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Earning Director is a significant achievement in your O2 business and we’re proud to celebrate YOU!

You’re now leading a team and have earned the below benefits! (Keep reading for the five benefits)

In fact, a huge congratulations goes out to Jessica Fernandez who promoted to Director in September!

Here’s Jessica’ story.

O2 Journey

Jessica started her O2 journey in January 2015 to help supplement her monthly income.

“When I first joined Origami Owl, I was looking for extra income,” shares Jessica. “Now, I’m determined to pay off my debt a little quicker, so I can enjoy an early retirement from my day job. But, honestly, this journey has become more than that for me. I am in love with helping others make a little extra money for their families. I love watching them succeed!”

Earning Director

Earning Director is something Jessica has wanted since she saw the Director’s Heart display at her first O2 Convention in 2015.

“I was starry-eyed and knew I could do it,” says Jessica. “I love setting a goal for myself and doing whatever it takes to squash those goals one step at a time. Some goals take longer than others, but that’s okay. This journey has been amazing!”

Jessica’s next goal – Senior Director!

Tips for Success

What are Jessica’s tips for anyone wanting to become a Director or level up in the Career Plan?

“Be consistent and stay focused,” shares Jessica. “Make a plan and stick to it. If you don’t succeed, try again next month. If you don’t make your goal the next month, then try again the following month. Try not to be so hard on yourself and look at what you have accomplished so far. Know your strengths. Don’t try to be the best at everything – that can be exhausting! Find a business and accountability partner on your team. Whether that’s another leader or even your Mentor to help with other areas that they excel in – work together!”

Here are five benefits of earning Director:

  1. Invitation to Attend the New Director Academy

The New Director Academy is an exclusive, two-day event full of inspiration, motivation and education at The Nest in Chandler, Arizona for new Directors in their first year of achieving the title. After a full day of leadership training, the event concludes with our iconic New Director Heart/Lock ceremony. Origami Owl covers the airfare for one, two nights’ hotel accommodations, which the New Director shares with another inductee, and some meals. The New Director Academy is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other leaders and share the O2 love!

  1. Exclusive Convention Hoot Loot Hour, Training + Luncheon

During The O2 Experience – our annual convention – Directors and above, as well as Parliament members, are invited to attend an exclusive leadership training and luncheon. They also get their very own Hoot Loot Hour! That means – you get to shop in the O2 Store before everyone else!

  1. Advancement Bonus + Director Generation Bonus

Not only do new Directors get a $500 cash Advancement Bonus after they earn Director for the first time, but they also have the opportunity to earn a Director Generation Bonus. The Director Generation Bonus is a bonus paid to Directors and above on volume produced by Directors on their Team (even those below Levels 1-4). For details regarding Director Generation Bonus amounts and qualifications, please refer to the Career Plan located in your Back Office Designer Resources section.

  1. A Special Surprise in the Mail from The Nest

The month after you earn Director for the first time, you’ll receive a special gift in the mail from the Founders and your family at The Nest! This is our “thank you” for working so hard and building your team!

  1. Elite O2 Directors and Above Facebook Group

Once you’re a Director, you can join our O2 Directors, VPs and Parliament Facebook group! In this group, you can connect with other top leaders and ask any questions you may have about your O2 business.