Every year, we give YOU the chance to nominate a deserving Designer who should be recognized with an O2 Culture Award for going above and beyond and exemplifying the heart of Origami Owl®. We’re thrilled to share the incredible Designers who were recognized at Convention.

Heart of O2 Award

The Heart of O2 Award is the highest level of Designer recognition and is given by the Founders. The recipient of this award embodies everything O2, from our mission to our core values. This Designer is committed to mentoring all Designers (even those who are not part of their team) and makes it a priority to help them achieve success both in their jewelry business, and in their personal lives. This Designer is a role model for all, contributes to causes they are passionate about, and is genuinely selfless.

Congratulations, Vicki Matzen, Senior Director


“Vicki is a genuine, true example of what Origami Owl’s mission is: ‘To be a Force For Good; to Love, Inspire and Motivate People of All Ages to Reach Their Dreams and Empower Them to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others.’ Not only does she run her business this way, it is how she has chosen to live her life, and how she encourages those around her to live. Leading with a compassionate, patient and generous calming spirit are some of the many qualities that make Vicki so special. Whether she’s sharing her patience with a brand-new Designer who is navigating the launch of her new business, or cheering on fellow leaders, in and outside of her team, Vicki does it with a Force For Good attitude.

During Convention, you can find her sitting in the front row of workshops cheering on new leaders as they lead their first workshop. Other times, she’s standing on the stage teaching and sharing her knowledge with others. While her family is her most loved treasure, she also loves her O2 family deeply. Many Designers know they can come to Vicki and she will genuinely listen as they share their struggles and frustration, and she is the first to celebrate in their achievements. Her patience and compassion are felt by anyone whom she guides, mentors and teaches. Vicki embodies the saying that ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ Vicki embraces every person she meets with genuine love and leaves them feeling empowered to make a difference in their lives.

Whether traveling on every O2 incentive trip with her husband of 47 years, or being able to financially provide for her family with her Origami Owl business, her heart and passion for her faith, family and fellow O2 Designers truly draws others in. Vicki truly embodies the Heart of Origami Owl.”

Here are our Heart of O2 Award recipients from previous years:

  • 2018: Tina Hendrickson, Senior Team Manager
  • 2017: Holly Corbett, Team Manager
  • 2016: Heather Hall, Field Vice President
  • 2015: Adrienne Mell, Senior Team Leader
  • 2014: Krista Saysanam, Senior Director
  • 2013: Michelle Freatman, Senior Director
  • 2012: Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Love, Inspire, Motivate Award

The Love, Inspire, Motivate Award is awarded to a Designer who genuinely loves and inspires all. This Designer positively affects any situation, helps others to realize every situation, and is a Force For Good®. This Designer is both a committed professional Mentor and a compassionate personal coach who has a personal story that inspires others.

Congratulations, Tiffany and Jonathan Gin, Senior Team Manager


“The Gins are all about helping Designers succeed while spreading the love of the O2 community.

When there are Designers who are by themselves, the Gins welcome them with open arms! They have so many ‘adoptees’ on their team page, giving them direction, coaching and support – while expecting nothing in return!

Their team name was changed from Timeless Owls to Team Owlhana {the word ‘ohana’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘family.’} This is due to their mission to welcome all Designers to have a home, and their true desire that ‘no one be left behind.’ This has become their team culture.

Tiffany is a great leader who empowers others and leads with great love. The happiness she exudes when someone on their team succeeds is genuine and contagious. And, Jonathan…have you seen him on the dance floor or in his Stitch costume? His enthusiasm energizes everyone behind the scenes and the support he gives to Tiffany is wonderful to see.

Tiffany and Jon are the embodiment of O2’s core values, and the passion that runs through them is felt by everyone who meets them. They consistently pay it forward selflessly: A shining example of O2!”

Force For Good Award

The Force For Good Award is awarded to a Designer who represents the O2 mission in every aspect of his or her life. They use O2 jewelry as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others and leads and serves their team in every way. Not only have they made significant efforts to be a Force For Good in their community, they also make extraordinary sacrifices for others, and contribute to charitable organizations by volunteering their time, or donating to a cause they are passionate about.

Congratulations, Barbara Gomes, Senior Team Manager


“Barbara lives the O2 mission every single day and runs her business with that at the forefront!

Barbara was instrumental in helping the victims of the recent Northern California fire that decimated an entire town of 50,000 people. Not only did she jump into action, organizing people to help, she managed to secure and donate 300 pairs of pajamas for those affected. She also headed an initiative of Origami Owl Designers who donated 96 ‘Still I Rise’ sets of jewelry to those who lost everything in the fire – resulting in fellowship, renewed strength and hope.

Over the years, Barbara has gifted Origami Owl to numerous people who are struggling in their lives – from parents who lost their children in tragic shootings to a mom who just needs a boost and everyone in-between. The list is too long for us to mention everything Barbara does at a moment’s notice, without hesitation, to help those in need.

Barbara embodies every aspect of the Origami Owl Force For Good culture and spreads light and love wherever she goes!”

Force For Good Award

Congratulations, Wendy Corso-Ruud, Senior Team Leader


“Wendy exemplifies being a Force for Good! She lives the O2 mission every day and inspires other to, as well!

