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The holidays are just around the corner and we’re thrilled to see so many of you using your HOLLA-Day Hustle Tracker and working hard to reach your goals!

Congratulations to our Week 4, 5 and 6 HOLLA-Day Hustle Boot Camp weekly challenge winners below. They’ve won a Mystery Founder Gift from Origami Owl® Co-Founder Chrissy Weems!

And, keep reading for some tips for success from a couple of New Designers who are hustlin’ for the holidays and making things happen this month!

Week 4 Winners:

1. Jessica Loish

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 20+ Weekly Connections; 3 Weekly Social Posts; 5 Weekly Locket Builders; 3 Weekly Jewelry Bars/Events

“I had a holiday event at a retirement home on a Thursday that did well! I had a lady pick out a Wrap Bracelet and add Charms for her granddaughter. I also participated in a three-day pet expo and met some wonderful people. A few highlights from the pet expo: a cemetery owner asked if I had Lockets for ashes; a gentleman asked if I do events often and if I’d like to set up at a pet expo in Columbus, Ohio; I helped a lady pick the perfect piece to wear on a daily basis as a reminder of her mom and dad who had passed. (I also had) a lady who doesn’t wear jewelry, but loves collecting miniature things buy the Charm Case to showcase Charms. I gave her a Take Out Menu so once her Charm Case arrives, she can build her Charm collection. She also bought the Inscriptions® Dog Bone Tag from my display that said ‘Princess’ on it because her dog’s name happens to be Princess!”

2. Shelley + Brianna Standen

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 10 Weekly Connections; 14 Weekly Social Posts; 14 Weekly Locket Builders; 5 Weekly Jewelry Bars

“Brianna and I had a fabulous week! We met so many people who had never heard of Origami Owl. We created special gifts for them and their loved ones for Christmas – all telling a story. I followed up with people and personally met them with hugs and smiles. We shared the opportunity to join our team and had a few more join our Canadian Charming Sparkles VIP group. We also met some people who had a Locket already and listened to every piece that was placed inside. It truly is the personal face-to-face interactions that are the most meaningful. Everlasting impressions are what people remember!”

3. Christy Jackson

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2-10 Weekly Connections; 30-50 Weekly Social Posts, 10 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I’ve booked two vendor events for December, and added 15 new people to my VIP Facebook group. I also did a Facebook Live with my Owlette, Sophia, to demonstrate how to retrieve the vessel from the Surprise Jewelry Candles (which smell absolutely delightful!). I passed out my Take Out Menus to employees and Customers in a local Wal-Mart because people stopped me to ask about my Locket I was wearing. We really are the best walking advertisements! I also created a Locket on Locket Builder and sent it out, and now a Customer wants to purchase it. I LOVE Locket Builder! Our Owlettes donated 71 blessing bags to Catholic Charities, and we’re continuing to be a Force For Good® within our community. I’m continuing to support my team by posting on our team page and calling and reaching out during the week. I’ve also organized contests to motivate and encourage them so we can all be successful. I sent out ‘Thank you’ card and courtesy Charms to Customers who made purchases the past couple of weeks. It’s important to let your Customers know they’re appreciated. I am going to continue to work it and strive to do my best!”

4. Mattie Warren (Traci Warren)

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 6 Weekly Connections; 7+ Weekly Social Posts, 5 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I became an Owlette in September. I have achieved Dreambuilder two months in a row. My Jewelry Bars® have been going really well and this HOLLA-Day Hustle has been super fun!”

5. Ashley Rozenfelds-Ashley

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2 Weekly Connections; 14 Weekly Social Posts, 5 Weekly Locket Builders; 4 Weekly Jewelry Bars

“I met with a friend for coffee on Veterans Day. I booked an in-home Jewelry Bar with her and her future mother-in-law for December. I had a Facebook Jewelry Bar and got one order so far. I had lots of interaction, which was exciting, since it was my first time going live to share my story; my ‘why,’ and share some of my favorite jewelry pieces. I honestly think in-person interaction is better than virtual. I also sent an application in to a vendor on Small Business Saturday and a local Christmas Light Show. I even booked an event for December 14. I had a return Customer place an order for holiday items and a Surprise Jewelry Candle. I also have one guest from a Jewelry Bar interested in hosting her own Jewelry Bar! Lastly, I followed up with my past Customers to make sure they were happy with their orders.”

6. Courtney Butler

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: various Weekly Connections, Weekly Social Posts and Weekly Locket Builders; 2 Weekly Jewelry Bars

“This past week was FILLED with successes, including over $700 in sales, a New Designer and a fundraiser booked for December.”

Week 5 Winners:

1. Shelley Licknack

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 25-50 Weekly Connections; multiple Weekly Social Posts; 25-50 Weekly Locket Builders; various Weekly Jewelry Bars

“My goals have always been, and always are, to help my team. I’m still working with them on their Daily Vital Behaviors. I went live on my team page almost every day. I spent time doing follow-up postcards, ‘Thank you’ cards and entering names into the My O2 Connection app. I had multiple events in November. I have over 21,000 Adventure Points toward the Costa Rica incentive trip, so I’m close to earning a trip for one! (Shelley has earned a trip for one since sending in her response!) Consistency is everything. I post two to three times a day on my business page and in my VIP group. My public page is all about fun and engagement.”

