Rewarding our Young Entrepreneurs for their OWL-mazing achievements is just one of the ways we recognize our Owlettes and BROs for all their hard work!

In January, our Young Entrepreneur incentive focused on sponsoring and helping new Designers start their Origami Owl businesses by January 31.

Young Entrepreneurs who sponsored at least TWO New Designers/Young Entrepreneur teams have earned an incredible prize! And, the more new people our Young Entrepreneurs welcomed to their teams, the bigger the prize!

Our No. 1 January incentive earner, Rose Saxon-Housum, who sponsored 13 New Designers (who ALL generated 100 PV or more!), will be receiving a O2 Bomber Jacket as her prize. Everyone else earned Surprise Mail!

Congratulations, January Incentive Earners:

Rose Saxon-Housum

Angelina Navarrette

Abdaly Sauceda

Andrea Ordaz

Lily Gast

Kami Scheele

Jocelyn Gordon

Maddalyn Pena

Jaymee Gomez

Anna-Claire Schulter

Maddox Johnson

Meredith Creyer

Brianna Standen

Caidense Bohl

Mattie Warren

Natalie Solis

Miley & Melody Lozano

Akemi Arriola

Cassidy Grover

Vittoria Elmer

Submissions for Young Entrepreneur Education Award Now Open

Good news, Young Entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to the future and want to score a special, cash award to further you education, we’re thrilled to share that you can now apply for our annual Young Entrepreneur Education Award!

Submissions will be accepted for Young Entrepreneur Education Award from February 1 – March 31, 2021. You can find the flyer with more details in the O2 Owlettes Facebook Group here, in your Back Office under Designer Resources, or download it here.

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet Anna-Claire Schluter

From: Hallsville, TX

Age: 12 (turns 13 on February 28!)

Joined Origami Owl as an Owlette: August 1, 2020

Owlette partner: Shanna Schluter

Team Name: Team BGP

Anna-Claire and her mom, Shanna, triple-promoted to Team Leader and sponsored three (3) New Designers in January!

“Anna-Claire has been working hard getting people to join her on her Origami Owl journey,” shares Shanna. “I really think what drew them in was her sharing her love of the Lockets. All three ladies who joined our team last month had been gifted Origami Owl for Christmas through Jewelry Bars® Anna-Claire had hosted.”

Not only does Anna-Claire host Jewelry Bars every chance she gets, she also follows the O2 Vital Behaviors by wearing two or three pieces of jewelry everywhere and is always ready to tell her story – just like her Mentor, Executive Team Leader Lorri Nevil told her.

”Over Christmas, Anna-Claire was able to put together a Locket for her great-grandmother,” recalls Shanna. “It was her last Christmas with us, so we sat down and put together her story. She had four children, 11 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. In the Locket, we put in the Grandmother Leaf Charm, four (Swarovski®) Birthstone Heart Charms for each of her kids, and added the Justice League Swarovski Stardust Pack to represent her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Not only because her favorite color blue, but because it takes a powerful woman to have that kind of legacy. She was able to tell her story through that Locket, and Anna-Claire loves being able to share that with people.”

What Anna-Claire also loves about Origami Owl is that she can earn money through her business to buy her own vehicle – just like Origami Owl Founder Bella Weems-Lambert did.

“One of the three people who joined our team is also an Owlette,” says Shanna. “She is in Girl Scouts with Anna-Claire and when Anna-Claire mentioned how she could buy a car selling jewelry, she was all in! Anna-Claire is working hard to save up money for a big black truck that she told her Mentor she wanted the first time she met her at her booth.”

Anna-Claire also knows this company is about more than just jewelry and earning money for a car. Her and her mom have seen many people take comfort through our Lockets.

“We have so many stories of how Origami Owl has helped so many that we care about get through tough times and celebrate the good ones,” shares Shanna. “We’ve only been with Origami Owl for six months, but it’s just amazing how something so small can touch people in such a big way! It amazes me that a young child, not much older than mine, could start such an amazing company. I see that potential in Anna-Claire, and I thank Origami Owl for giving her the opportunity to run a business and rock it! I’m so proud of Anna-Claire and love seeing her shine!”

Young Entrepreneurs February Incentive + Details for the Month

Get all the details on our Young Entrepreneurs February incentive and this month’s calls and Facebook Lives here.