Wendy helps many local organizations, from dog rescues to softball teams to school clubs and families in need, by offering fundraisers with her Origami Owl business. Not only does she offer financial help to so many deserving causes, but she is extremely passionate about helping children through the Florida Parent Teacher Association.

When three young children, who she didn’t know, suddenly and unexpectedly lost their mother, Wendy gifted them with Lockets. She did this because she thought they needed a special reminder of their mom.

A few years ago, an Origami Owl Designer (one who was not in her downline) had her car break down and had no way to get her boys to school. Wendy offered this Designer the use of her car, and let her keep it for a week simply because ‘she needed it more.’

Wendy is a wonderful mentor and is always the first to offer a helping hand to anyone within Origami Owl or her daily life. She makes others better just by knowing her and can light up a room with her constant smile and positive attitude!

Wendy inspires everyone on her team to raise the bar and go ‘above and beyond’ in the kindness department!”

Owlette Force For Good Award

Congratulations, Marlowe Kemp, Senior Designer


“After Marlowe returned from Convention in 2018, she decided she wanted to be a Force For Good; she immediately started collecting donations of travel toiletries and packing them up in Ziploc bags to give away.

Toiletries expanded to feminine products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, to hats, mittens and scarves in the winter. Over 200 Ziploc bags have been donated to local organizations, with over 100 pieces of women’s clothing, accessories and shoes raised for Athena’s Knot – an organization that serves women re-entering the workforce.

Marlowe brings energy and enthusiasm to all she does and those around her. In Ontario, Canada, the province where she resides, every high school student is required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service. Marlowe has already completed over 350 hours!

Marlowe is the embodiment of our O2 mission in every aspect of her life and operates by the company’s core values without even realizing it. Marlowe’s favorite scripture passage is Ephesians 4:2 – ‘Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.’ Marlowe clearly has a heart for people, and we are so happy to present this Force For Good Award to this hard-working young lady.”

Most Inspiring Owlette Award

The Most Inspiring Owlette Award is awarded to an Owlette (young girl or boy ages 11-17) who has embraced their role and demonstrated their commitment to learning about O2’s jewelry opportunity. They not only embody the O2 mission and core values in every aspect of their life, they also inspire and motivate their peers through positive action.

Congratulations, Kelsea Whiting, Senior Team Leader


“Kelsea has been described as a ‘joy to be around with very infectious energy.’  When she started out as an Owlette, she was extremely shy. Today, she is a very inspirational teen with outstanding leadership qualities. Kelsea is a true example of the powerful impact the Owlette Program can have on our youth.

Kelsea started the business with her grandmother, but runs the business by herself. At 16, she is strategic and successful in her goal setting, so much so that she even earned this past incentive trip to Punta Cana. She pushes herself, and has promoted and maintained a leadership title, all while keeping an eye on growth!

She works her Owlette business to help support her through school and photography. Kelsea comes from a very small high school in California, where she is part of the Future Business Leaders of America program. Four students from her high school recently made it to Nationals.  Not a single person from her high school has ever placed high enough to make it Nationals, and Kelsea was one of those four students. She attributes her confidence and success to the experience she has gained from being an Owlette.

As a member of the O2 Youth Council, Kelsea is a shining star! She never hesitates to make training videos when asked, shares tips with other Owlettes to help them succeed, and will jump in where she is needed – even last minute. She works fast and efficiently, and her contributions are top notch!

We know that Kelsea is a change-maker, and wherever Kelsea goes, she will contribute to her community and seek to be the change the world needs.”

Most Inspiring Owlette Team Award

The Most Inspiring Owlette Team Award is awarded to an Owlette team who embodies the O2 mission and core values and has overcome adversity or challenging circumstances. Not only have their achieved success in their O2 jewelry business, they also serve as a role model for other Owlette teams.

Congratulations, Laura + Kami Scheele, Director


“The mother-daughter Owlette team of Laura and Kami Scheele work the business hand-in-hand.

Laura does more of the business side such as placing orders and mentoring; Kami is more of the doer – choosing inventory for events, freshening up the display and putting together Hostess Packets. Kami shines at Jewelry Bars®! She loves to talk with kids and the elderly about their stories and help tell them pick out the Charms for their Lockets.

Laura empowers Kami to work hard alongside her, and teaches her how to make her own money. She helps Kami create a plan so that she can achieve her goals and Owlette incentives.  With Laura’s guidance, Kami was able to earn all of her own money to purchase her equipment when she made the traveling softball team (being able to take on that expense is a blessing to the whole family). Kami was the very first Owlette to earn the branded O2 Bomber Jacket when the first Owlette incentive was launched in March.

At 11 years old, Kami is the youngest member on the O2 Youth Council, but you would never know it! She is one of the most active contributors to the Youth Council with so much to share. She also helps to mentor her own Owlette team by organizing group Jewelry Bars, encouraging them and setting a great example.

The Scheele’s launch party was held at the local ice cream shop. It was held in tandem with Kami’s birthday, so Kami invited all of her friends, and their moms, and had over 30 guests! Kami requested no gifts, but if her guests were inclined, she requested they add additional funds to her donation of 10 percent of sales to local families in need at Christmas. This was a brilliant idea – she sold over $750 at her launch party that day!

Simply put, Kami Scheele exemplifies the very essence of the Owlette Program, and together, Kami and Laura are a powerhouse team that are unstoppable! Kami inspires her mom every day to do more and to never say ‘never.’”