Mission Possible March

Thank you for helping us spread our mission of being a Force For Good® by helping others start their Origami Owl businesses in March!

For each new Designer who joined your team in March, and when both of you generated 100 PV, you received a ticket into an exclusive giveaway to be randomly drawn to earn a trip to The Nest or hand-selected pieces from our upcoming The Wizard of Oz for Origami Owl Collection once it launches on May 14 (retail value of over $100 USD | $130 CAD)!

Watch the reveal of the randomly-drawn Designers with Origami Owl Co-Founders Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems:

Congratulations to these three (3) Designers who will be visiting The Nest:

  1. Crystal Radfar of Pennsylvania
  2. Shaindel Siev of New York
  3. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa of Florida

They’ll get to visit with Origami Owl’s jewelry development team along with Origami Owl Co-Founders Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems!

The trip includes:

  • Airfare for one (1) to Arizona
  • A one-night hotel stay
  • Dinner with the Founders!

Congratulations to these 50 Designers who will be receiving hand-selected pieces from The Wizard of Oz Collection once it launches May 14:

1.    Robyn Torres
2.    Martha Whited
3.    Beth Blemaster
4.    Aimee Johnson
5.    Cassie Pinnoo
6.    Krystle Burt
7.    Karen Alaniz
8.    Dana Curtin
9.    Sherri Judd
10.  Nannette Bullis
11.  Vinnette Lang
12.  Mimi Castillo
13.  Carolina McGrath
14.  Kim Biehn
15.  Sandy Daly
16.  Donel Edwards
17.  Leeann Caridi
18.  Clarissa Reyna
19.  Brandy Ballantine
20.  Mishell Amick
21.  Cristina Deaquino
22.  Brenda Keller
23.  Emily Yerly
24.  Annette Johnson
25.  Amanda Rossettini
26.  Jessica Drew
27.  Chelsea Queen
28.  Keri Brown
29.  Desiree Selby
30.  Jackie Nelson
31.  Leah Dombrowski
32.  Christina Walters
33.  Briana Zimmerman
34.  Alesha Brock
35.  Amanda Folden
36.  Whitney Ebarb
37.  Amanda Alessandra
38.  Margarita Elizabeth
39.  Michelle Newell
40.  Ivonne Del Rio
41.  Catherine Floyd
42.  Angelica Mendoza
43.  Marianne Ambrose
44.  Kelly Dowden
45.  Brooke Wolff
46.  Brandi Gutierrez
47.  Justin Salinas
48.  Melissa Dowdy
49.  Lisa Gillespie

50.  Bobbi Tolbert


Winners – stay tuned! We’ll send you an email shortly with more details.

We also had a special incentive for our Owlettes & BROs! Check out who earned an exclusive, O2 Bomber Jacket.

Now it’s time to help your Customers tell their stories in April! From FREE Charms to mystery jewelry, here are the extra perks you can earn this month for telling more stories in April!