale in my VIP group this week for some last-minute gifts and ended up getting over $300 in sales. We did a Facebook Live in our team groups to share the idea and had some of our Designers doing the same sale in their VIP groups. My home office is open for my local Customers for their last-minute, wrapped gifts! Great week!”

5. Kimi Zifchak

Week 10 Winners: (most consistent during the HOLLA-Day Hustle Boot Camp)

  1. Susan Crum
  2. Amanda Johnson
  3. Cindy Kruis
  4. Colleen Evans
  5. Tatiana Q Lessa
  6. Hope Erbert
  7. Amanda Preston
  8. Michael Copenhaver

12 Days of Expanding Your Network Winners

1. Monica Dundorf

“I completed all 12 days. The biggest impact came from sharing information about our Hostess Rewards Program and the join opportunity with several people. I had two people that are going to do a Jewelry Bar on January 7 and January 25. I also had someone who had no interest in Origami Owl want me to contact them to learn more about the opportunity after I reached out to her about no winning our raffle. Overall, it was successful!”

2. Courtney Butler

“I completed each day. This little calendar helped to fill up my cup! My favorite days were when I gifted pieces to friends who weren’t expecting them – one to a postal service worker (for his wife) that I see every week when I drop off mail (he teared up!) and one to another friend to give to her teenage daughter after losing their fur baby. Not expecting anything in return, the blessings followed.”

3. Stacy Schneider

“I completed each day, got out of my comfort zone and made the effort. I gave away a lot of Take Out Menus and even booked a fundraiser from it. It was awkward and a little uncomfortable to realize I hadn’t followed through very well in the past, but 2020 here I come!”

4. Alicia Harper

“Despite being insanely busy and not thinking I could get any of the days done, I did get quite a few. And, it didn’t feel like ‘work’ because it was mostly just doing good things and enjoying conversations instead of thinking about the fact that I’m trying to expand.”

5. Jillian Davis