Our O2 Coastal Vacay incentive trip qualification period is officially over, and these OWL-mazing Designers (keep reading below) will be relaxing on the beach in sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida this June 24-28, 2021!

They’ll be enjoying a 4 nights/5 days stay at the AAA-4 Diamond Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, free transportation to/from the airport, a recognition dinner with the Founders, a 1-Day Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park pass (or alternate excursion choice) and a $200 gift card for meals/incidentals. (Here are all the details.)

Oh, and did we mention, trip for 1 (23,000 points) and trip for 2 (31,000 points) earners are getting a travel voucher to use for their airfare (or gas if you’re close enough to drive!).

You’ve worked hard, and we can’t wait to celebrate your achievements this summer!

Congratulations to the final Coastal Vacay Trip Earners*:

Trip for 1 – 20,000 points

Alexandria Arellano, Executive Team Leader

Mitzel Aveytia, Senior Team Leader

Emily Barklage, Team Leader

Rosemary Bertin, Executive Team Leader

Sonia Briseno, Executive Team Leader

Kathleen Castillo, Senior Team Leader

Melissa Castillo, Senior Team Leader

Ashley Caven, Senior Team Leader

Jonathan Cornell, Executive Team Leader

Abigail Covington, Senior Team Leader

Shannon Dodge, Senior Team Leader

Jennifer Dooley, Executive Designer

Desiree Durning, Senior Team Manager

Catherine Fakkema, Senior Team Leader

Tiffany & Jonathan Gin, Senior Team Manager

Angelica Gomez, Senior Team Manager

Vanessa Gonzalez, Executive Team Leader

Kirsten Hanes, Team Manager

Tiffany Hearn, Executive Team Leader

Karla Hemingway, Senior Team Leader

Shelley Hornak, Executive Team Leader

Amber Horton, Executive Team Leader

Stefanie Lebron, Senior Team Leader

Kathleen Leonard, Executive Team Leader

Janet Olivieri, Senior Team Leader

Brooke Osborne, Executive Team Leader

Sarah Pace, Senior Team Leader

Melissa Prochnow, Executive Team Leader

Lauren Puckett, Executive Team Leader

Mayra Robles, Team Leader

Marla Smith, Senior Team Leader

Shelley Standen, Executive Team Leader

Jennifer Pavlisin Storm, Senior Team Leader

Robin Stoy, Senior Team Leader

Liz Thayer, Senior Team Leader

Theresa Theisen, Executive Team Leader

Robyn Torres, Field Vice President

Bonita Triola, Senior Team Leader

Susan Watson, Executive Team Leader

Kelsey Wilkerson, Team Manager

Trip for 1 with travel voucher – 23,000 points

LeahRose Gibson, Senior Team Manager

Stephanie Gilderman, Executive Designer

Susan Gordon, Director

Jacqueline Hedges, Senior Team Leader

Amanda Johnson, Team Manager

Carole LaPorte, Senior Team Leader

Lynsey McCurdy, Senior Team Leader

Christie Nunemaker, Executive Team Leader

Lora & Erin Schott, Senior Director

Tania Scifo, Team Manager

Kristine & Sydney Stevens, Executive Field Vice President

Laura Tena, Senior Team Leader

Brenda Wesselink, Senior Team Leader

Trip for 2 – 26,000 points

Katie Allen, Senior Team Manager

Kathy Cornell, Executive Team Manager

Christina Davidson, Senior Team Leader

Sandra Dreier, Executive Team Leader

Monique & Emily Gonzales, Executive Team Leader

Bridget Gray, Senior Team Leader

Tina Grover, Team Manager

Rebecca Johnson, Senior Team Manager

Brenda Keller, Team Manager

Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader

Mamie Miller, Senior Director

Lulu Neimeyer, Executive Team Leader

Ashley O’Neal, Executive Team Leader

Krista Palacios, Executive Team Leader

Linda Peterson, Senior Team Leader

Kathy Rhodes, Executive Team Leader

Heidi Riffell Scribner, Senior Director

Jose Rios, Team Manager

Rosa Santillan, Executive Team Leader

Lori Sargent, Senior Team Manager

Kimberly Schreiner, Executive Team Leader

Christina Scott, Executive Team Manager

Jessica Steiner, Senior Team Manager

Jean Underfer-Babalis, Senior Team Leader

Terri Vesey, Executive Team Leader

Connie Villalobos, Senior Team Manager

Lisa Weihbrecht, Executive Director

Christina Whearley, Senior Team Leader

Lisa Young, Executive Team Leader

Trip for 2 with travel voucher – 31,000 points

Karen Alaniz, Executive Director

Paulina Alcaraz, Director

Mishell Amick, Director

Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager

Ann Barnes, Executive Team Leader

Amanda Bidgood, Team Manager

Deserie Bohl, Team Leader

Cailin Bundrick, Director

Tami Butcher, Executive Field Vice President

Courtney Butler, Senior Director

Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh, Executive Team Leader

Claudia Chavez, Senior Team Manager

Holly Corbett, Director

Patti Creel, Team Leader

Renae Cruz, Executive Team Leader

Denise Curran, Director

Sandy Daly, Team Manager

Melissa Davis, Senior Director

Brea DeRespini, Team Manager

Katie DeVito, Director

Angie Durrant, Executive Team Leader

Hope Erbert, Executive Team Manager

Dawn Firstenberg, Executive Team Leader

Melissa Flax Maher, Director

Erin Fortney, Team Manager

Tina Frey, Senior Team Leader

Victoria Christina Gaffud Carrion, Executive Team Leader

Sandy Gast, Executive Team Manager

Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader

Janie Gomez, Senior Team Leader

Kara Gonder, Executive Team Leader

Mirta Hernandez, Senior Director

Carolina Jardim, Executive Team Leader

Aimee Johnson, Senior Director

Breanna Johnson, Senior Director

Annette Johnson, Executive Team Manager

Erin Keene, Director

Michele Kehnert, Team Manager

Mandy Kuhnhenn, Team Leader

Julia Lawson, Senior Team Leader

Eloise Layton, Director

Shelley Licknack, Team Manager

Jessica Lopez, Executive Director

Arely Lugo, Team Manager

Victoria Matzen, Senior Director

Carolina McGrath, Senior Team Manager

Randy Mellon, Director

Joan Milligan, Senior Team Manager

Angela Minutillo, Executive Team Leader

Peggy Mitrano, Executive Team Leader

Maria Navarrette, Senior Team Manager

Deborah Oakland, Senior Team Leader

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva, Executive Team Leader

Sharon E Penner, Executive Team Leader

Irma Prado-Gutierrez, Senior Team Manager

Nancy Pye, Executive Team Leader

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director

Laura Rizo, Executive Team Leader

Rebecca Robinson Porter, Director

Noelia Rodriguez, Senior Team Leader

Alba Saenz, Senior Director

Marci Saxon, Executive Team Leader

Laura Scheele, Director

Julissa Schuster, Director

Michelle Senton, Executive Team Leader

Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Tammy Story, Team Manager

Melissa Taylor, Senior Director

Carrie Titus, Executive Team Leader

Kasandra Tucci, Executive Team Leader

Lacey Ulmer, Team Leader

Erin Zapata, Senior Director

*Pending auditing from CG Support. Once all earners are confirmed, we’ll have more information to answer your questions about buy-ins, arrangements, etc. Stay tuned for a communication next week.