There are just two weeks left to qualify to join us on the beach this June 24-28, 2021 in sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida!

The qualification period ends March 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

When you help New Designers start their Origami Owl® businesses, while also generating Personal Volume during the O2 Coastal Vacay qualification period, you’re getting Points to earn a trip for 1 or a trip for 2 to relax and spend quality time with fellow Designers and the Founders!

Congratulations to those who have already earned the Trip for 1 or Trip for 2, as well as those on track to earning it!

Plus, keep reading for stories and tips from two Designers who’ve earned a Trip for 1 in February.

Be sure to join the O2 Coastal Vacay Facebook Group in these final weeks for special training from some of our earners, tips, accountability and more!

Finish these last two weeks strong – you’ve got this!

Coastal Vacay Trip Earners in February

Trip for 1 – Needs 20,000 points

Monique & Emily Gonzales

Emily Barklage

LeahRose Gibson

Bridget Gray

Jacqueline Hedges

Amber Horton

Rebecca Johnson

Lynsey McCurdy

Lauren Puckett

Mayra Robles

Lori Sargent

Tania Scifo

Christina Scott

Tammy Story

Brenda Wesselink

Trip for 1 with travel voucher – Needs 23,000 points

Christina Davidson

Sandra Dreier

Tina Grover

Amanda Johnson

Angela Minutillo

Lulu Neimeyer

Ashley O’Neal

Irma Prado-Gutierrez

Sheri Queen

Heidi Riffell Scribner

Jose Rios

Laura Rizo

Kimberly Schreiner

Jessica Steiner

Lisa Weihbrecht

Lisa Young

Trip for 2 – Needs 26,000 points

Denise Curran

Katie DeVito

Dawn Firstenberg

Cynthia Kruis

Mandy Kuhnhenn

Noelia Rodriguez

Rosa Santillan

Marci Saxon

Michelle Senton

Trip for 2 with travel voucher – Needs 31,000 points

Katherine& Lupe Butterbaugh

Mishell Amick

Amanda Bidgood

Deserie Bohl

Brea DeRespini

Victoria Christina Gaffud Carrion

Nova Goforth

Kara Gonder

Carolina Jardim

Annette Johnson

Michele Kehnert

Shelley Licknack

Arely Lugo

Victoria Matzen

Carolina McGrath

Laura Scheele

Carrie Titus


Lora & Erin Schott

Alexandria Arellano

Sonia Briseño

Kathleen Castillo

Ashley Caven

Jonathan Cornell

Abigail Covington

Catherine Fakkema

Angelica Gomez

Vanessa Gonzalez

Kirsten Hanes

Tiffany Hearn

Karla Hemingway

Shelley Hornak

Brenda Keller

Ariana Montoya

Christie Nunemaker

Janet Olivieri

Brooke Osborne

Marla Smith

Laura Tena

Liz Thayer

Robyn Torres

Christina Walters

They Earned a Trip for 1: Tips and Stories from Two Designers

Meet Tammy Story – Executive Team Leader

Started O2 Journey: January 31, 2020

From: Oceanside, California

Team: Team We OWL Grow Together

“I’ve been a Designer for a little over a year, and I’m over the moon that I’ve earned my first trip,” exclaims Tammy. “I’m so excited to finally see all of my team members in person and meet our incredible Founders! The incentives we receive as Designers are truly amazing. I keep pinching myself!”

So, how’d she do it?

“I focused on sponsoring and growing my team,” shares Tammy. “When I receive messages from my team thanking me for changing their lives and sharing Origami Owl with them, it’s such an amazing feeling! I love being a leader, helping them grow their businesses and seeing them succeed.”

Tammy also sets a monthly goal of 1,000 PV or more and makes sure she reaches it.

“I’m super grateful for my Mentors – Executive Team Leader Karen Brazitis, Executive Team Manager Kathy Cornell, Director Tatiana Quattrone Lessa and Senior Director Lora R. Schott. They’ve helped me tremendously over this last year, and I couldn’t have done it without their support. Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Here are Tammy’s top tips:

  1. “Set goals and reach them.
  2. Expand your team and your VIP group.
  3. Schedule at least four (4) Jewelry Bars® every month.”

For those Designers who are counting themselves out and feel they don’t have enough time left to achieve it, what would you say to them? 

“Anything is possible,” shares Tammy. “Especially with our amazing, new Spring Forward incentive March 15-30 and our beautiful Spring Exclusives and Easter Collections; there’s a lot of opportunity. Reach out to your best Customers, and let your family and friends know you’re trying to reach big goals because the people in your circle want to see you succeed!”


Meet Lauren Puckett – Executive Team Leader

Started O2 Journey: January 15, 2018

From: Herndon, Virginia

Team: Team LOL

“I am so excited to have earned my second Origami Owl incentive trip,” says Lauren. “It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know I set this goal for myself and achieved it.”

So, how’d she do it?

“I focused on earning as much PV as I could in the first month, since it was Double Points,” shares Lauren. “Then, I made sure to keep my PV consistent in the subsequent months, and to encourage my New Designers to earn PV, as well.”

Here are Lauren’s top tips:

  1. “Consistently earn as much PV as you can.
  2. Reach out to current Customers with the latest pieces they might like.
  3. Book Jewelry Bars to gain new Customers.”

For those Designers who are counting themselves out and feel they don’t have enough time left to achieve it, what would you say to them? 

“It’s not over until it’s over,” says Lauren. “Set a goal for yourself and take steps to achieve it. Reach out to your Customers and let them know you are trying to earn this amazing trip! Focus on your own PV, but also get your entire team involved in helping you to earn the trip.”


Here are all the details on the qualifications and more.