Thousands of New Designers joined our community in August and started their O2 businesses with our limited-time Dream Big Kit, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them!

August included so many incredible incentives – including a special, limited-time Dream Big Kit, the first-ever Disney look and a fun sweepstakes!

Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the exciting results:

  • Almost 70 percent of New Designers who started with the Dream Big Kit also generated 100 PV by August 31 and will receive a FREE upgrade to the O2 Product Sampling Kit – a $320 USD | $400 CAD value!
  • Almost 40 percent of these New Designers generated 250 PV by August 31 and earned the very first officially-licensed Disney and Origami Owl Collection pieces for FREE – One (1) Disney Silver “Dream” Mickey Mouse Coin Pendant AND One (1) Disney Mickey Mouse Sparkle Stud Earrings – a $56 USD | $73 CAD value!
  • Over 650 Mentors earned the very first officially-licensed Disney and Origami Owl Collection pieces for FREE for helping their New Designer, who joined in August, generate 250 PV or more by August 31.
  • Over 980 Mentors earned an entry (or entries!) into our special sweepstakes for generating 100 PV, and getting their New Designer to 100 PV, in August! Watch the reveal of that here and check out the earners and their prizes below.

$50 Hoot Loot         

Emily Frye Gibson

Erica Cottongim

Kristine Oatley

Julissa Schuster

Edith Carreras

Hector Cantu

Claudia Hernandez

Yuliana Canizalez

Amanda De la Cruz

Tina Archuleta

$100 Hoot Loot

Breanna Johnson

Angela Lamboo

Susan Philips

$250 Hoot Loot

Reva Ayala

Silver Watch + Swarovski Window Plate

Adamarisse Ojeda

Erin Fortney

Silver Empowerment Trio

Amy Marek

Lisa Bond

Abby Meador

Celia Gonzalez

Maria Navarrette

Gold Empowerment Trio

Jennifer Wilken

Tina Frey

Susan Yergo

Alba Saenz

Melissa Ghane

Black Swarovski Wrap and Gold Hoops

Amanda Johnson

Julissa Schuster

Emily Jensen

Black Swarovski Wrap and Silver Drop Earrings

Marie Lorence

Mary Beth Denney

Ann Bertelli

White Charm Case and White Tray

Brandee Bell

Erin Zapata

Tami Butcher

Maria Andrea Hernandez

Denise McGowan

Disney Headband Ears

Shauna Congelliere

Sharon Penner

Lisa Zygelman

Robyn Torres

Jennifer Sharon

Alicia Moran

Rosa Santillan

Mayra Perez

Gonzala Vargas

Maricela Perez

Mickey or Minnie Umbrella

Norma Martinez

Tami Butcher

Kristine Stevens

Melissa Estep

Minnie Socks and Claras

Arely Pena

Holly Corbett

Angela Minutillo

Carmen Vela

Imelda Lozano

Disney Gift Card

Maria Capola

Mary Beth Denney

Leigh-Ann Worrall

Theresa Woolworth

Kimberly Schreiner

Jennifer Cascella

Arturo Gonzalez

Sarah Schwarzer

Katie DeVito

Sandy Daly

Crystal Ochoa

Inocencia Guzman

Shari McKinney

Catherine Fakkema

Lauren Puckett

Rose Kepperling

Jill Bridgeman

Idalia Carvajal

Karen Alaniz

Shelley Standen

Amazon Gift Card

Ximena Walker

Adianys Dennis

Francine Cetta

Denise Curran

Breanna Johnson

Mirna Guerra

Alissa Oppenheimer

Carla New

Dana Richmond

Kathleen Castillo