Rewarding our Young Entrepreneurs for their OWL-mazing achievements is just one of the ways we recognize our Owlettes and BROs for all their hard work!

In June, our Young Entrepreneurs were challenged to grow their teams and spread the O2 love. When they generated over 100 PV, they started earning incredible prizes! Plus, when they sponsored at least one New Designer or Young Entrepreneur Team, and helped them get to at least 100 PV, they earned even more!

Congratulations to the following Young Entrepreneurs:

Level 1: Generated 100 to 249 PV in June
Earned = Charms

Katie Berg

Makenzee Bergsveinson

Jazlyn Dawson

Rachel Han

Selina Novello

Iris Uribe

Level 2: Generated 250 to 499 PV in June
Earned = back-from-the-vault jewelry

Angelina Chica

Zachary Crews

Alyssa Freer

Hailey Gardner

Saydee Gomez

Jocelyn Gordon

Veronica Gutierrez

Tiffany Hawkins

Calypso Ifill

Julieanne Kubala

Ethan + Sean Pierce

Lola Quintana

Aaliyah + Adalynn Rodriguez

Brianna Telford

Kili Warnick

Edgar Zavala II

Level 3: Generated 500 to 999 PV in June
Earned = O2 Swag and back-from-the-vault jewelry

Caidense Bohl

Vittoria Elmer

Matilda Gonzalez

Cassidy Grover

Jaymee Gomez

Valerie Jauregui

Naomi Kruse

Isabel Laporte

Caitlyn Peairs

Aynsleigh Pearson

Zarya Rardin

Level 4: Generated 1,000 or more PV in June
Earned = over $100 in O2 Swag, back-from-the-vault jewelry and one product from Willing Beauty

Grace Brewer

Lily Gast

Angelina Navarrette

Josie Nedelman

Rose Saxon-Housum

Kami Scheele

Kaycee Velez

Sponsoring Bonus!

Level 5: Sponsored one (1) New Designer or Young Entrepreneur Team (who generated at least 100 PV in June)
Earned = Willing Beauty product set

Jocelyn Gordon

Angelina Navarrette


Young Entrepreneur Spotlight: Top 3 PV Earners in June

Meet Kami Scheele – Generated Over 1,500 PV in June!

From: Havre, Montana

Age: 13

Joined Origami Owl as an Owlette: Officially for two-and-a-half years

Young Entrepreneur Team Partner: Laura Scheele

Team Name: The Locketeers

So, how’d she do it?

“We really work at being consistent in our business and practice this in our VIP group. We post daily and work to create original content. My mom takes our photos and makes graphics. It’s what gets us seen a lot more and makes our Customers excited.”

Top Tip for Other Young Entrepreneur Teams

“Be confident, even if you don’t know an answer.”

Meet Rose Saxon-Housum – Generated Over 1,300 PV in June!

From: North Ridgeville, Ohio

Age: 15

Joined Origami Owl as an Owlette: November 2020

Young Entrepreneur Team Partner: Marci Saxon

Team Name: Sparkling Divas Team

So, how’d she do it?

“I reached out to our Customers when new collections launched and made sure to keep them interested between launches.”

Top Tip for Other Young Entrepreneur Teams

“Follow up with your Customers and keep them updated on all the new collections and promotions. It’s also very important to make connections with them about more than just the jewelry.”

Meet Grace Brewer – Generated Over 1,200 PV in June!

From: Crawfordsville, Indiana

Age: 16 on July 21!

Joined Origami Owl as an Owlette: Unofficially, when my mom joined when I was 7 years old.

Young Entrepreneur Team Partner: Mishell Amick

Team Name: Shooting Owlstars

So, how’d she do it?

“We tried some different things in June. My mom oversaw our VIP community, and I was in charge of the Bella’s Birthday Bash promotion and the Disney Princess Collection launch. My mom had been sick for a while, so I tried to help out even more in June.”

Top Tip for Other Young Entrepreneur Teams

“Most people look at being an Owlette as a 50/50 job with your parent. Some months, my mom does more, and other months, I do. I wear my jewelry every day, which usually consists of pieces from the Empowerment Collection. I am often asked about the jewelry I’m wearing, and that’s when I tell people all about Origami Owl. Sponsoring has always been easy because we like to talk to people. We tell everyone how being a Designer has made life better for us and our family.”

July Young Entrepreneur Details

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