December was the final month for our Level Up Leadership Challenge, and our leaders really put the pedal to the metal to get the most out of this challenge!

And, it was such a big hit, we decided to launch Level Up Leadership Challenge II – with includes HUGE cash bonuses! Get the details on the new Level Up Leadership Challenge II here.

Congratulations to our final Level Up Leadership Challenge earners, who focused on personal and team growth, and earned exciting packages (including free event tickets and more) for 2021 events!

Congratulations to the following leaders:


Rewards:  $125 USD / $165 CAD Visa Gift card + Recognition at Convention 2021 

Cailin Bundrick

Erin Zapata

Holly Corbett

Sandy Gast

Mishell Amick

Lora & Erin Schott

Lisa Weihbrecht

Alba Saenz

Heidi Riffell Scribner

Carla New

Arely Lugo

Sandra de la Garza

Kathy Cornell

Katie DeVito

Denise Curran


Rewards: All Qualified level rewards + Special session with O2 Founders at Convention 2021 + $200 USD / $265 CAD Convention O2 Swag Bundle 

Courtney Butler

Erin Keene

Melissa Davis

Breanna Johnson


Rewards: All Tier 1 rewards + Convention ticket for self & 5 Convention tickets for team members + $800 USD / $1055 CAD Convention O2 Swag Bundle + VIP Seating for self & 5 team members + Team Zoom Party with O2 Founders (raffles, fun, inspiration, etc.) 

Sandi-Rose Smith

Aimee Johnson

Karen Alaniz

Randy Mellon

Melissa Taylor

Hope Erbert

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Tami & Tatum Butcher

Robyn Torres & Angie Casarez

Jessica Lopez


Rewards: All Tier 2 rewards + Breakfast or Lunch at Convention 2021 with O2 founders & 5 guests 

  1. Melissa Taylor – Senior Director – L1&L2 TV of 25,709
  2. Robyn Torres & Angie Casarez – Field Vice President – L1&L2 TV of 18,525
  3. Karen Alaniz – Executive Director – L1&L2 TV of 17,108