2. Sarah Kincaid

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 3 Weekly Connections; 5 Weekly Social Posts; 2 Weekly Locket Builders; 2 Weekly Jewelry Bars

“This week, I sent Surprise Jewelry Candles to work with my husband so people there can see and smell them. I’ve been following up more and want to intrigue people to join our team so me and my girls can keep growing.”

3. Amanda Mullins

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2 Weekly Connections; 7 Weekly Social Posts; 2 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“Despite being a slow week, I am happy that I have grown my VIP group by 10 members! I am also (slowly) starting to see interest from my cold group (non-family and friends), and that makes me happy and more confident.”

4. Debbie Kirby

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 2 Weekly Connections; 15 Weekly Social Posts; 7 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“This week, I feel like my work is paying off. I have a Customer who purchased $380 in their first order and booked a Jewelry Bar with me. My Customers are asking about the upcoming weekly deals (Cyber Week) and are excited.”

5. Breana Gocke

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 10 Weekly Connections; 10 Weekly Social Posts; 5 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I am loving this challenge! I hosted a ladies’ wine night at my house and got quite a few orders! I planted seeds with many others, too! I even had a person from my group come with their Lockets already in Locket Builder ready to purchase! I have been sharing Locket Builder in my group and it is paying off!”

Week 6 Winners:

1. Jill Durham

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 15 Weekly Connections; 20 Weekly Social Posts; 20 Weekly Locket Builders; 2 Weekly Jewelry Bars

2. Heidi Knight

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 7 Weekly Connections; 5 Weekly Social Posts; 2 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I am doing my first show in two weeks, so I have been thankful for all the sales! I have never put myself out there by buying inventory. I’m finally getting a few bites on Jewelry Bars!”

3. Kathy “Kat” Cornell

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: 4 Weekly Connections; 14 Weekly Social Posts; 8 Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“I’m ending November on a pretty good note. Cyber week helped a lot with my sales! I can’t wait for December!”

4. Christalyn Barragan

HOLLA-Day Hustle Weekly Goals: various Weekly Connections, Weekly Social Posts and Weekly Locket Builders; 1 Weekly Jewelry Bar

“Seth and I did a Facebook Jewelry Bar for my mom again and a pop-up Facebook Jewelry Bar. We hand out Take Out Menus whenever we can and post a lot on Facebook.”

Tips for Success from Two New Designers

Nathalie Buchanan, Designer – started O2 journey in September 2019 – generated 1,500 PV in October and 2,075 PV in November!

“I joined Origami Owl to do something for me. After a difficult and lonely pregnancy and maternity leave (my daughter was born 11 weeks premature), I needed to concentrate on me. Origami Owl has allowed me to do just that – get out there, meet people and talk about a product that I believe in. I get to share my story and in turn, help others share theirs. As a New Designer, it was difficult to get started and I felt a little lost, but my amazing Mentor, Senior Team Leader Carole LaPorte, has supported me along the way.”


  1. Get out of your comfort zone and do some follow-ups. I’ve watched all the company Facebook Lives that talk about the importance of following up, and I didn’t think it would make such a difference – but it does! When I invited guests to my launch party, I followed up with the ones that couldn’t attend. I am very happy I did because it resulted in two additional sales that brought my Jewelry Bar to over $1,000!
  2. Keep going. You will have hard times. You will hear ‘no,’ but keep those names and contacts. Follow up later when there’s a new promotion or collection. This has proven to be successful for me.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out. I started building a network and met with other representatives from other direct sales companies. This led me to an open house event where I was able to meet a ton of new people and expand my Customer base by double. I hadn’t ever done this type of event before, but I decided to try it – and it was worth it! How did I make this happen? I saw an event on someone’s Facebook page and contacted the host to see if she needed another rep. That was it!
  4. Use Locket Builder. I offer to help potential Customers build a Locket using Locket Builder (love it!) or I just send them links if Locket Builder isn’t an option for what they’re looking for. Some people need you to be specific and do the work for them. So, make sure you ask questions and send them what they need with clear instructions. That has worked wonders for me, especially with men who aren’t sure what to get their significant others.
  5. Know the product. Join all the Facebook groups and watch all the old videos. I get a lot of questions about the quality of the jewelry, so it’s best to get informed and don’t be afraid to get out there!


Kat Cornell, Executive Team Leader – started O2 journey in February 2019 – steadily growing her O2 business over 20% each month!

“I originally joined because I wanted a discount on all the pretty things. But, it quickly turned into something so much more than I expected! I have an amazing Mentor, Senior Team manager Tatiana Lessa, who has guided me every step of the way. I love to learn, and I’m always looking for new ways to grow. I enjoy getting tips from my veteran O2 sisters and brothers. I keep copies of many posts in a file, so I can refer back to it when needed.”


  1. Give. Up! It takes time for people to warm up to you, especially on a social media platform. If you find that another Designer is having success with a strategy, but for some reason it’s not working for you, keep trying until you find one that does. Always look for new ideas and new ways to grow your business.
  2. Go Live. I was terrified of this one! But, it makes such a difference in your VIP group. People want to know that you are real and not just words on a screen. Going live is how you can build relationships with your audience and strengthen your connection with them. Who cares if your hair is messy or you’re not wearing any makeup. Just be you!
  3. Embrace your team. We are ALL in this together! Help each other and cheer each other on. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I have gained so many new friendships by being a part of this amazing company, and for that, I will be forever grateful.