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Before Origami Owl®, Executive Team Leader Nova Goforth worked at a factory for 15 years right out of high school.

Leaving the only job she’d ever had to be a stay-at-home mom with her two children, Nova started to go through what a lot of moms go through – depression.

“Being at home by yourself when the kids are at school gets lonely,” recalls Nova. “I remember getting bored and wanting an activity to help fill up my time when the kids were at school.”

That’s when Nova’s life changed.

O2 Journey

“For Mother’s Day in 2014, my mom got me an Origami Owl Living Locket®,” shares Nova. “A co-worker’s daughter was a Designer so she purchased Lockets for us girls. It’s funny because my mom didn’t even know how it worked. She just handed me the box. Nothing was put together.”

Even though the Locket wasn’t built, Nova knew exactly what it was because she had seen Origami Owl jewelry before from a high school friend’s posts on Facebook.

“I cried when I saw it,” says Nova. “I thought my husband had told her to get it for me, but he hadn’t.”

After seeing the beautiful jewelry, Nova knew she wanted more.

“I immediately contacted my high school friend,” says Nova. “We made a plan for her to come to my house so I could host a Jewelry Bar®. There were about 13 to 17 people who showed up, which was really good since Origami Owl was new in my area. I had a $500 Jewelry Bar and was so excited about the jewelry that I started my O2 journey that night – May 31, 2014.”

Shortly after joining, Nova started putting together her plan on how to be a successful Designer.

“I had zero sales experience so I watched YouTube videos and, honestly, learned a lot through trial and error,” recalls Nova. “I quickly learned that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to reinvest in my business. During the first four months of being a Designer, I reinvested my commissions back into my business.”

The next thing that happened, changed Nova’s business forever.

“I was doing what all Designers should be doing,” shares Nova. “I was meeting moms at parks to talk, dropping off Take Out Menus everywhere I went and talking to everyone I met. Once our Fall/ Winter 2014 Collection was launched, then our partnership with Swarovski®, the CORE™ Collection and more Twist Living Lockets™ were released, my business was completely changed. My Personal Volume (PV) slowly advanced and I had my biggest month to date!”

Ever since, Nova has never had under 250 PV monthly.

Now, she wants to share her tips with other Designers to help them be successful, too.

Tips for Online Jewelry Bars and Events

“Share your calendar. Every single month in advance, I create my calendar for the following month,” shares Nova. “I then post it on my online Jewelry Bars, VIP group and business page to let everyone know when I have dates available to book Jewelry Bars. Since I started doing this a year-and-a-half ago, it’s helped me book more Jewelry Bars. It’s easier for them to pick a date when they can see what options are available. Plus, the more busy you seem, the more people will want to host a Jewelry Bar!”

Nova also likes giving a shout-out to her Hostesses so everyone knows they hosted an incredible Jewelry Bar.

Advertise that you’re having successful Jewelry Bars,” shares Nova. “It’ll get people excited and want to host their own Jewelry Bar with you!”

In addition to sharing, Nova also buys one of each new piece of jewelry to have for her online Jewelry Bars.

When I get a new piece, I go live in my VIP group,” shares Nova. “I let everyone know the time I’m going live in advance and give what I call, ‘Nova’s Review!’ I’ll take the look apart and put it with other items to show versatility. I have many Customers who will wait to purchase something until I do my review.”

Nova’s positive reviews have helped her cultivate a group of ladies who want their story told.

“Once they’re in my VIP group, it’s more than telling their story,” shares Nova. “I’ve built a relationship with my Customers that’s unique and special.”

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Goals for the Rest of 2019

Nova has many goals for not only the rest of this year, but for the rest of her time with Origami Owl.

“I would love to have my car paid off by the end of the year,” shares Nova. “All my extra money is currently going toward that payment.”

She also wants to continue to grow her business and be a top seller in the company.

“I want to be a top seller because that means you’re being consistent,” shares Nova. “Consistently building your business is the key to success.”

Nova also wants to continue to add more friends to her VIP group.

“That’s where the majority of my sales and Jewelry Bar bookings come from,” says Nova. “At the end of this business, which I hope isn’t for a very long time, I want to be debt-free. That’s my major goal. The first four years of Origami Owl, I was doing whatever I wanted with my money. Now, the last year, it’s finally focused on getting debt-free.”

In a nutshell, what she wants to achieve with Origami Owl is really very simple.

“I want tons of amazing jewelry and all my debt paid off!”



Major Milestones So Far

Earning my first incentive trip to Cancún. This was my husband and I’s first plane ride together. First time out of the country. A lot of ‘firsts!’ This was a huge highlight for me because I finally got to reward my husband for supporting me in this journey!”

“Walking on stage at The 2018 O2 Experience as No. 1 in Personal Sales. I was crying tears of joy because all of my hard work had paid off.”

“My friendships with my Customers and Hostesses. My Customers and Hostesses are my friends. Whether I talk to them one time every two months or on a daily basis, it starts from talking about the jewelry and grows into a true friendship.”

“Earning Successbuilder consistently. I’ve been so pleased with the Happy Mail curated by Chrissy. I keep most of the Happy Mail because they’re so fantastic, but sometimes I’ll gift them to my VIPs as a ‘thank-you’ gift for helping me earn them.”

“Being on the 2017-2019 Advisory Board. I feel proud to have been part of a group that helped add lower levels to the Everybody Matters Rewards + Recognition Program. I learned a lot about different ways to look at the business. Now I look at things from the company’s point of view, in addition to the Customer’s point of view.”

“Earned Owlchiever every single month. Before we had the Everybody Matters Rewards + Recognition Program, we had Owlchievers. I am extremely proud to be one of the few who earned Owlchiever every month during that program.”